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As June marches in, so does the vibrant celebration of Pride Month!✨🌈 This is a time to honor love and diversity in all its dazzling, unique forms. Moreover, it’s an opportunity to fight for and uplift the voices of the LGBTQ+ community to strive for equal justice and acceptance. In a moment to cherish every shade of fabulousness that makes the world sparkle, we’re bursting with excitement to share our stunning pride design collection with you! Ready to dive into this colorful journey? Read on! 😌

March Your Way Through This Blog! ❤️🧡💛

+45 Pride Design Templates to Color Your Brand With Placeit! 🌈

In this blog, you’ll find dazzling pride design templates that’ll bring a whole new level of color to your store! So, whether you’re looking for inspiring prints that embrace the power of courage and resilience or unique illustrations that celebrate the boldness of authenticity, Placeit by Envato has you covered. 😉

But wait, there’s more! As if our eye-catching array of pride design ideas wasn’t enough, we’ve got something extra special lined up for you. Drumroll, please…! 🥁 We’ve also included a handpicked selection of best-selling pride merch that’ll make your storefront (and your sales) shine. ✨

And here’s where it gets even better. We’re thrilled to introduce you to a leading POD company well known for its extensive catalog of top-tier customizable products: Printify! Keep reading to discover how to transform all your pride designs into standout merch with its fantastic options for savvy entrepreneurs and sellers, just like you! Without further ado, let’s get started. 😌

1. A World of Color: Rainbow-Themed Pride Design Templates 🌈

Rainbow-themed designs are an absolute must when it comes to pride merch! Not only is this symbol visually stunning and vibrant, splashing a world of color into every piece, but it also holds a deeper meaning within the LGBTQ+ community. Let’s jump back in time to dive into its importance! 

In 1978, Gilbert Baker created the pride flag as a powerful symbol of visibility, declaring to the world, “This is who I am”. Viewing the rainbow as the sky’s very own emblem, this artist initially chose eight radiant stripe colors. Today, the pride flag proudly showcases six of those original hues. 🌈

Curious to learn more about the Pride Month colors? Keep in mind this is what each shade represents when creating your stunning pride design ideas! 🎨✨

❤️ Red


🧡 Orange


💛 Yellow


💚 Green


💙 Blue


💜 Violet


T Shirt Design Generator Featuring A Colorful Illustration For Pride Month
Illustrated T Shirt Design Creator With An LGBTQ+ Pride Message
Pride T Shirt Design Template With A Rainbow Clipart
T Shirt Design Creator For Pride Month Featuring A Quote With Rainbow Colors
T Shirt Design Creator With A Rainbow Graphic And Colorful Fonts For Pride Month
Minimalistic Rainbow T Shirt Design Template

🎨 There’s a whole world to colors! Immerse yourself in their vibrant hues, learn their significance, and create stunning palettes for your designs with Colors by Placeit.

2. Flying Colors: Flag-Themed Pride Design Templates ✨

Featuring Pride Month flags on your merch line is a powerful way of showing support and solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. Think of it this way: each design allows its members to express their identity proudly and authentically, fostering a message of love and acceptance. ✨

So, aim to create with the idea of inclusivity in mind, offering a diverse range of pride designs that embrace different forms of self-expression and the beautiful tapestry of the community. It’s all about celebrating diversity through stunning graphics, vibrant colors, and unique illustrations! How about a Pride Month banner featuring these templates?

In our last section, we explored the significance of the iconic rainbow flag.  Now, let’s uncover the rich array of pride flag designs within the LGBTQ+ community! 🌈

T Shirt Design Maker With A Supporting Quote For An LGBTQ+ Fundraiser
T Shirt Pride Design Template Featuring Rainbow Flags For LGBTQ+ Themed Fundraisers
T Shirt Design Creator Featuring An LGBTQ+ Quote With A Colorful Flag
T Shirt Design Generator Featuring A Quote For Pride Month
T Shirt Design Maker Featuring An Inclusive Non Binary Quote
T Shirt Design Template With A Quote For Trans Visibility Day

3. Messages of Strength: Empowering Pride Design Templates ⭐️

As we’ve mentioned, LGBTQ+ Pride Month is a vibrant celebration that honors the community through a message of diversity, love, and acceptance. As such, it’s also a time to acknowledge the ongoing challenges in the fight for equality and human rights, building a world where everyone is embraced for who they are, free from any form of discrimination and prejudice.

