Show Your Pride With LGBT T-Shirts

What Is Pride and Why Does It Matter?

Since 1969, when the first LGBT demonstrators fought against police who raided the Stonewall Inn in New York City, LGBT groups have taken to organizing gay pride events towards the end of June as a way to remember these events, and also to celebrate the community that has grown throughout the years. Designing LGBT t-shirts is a great way to show your pride and share with others while attending these events! 

Gay pride month all around the world looks to visibilize the gay community, represent all colors in the rainbow and the common thread of diversity that brings everyone together, as well as to keep demanding progress of gay rights all across the world.

Pride Month 2021

Celebrations Worldwide

Many cities around the world have pride parades and festivals during the month of June to remember the Stonewall Riots and to celebrate diversity, visibility, and inclusion in their local communities. These are only a few of the pride celebrations around the world, but there are many more. Check them out, the one in your city might just be coming up!

May 2021


Midsumma Pride Festival: 23 MAY 2021

Melbourne, Australia

Vallarta Pride: 24 MAY 2021

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Birmingham Pride: 29 MAY 2021

Birmingham, United Kingdom

June 2021


Dublin LGBTQ Pride: 01 JUN 2021

Dublin, Ireland

Honolulu Pride: 01 JUN 2021

Honolulu, United States

Pride Toronto: 01 JUN 2021

Toronto, Canada (Virtual)

St Pete Pride: 01 JUN 2021

St. Petersburg, United States

York Pride Fest: 01 JUN 2021

York, Canada (Virtual)

Key West Pride: 02 JUN 2021

Key West, United States

Dallas Pride: 04 JUN 2021

Dallas, United States

Provincetown Pride: 04 JUN 2021

Provincetown, United States

Venice Pride: 04 JUN 2021

Los Angeles, United States

Middletown Pride: 05 JUN 2021

Middletown, United States

Motor City Pride: 05 JUN 2021

Detroit, United States

Varese Pride: 05 JUN 2021

Varese, Italy

24th São Paulo LGBT Pride Parade: 06 JUN 2021

São Paulo, Brazil

Raleigh Pride: 06 JUN 2021

Raleigh, United States

Santa Cruz de Tenerife Pride: 06 JUN 2021

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Vienna Pride: 07 JUN 2021

Vienna, Austria

LA Pride: 11 JUN 2021

Los Angeles, United States

San Francisco Pride: 11 JUN 2021

San Francisco, United States

Tel Aviv Pride: 11 JUN 2021

Tel Aviv, Israel

Brooklyn Pride: 12 JUN 2021

Brooklyn, United States

Central Alabama Pride: 12 JUN 2021

Birmingham, United States

Baltimore Pride: 13 JUN 2021

Baltimore, United States

Long Island Pride: 13 JUN 2021

East Meadow, NY United States

Tri-State Black Pride: 17 JUN 2021

Memphis, United States

Dallas Southern Pride: 18 JUN 2021

Dallas, United States

Oslo Pride: 18 JUN 2021

Oslo, Norway

Zurich Pride Festival: 18 JUN 2021

Zurich, Switzerland

Lisbon Gay Pride: 20 JUN 2021

Lisbon, Portugal

Oklahoma City Pride: 25 JUN 2021 

Oklahoma City, United States 

Tulsa Pride: 25 JUN 2021

Tulsa, United States

Andalucia Pride: 26 JUN 2021

Seville, Spain

Cincinnati Pride: 26 JUN 2021

Cincinnati, United States

Denver Pride Fest: 26 JUN 2021

Denver, United States

Marche des Fiertés: 26 JUN 2021

Paris, France

Milan Pride: 26 JUN 2021

Milan, Italy

Rome Pride: 26 JUN 2021

Rome, Italy

Twin Cities Pride: 26 JUN 2021

Minneapolis, United States

Playa del Carmen Pride: 26 JUN 2021

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Palermo Pride: 28 JUN 2021

Palermo, Italy

July 2021


Budapest Pride: 03 JUL 2021

Budapest, Hungary

Munich Gay Pride: 03 JUL 2021

Munich, Germany

Bristol Pride: 10 JUL 2021

Bristol, United Kingdom

Pride London Festival: 15 JUL 2021

London, Canada

Frankfurt Pride: 16 JUL 2021

Frankfurt, Germany

Croydon Pride: 17 JUL 2021

Croydon, United Kingdom

Manuel Antonio Pride: 17 JUL 2021

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

San Diego LGBT Pride: 17 JUL 2021

San Diego, United States

Hotter than July: 23 JUL 2021

Detroit, United States

Berlin Christopher Street Day: 24 JUL 2021

Berlin, Germany

August 2021


Prague Pride Parade: 02 AUG 2021

Prague, Czech Republic

Reykjavík Pride: 03 AUG 2021

Reykjavík, Iceland

Amsterdam Pride: 06 AUG 2021 – 08 AUG 2021

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Brighton & Hove Pride: 06 AUG 2021

