POD Sellers: This Is How You Make & Sell Your Super Bowl Gear for this Football Season

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Football season is here and we want to help you get ready! As you may have found out, making Super Bowl gear is a bit tricky due to many limitations around brands, teams, events and more! However, there is always a way. Jump on the Super Bowl train with a fool-proof strategy to sell your merch and promote your brand during this football season with the best strategy.
About 98.2 million viewers were tuned into the Super Bowl in 2019. This is why this is a major event of the year to add to your calendar! Super Bowl’s frenzy weekend is a perfect opportunity to make some sweet sales for all POD sellers. Super Bowl is worth millions each year and sales are growing with every new edition. These sales include merch related to the event so get working! You can promote your football jersey designs, Super Bowl shirts, and in general all Super Bowl merchandise.

1. Get Your Research Right First

Get your facts straight before deciding who to target and with what. Research to know the size of each team’s fan base and how active they are. This will help you with valuable insights when promoting and also designing your merch.
Take a peek at some game’s predictions too. This is what you do to create designs and football merch that have value for your customers and maybe even get ahead of the final results? Play with your audience, discuss predictions.

2. Be Careful with Copyrights

Make Super Bowl t-shirts and designs around the limitations. First, let us remind you which are the Super Bowl design limitations:

  • You can’t use the Super Bowl name or logo
  • You can’t use the team’s logos or names
  • You can’t even use these with a few modifications

So then what’s left? Get creative! You can design merch using Super Bowl facts, you can use typical quotes like “11 Players, 1 heartbeat”, “don’t keep calm, it’s football season”, “get your game face on”, and more. You can make designs showing major events or happenings, naming the playing cities, using the team’s colors, and tons of other ideas to make Super Bowl-related merch and your football t-shirt designs.
Mockup Of A Tattooed Man With A Crewneck T Shirt

3. Use the Right Images to Promote!

Take a second to think about what your customers do on a Super Bowl weekend, so that you can post images they can feel identified with. Think about the typical food, the gatherings, the excitement, use all of this in your favor to recreate these scenes to promote your designs. Placeit’s football mockups, tailgating mockups and more, are just the perfect images to share your creations smartly. This way, customers can actually picture themselves wearing your creations!
Mockup Of A Woman With A Crewneck T Shirt At A Tailgate Party
There are infinite options of merch mockups so you don’t have to stop at t-shirts only! Think about all the merchandise you can do. You can make beer koozies to brand your drinks while enjoying the game. You can design cool hoodies for all those fans in cold weather; sweatshirts and beanies too! You can design branded hats, and so much more. Let’s show your team’s spirit in a full range of products!

4. Make Ads & Display Your Best Deals for the Weekend

You don’t need a super expensive t.v. commercial to get your product out there. In general, Super Bowl viewers are all over the place. Social media will be crowded with ads that weekend so all you have to do is make sure you give your best shot to a great looking ad. You can simply use a social media strategy, with the right image, and the right product design. Also, apart from your Facebook ads, if you are using other social media like Twitter or Instagram, remember to research and use the correct hashtags!
Facebook Ad Black Girl Playing With Dreadlocks Wearing A T Shirt

Once Again…

Remember good timing is everything! Overall, SuperBowl weekend is a great selling opportunity for any POD seller but you do have to plan a well-rounded strategy before the critical days come. Make a calendar, add events, decide which ads are you sharing, what your sales will look like, which products are you promoting, etc. You could even try uploading real-time posts on social media to get your design out first. Get ahead of your competition!
Super Bowl weekend is a time for lots of exposure for any brand so plan your moves ahead and get your ads ready.  As said before, any POD seller knows how tricky making Super Bowl merchandise can be, work your way around these limitations and get creative. Brand your products with the playing team’s colors, use iconic images, phrases, facts and more!
“I got some cool designs for the Super Bowl using Placeit’s t-shirt designer!”
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Make Awesome Super Bowl Gear for This Season

Learn how you can create and market cool Super Bowl gear for all those fans out there! One of the best times of the year to make your sales and promotions is here so get ready!

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    Do you want to catch the excitement of your football-loving audience? Then a photo contest is a good idea. You can ask the EURO 2020 fans to show how they have prepared for the matches this June and July. Create frames and stickers related to your brand, the national team, or the championship. Then ask participants to customize the photos when uploading them to your contest site. Get user-generated content while collecting their contact details!

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