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Make Super Bowl Gear for Football Fans!

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Football season is here, and we want to help you get ready! 🏈 As you may have found out, making Super Bowl gear can be a bit tricky due to many copyright limitations around brands, teams, events, and so on. However, there’s always a way. Jump on the Super Bowl bandwagon with a fool-proof strategy to sell your merch and promote your brand during this A-list event with our expert tips. Without further ado, let’s get right into it! 🤩

The Super Bowl is worth millions yearly, and sales are growing with every new edition. Just take a look at the numbers! 🤑 In 2023, 115 million viewers tuned in to watch this major sports game day. In fact, it was the most-watched Super Bowl in history! This is why this is a significant event to add to your calendar. 😉📆 

The frenzy around this weekend is the perfect opportunity to make some sweet sales as a POD seller. Just think about it, your Super Bowl gear can include top-tier football jersey designs, t-shirts, hoodies, and other fan-favorite goodies. So, let’s sprint into action! 🏃🏻

🏆 Prepare for the Big Game With These Winning Tips:

1. Get Your Research Right First 🔎

As a print-on-demand seller or business owner, there are various data and insights you can leverage before a major sports event to tailor your merch and target the right audience. Needless to say, strategy is key when it comes to planning out your sales. 

👉🏻 So, consider this info before deciding who to target and which product you should offer: 

🏉 Team’s popularity and performance. Teams performing exceptionally well during the season tend to attract a larger audience. 

🧑🏻 Demographics. Consider data like the age, gender, and location of the fan base to understand how active they are, their design preferences, and their needs. 

🏈 Event themes. Dive into popular traditions surrounding this specific event. For example, sharing a fun moment with friends and family, enjoying drinks, and watching the halftime show.

🌟 Personalization trends. Take a peek at what’s buzzing right now: colors, styles, and fan-favorite merch. Some ideas include incorporating significant dates, the team player’s number, or the customer’s name into the design. 

🏆 Game predictions. These valuable insights can suggest potential record-breaking performances or significant achievements that you can turn into limited-edition designs celebrating football milestones.

2. Be Careful With Copyrights 🚫

Of course, you should be mindful of the advertising guidelines and copyright rules when making Super Bowl t-shirts and designs. No worries! We’re here to help. 😀

👉🏻 First, let us remind you which are the design limitations for your Super Bowl gear

❌ Don’t use the Super Bowl name or logo, nor refer to it as Super Sunday.

❌ Don’t include the team’s names or logos, nor the football player’s name.

❌ Don’t incorporate the NFL logo into your creative assets. 

📌 Friendly Reminder: These Super Bowl design limitations can’t be used even when a few modifications and tweaks are made. Better safe than sorry!

So, what’s left?🤔 Getting your creative mojo on! The clue is thinking outside the box. For example, you can design Super Bowl gear by including fun facts, clever puns, or sports quotes. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

11 Players, 1 Heartbeat 🏈

Today’s Forecast: 100% Chance of Winning 🏆

My Heart Is on the Field ​​🫶🏻

Tackling This Game, One Snack at a Time 🍟

Get Your Game Face On! 🏉

And so on! Moreover, you can create designs showcasing major achievements or significant events, naming the playing cities, using the team’s color, and many other cool sports ideas for the ultimate Super Bowl merch and football t-shirt designs. Time to score big in creativity! 🙌🏻

3. Use the Right Images To Promote 📢

Take a second to think about what your customers usually do on a Super Bowl weekend. Of course, enjoying snacks and beer, spending time with loved ones, and doing fun gatherings take center stage. Use this excitement to recreate cheerful scenes to promote your designs. This way, you’ll post images that resonate with your audience.👏🏻🏈

Want to ensure your creative game is always on point? Placeit by Envato’s football designs, mockups, and social media posts perfectly capture the sports spirit for this season! Share your creations smartly with our templates so customers can actually picture themselves wearing your awesome Super Bowl gear. 😌

There are infinite options for merch mockups, so you don’t have to stop at t-shirts only! Go above and beyond with personalized options such as hats, hoodies, phone cases, and so much more to kick off your winning strategy. Feeling inspired already? Show your team’s enthusiasm with a full range of products and goodies that fans will love. 🙌🏻🏉

4. Make Ads & Display Your Best Deals for the Weekend 🤑

You don’t need a super expensive TV commercial to get your product out there.  In general, Super Bowl viewers are all over the place. Social media will be crowded with ads during that weekend. So whether you use Facebook ads or focus on other social media platforms,  you have to make sure your design stands out from the crowd. 🌟

👉🏻 That being said, here are some tips you can implement to boost your online presence:

📆 Create a posting schedule to create buzz and excitement around your clients. This will also ensure that your business is well-positioned as the event is at its peak moment. 

🔎 Research the correct hashtags to include in your Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Also, don’t skip out on SEO to increase your brand’s visibility online! 

💬 Use clear CTAs to create a sense of urgency among viewers and subtly direct them toward your intended shopping link or website page. For example: “Gear Up for Game Day – Shop Now!” or “Show Your Team Spirit – Order Today!”

5. Engage With Customers on Social Media 📱

As we mentioned in our last tip, social media can be your best ally when connecting with potential clients. Besides promoting top-tier ads, it’s a great way of building brand awareness, reaching a broader audience, and leveraging upcoming trends. 🤳🏻

While the specifics on how to boost your content will depend on the type of platform you choose, there are a few strategies that you can implement to ace your social media game. Here’s our golden advice to ace the Super Bowl: 

❓ Use interactive polls and surveys related to game predictions, favorite teams, or halftime show preferences. This will help you boost your engagement while gaining valuable insights into your audience. 

🎥 Showcase behind-the-scenes content to build a sense of authenticity around your brand and foster a stronger connection with your viewers. For example, you can show part of your creative process or your day-to-day preparing your Super Bowl campaign. 

👩🏻 Create branded hashtags to encourage customers to share photos of themselves with your Super Bowl gear. On the one hand, this gets the conversation started on social media. On top of that, it’s a great way of promoting user-generated content (UGC).


Super Bowl Merch Magic – Let’s Wrap It Up! 🏈

Remember, good timing is everything!⏰️ Super Bowl weekend is a top-notch opportunity for any POD seller. However, you do have to plan a well-rounded strategy before the big day rolls in. So, make a calendar, add events, decide which ads you’ll share, what your sales will look like, and the Super Bowl gear you’ll promote. 🤩

Brand your products with the playing team’s colors, and use iconic images, phrases, facts, and more! Super Bowl weekend is a time for lots of exposure for any brand. You could even upload real-time posts on social media to get your designs out first. Get ahead of your competition! 🏃🏻

As we mentioned before, any POD seller knows how tricky making Super Bowl gear can be. No need to worry, though! Work your way around these limitations and get creative. Plus, there’s no need to start from scratch! Placeit has an extensive library of sports logos, templates, designs, and mockups to score big and get your number rising. 🙌🏻

Now, the ball is in your court! What’s your go-to tip for capturing the true spirit of the Super Bowl in your POD merch? Drop a comment below and share your insights! 😀

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