Show Your Pride With LGBT T-Shirts

What Is Pride and Why Does It Matter?

Since 1969, when the first LGBT demonstrators fought against police who raided the Stonewall Inn in New York City, LGBT groups have taken to organizing gay pride events towards the end of June as a way to remember these events, and also to celebrate the community that has grown throughout the years.

Gay pride month all around the world looks to visibilize the gay community, represent all colors in the rainbow and the common thread of diversity that brings everyone together, as well as to keep demanding progress of gay rights all across the world.

Pride Celebrations Worldwide 2020

Many cities around the world have pride parades and festivals during the month of June to remember the Stonewall Riots and to celebrate diversity, visibility, and inclusion in their local communities. These are only a few of the pride celebrations around the world, but there are many more. Check them out, the one in  your city might just be coming up!

A little note on the events: Due to this year’s Covid-19 Pandemic many events will be rescheduled or canceled so it is important that you keep yourself updated for further changes.


Reykjavik Gay Pride: August 4 – 9

Circuit Festival, Barcelona: August 6 – 16

Hans Sachs Strassenfest, Munich: August 8

Atlantis Rome to Venice Gay Cruise: August 8-17

Tropical Heat, Key West: August 12-16

Carnival, Provincetown: August 15-22

Gay Pride Copenhagen: August 18-23

XLsior, Mykonos: August 19-26

Benidorm Gay Pride: August 31- September 6


Southern Decadence, New Orleans: September 3-7

Folsom Europe, Berlin:  September 9-13

Curaçao Gay Pride: September 22-27

Banff Pride: September 29 –

October 4


Maspalomas Fetish Week: October 2-11

Circuit Asia Weekend: June 5-7

Disney Gay Days Halloween: June 2-8

Cologne Pride: October 9 – 11

La Demence Anniversary Weekend, Brussels: October 30 – November 1

Taiwan Pride Parade: October 30

November 2020

Sao Paulo Parade Parade: November 22

Keep an eye on The National LGBTQ Task Force online events on Global Pride Broadcast to stay home if you are not feeling like going out. Toronto Pride will also be hosting a virtual pride format this year. 

WorldPride 2021 will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Stay tuned on our blog for the full 2021 Pride calendar.

Wear Your Pride on a T-Shirt

Wearing LGBT t-shirts is a great way to show your support for your community and to get other people involved in supporting a cause near to your heart. Pride is the perfect moment to scream loud and proud that the gay community isn’t going anywhere. With many designs to choose from, these design templates were created with important symbols in mind (btw, are we missing any? Drop us a line and let us know!

Gay Flag Icon

Did You Know…

people attended NYC Pride in 2019?

How To Make an LGBT Shirt for Pride

Making a t-shirt design with Placeit is super easy! Choose from thousands of high­-quality graphics, you can use our LGBT t-shirt templates or any other that works to display your message! Customize fonts, colors, and graphics to get your dream design in just a few seconds. Watch the video above for a step-by-step guide on how to use design templates at their fullest. 

Make T-Shirt Mockups of Your Designs!​

Making t-shirt mockups is a practical way to display your designs in your store, on social media, or in promotional materials. Placeit’s mockups are shot by pro photographers with diverse models in all types of settings, so you’ll probably find what you’re looking for! Using t-shirt mockups (ore even some tank top mockups, it’s June after all!) is as easy as dropping a transparent PNG file on the mockup of your choice. No need to use Photoshop or any other design software.

Show Off Your Designs on
Social Media!​

Show off and promote you Pride designs in social media using dazzling social media posts templates like Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Instagram stories, Youtube thumbnails, Sticker and much more! 

Being a part of Pride is more than just being a part of the celebration, it’s standing up for what you believe in and showing your support to your community and making a t-shirt is a small, but meaningful way to make your voice heard! We live in an era where more and more people feel that they can love who they love and be who they are without having to hide behind closets and age old norms, so this month, scream loud, remember those who fought for equality, and show them how proud you are of who you are!

“Making a shirt design with Placeit is really easy and there are tons of graphics to choose from!”
Tony Martinez 5/5
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