Brighton, United Kingdom

Chester Pride: 07 AUG 2021

Chester, United Kingdom

Stockholm Pride: 07 AUG 2021

Stockholm, Sweden

Montreal LGBTQ Pride: 09 AUG 2021

Quebec, Canada

Antwerp Pride: 11 AUG 2021

Antwerp, Belgium

Copenhagen Pride:12 AUG 2021

Copenhagen, Demark

Alki Beach Pride: 14 AUG 2021

West Seattle, United States

Eugene Oregon US Pride: 14 AUG 2021

Eugene, United States

Austin Pride: 15 AUG 2021

Austin, United States

Charlotte Pride: 21 AUG 2021

Charlotte, United States

Manchester Pride: 27 AUG 2021

Manchester, United Kingdom

Silicon Valley Pride: 28 AUG 2021

San Jose, United States

September 2020


Pride Winnipeg: 03 SEP 2021

Winnipeg, Canada

Ibiza Gay Pride: 10 SEP 2021

Ibiza, Spain

Malta Pride: 10 SEP 2021

Valletta, Malta

Miami Beach Gay Pride: 10 SEP 2021


Nashville Pride: 11 SEP 2021

Nashville, United States

Pride London: 11 SEP 2021

London, United Kingdom

Kona Hawaii Pride: 17 SEP 2021

Kona, United States

Shenandoah Valley Pride: 18 SEP 2021

Harrisonburg, United States

Blue Ridge Pride Festival: 25 SEP 2021 – 25 SEP 2021

Asheville, North Carolina

Lexington Pride Festival: 25 SEP 2021

Lexington, United States

Pride in Surrey: 25 SEP 2021

Woking, United Kingdom



Hispanic LGBT Pride: 01 OCT 2021

Miami, United States

Ferndale Pride: 02 OCT 2021

Ferndale, United States

Come Out With Pride: 03 OCT 2021

Orlando, United States

Las Vegas Pride: 04 OCT 2021

Las Vegas, United States

Las Vegas Pride: 08 OCT 2021

Louisville, United States

Aloha Maui Pride: 09 OCT 2021

Kahului, United States

Come Out With Pride Orlando: 09 OCT 2021

Orlando, United States

Savannah Pride: 28 OCT 2021

Savannah, United States

Pacific Northwest Black Pride: 29 OCT 2021

Seattle, United States

November 2021


Greater Palm Springs Pride: 06 NOV 2021

Palm Springs, United States

Phoenix Pride: 06 NOV 2021

Phoenix, United States

Keep an eye on The National LGBTQ Task Force for online events on Global Pride Broadcast to stay home if you are not feeling like going out.

WorldPride 2021 will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Stay tuned on our blog for the full 2021 Pride calendar.

Wear Your Pride on a LGBT T-Shirt

Wearing LGBT t-shirts is a great way to show your support for your community and to get other people involved in supporting a cause near to your heart. Pride is the perfect moment to scream loud and proud that the gay community isn’t going anywhere. With many designs to choose from, these design templates were created with important symbols in mind (btw, are we missing any? Drop us a line and let us know!

Gay Flag Icon

Did You Know…

people attended NYC Pride in 2019?

How To Make an LGBT T-Shirt for Pride

Making an LGBT t-shirt design with Placeit is super easy! Choose from thousands of high­-quality graphics, you can use our LGBT t-shirt templates or any other that works to display your message! Customize fonts, colors, and graphics to get your dream design in just a few seconds. Watch the video above for a step-by-step guide on how to use design templates at their fullest. 

Make T-Shirt Mockups of Your Designs!​

Making t-shirt mockups is a practical way to display your designs in your store, on social media, or in promotional materials. Placeit’s mockups are shot by pro photographers with diverse models in all types of settings, so you’ll probably find what you’re looking for! Using t-shirt mockups (ore even some tank top mockups, it’s June after all!) is as easy as dropping a transparent PNG file on the mockup of your choice. No need to use Photoshop or any other design software.

Show Off Your Designs on
Social Media!​

Show off and promote you Pride designs in social media using dazzling social media posts templates like Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Instagram stories, Youtube thumbnails, Sticker and much more! 

Being a part of Pride is more than just being a part of the celebration, it’s standing up for what you believe in and showing your support to your community and making a t-shirt is a small, but meaningful way to make your voice heard! We live in an era where more and more people feel that they can love who they love and be who they are without having to hide behind closets and age old norms, so this month, scream loud, remember those who fought for equality, and show them how proud you are of who you are!

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