Thus, when thinking of pride design ideas, incorporating inspiring quotes can be an excellent way to uplift customers while sharing powerful affirmations of strength and resilience. Whether it’s on apparel, accessories, or even home decor, these messages add a meaningful touch to your merch, encouraging all to live their true, authentic, and bold selves. ✨

So, why not spread positivity and encouragement with these Pride Month quotes featured in stunning, captivating designs? 😌🌈

T Shirt Design Template With A Quote For Pride Month And A Rainbow Graphic
Pride Month Themed T Shirt Design Maker With Illustrated Rainbows
LGBTQ+ Themed T Shirt Design Creator With An Unapologetic Pride Quote
T Shirt Design Maker To Celebrate Sexual Diversity Featuring A Quote
LGBTQ+ Themed T Shirt Design Creator Featuring A Quote With Sparkles
Illustrated T Shirt Design Generator With A Hand Heart For Pride Month

4. Love Is Love: Pride Design Templates That Warm the Heart 🧡

The “Love Is Love” message is a simple, yet profound statement that serves as a bold declaration of pride. Through inspiring designs, it becomes a powerful reminder that love knows no bounds, uplifting those who wear it, and spreading positivity throughout the ongoing celebration. 💖

Thus, when thinking of designs featuring this quote, opt for vibrant, dynamic colors that mirror the joyful and welcoming energy of Pride Month. Going for bold hues not only enhances the visual impact of your chosen print but also amplifies the message of love and acceptance, making your merch even more impactful. 

Ready to spread the love? Check out these pride design ideas for your store! ✨

Cartoonish T Shirt Pride Design Creator Celebrating Love
T Shirt Design Template With LGBTQ+ Pride Illustrations
Colorful T Shirt Pride Design Maker Featuring LGBTQ+ Themed Quotes
LGBTQ+ T Shirt Pride Design Maker With A Love Themed Graphic
T Shirt Design Generator For LGBTQ+ Pride Month Featuring Colorful Graphics
Valentine's Day Inspired T Shirt Design Creator With An LGBTQ+ Quote

5. One Community: Pride Design Templates That Celebrate Unity 😀

Throughout this selection of pride design templates, we’ve emphasized the importance of celebrating diversity as a cornerstone of inclusion and acceptance. And, with this year’s NYC Pride theme standing as “Reflect. Empower. Unite.”, there’s a call for all individuals, community leaders, and allies to take action to shape a collective future. 

Hence, creating pride merch that reflects the power of unity sends a message of strength. Whether through bold illustrations or inspiring quotes, it’s an opportunity to show we all stand together to create a better, brighter future where inclusivity paves the way for a more vibrant world. 🌍✨

Feeling inspired? Take a peek at these pride design ideas brimming with love and empowerment!

Colorful T Shirt Design Template For The LGBTQ+ Community
T Shirt Pride Design Template Featuring A Planet With The Rainbow Flag
Colorful T Shirt Design Template Featuring An LGBTQ+ Pride Theme
LGBTQ+ Rights T Shirt Design Template
Adorable T Shirt Pride Design Maker Featuring Two Lemons Celebrating
T Shirt Pride Design Template Featuring An LGBTQ+ Inclusive Quote

6. Graphic Charm: Pride Design Templates Packed With Cartoons & Illustrations 😊

Onto our next set of pride design ideas! Incorporating illustrations, cartoons, and sticker-type graphic elements is a fantastic way to add personality and charm to any of your products. How about a fun doodle or a cute character to spread the joy and join the celebration with a bit of creativity and spark? 🤩

These Pride Month images cover different themes and styles, making them perfect for any aesthetic you aim for on your merch. Want to switch things up? With Placeit, you can fully customize each design by changing the graphics with stunning visuals that match exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s how to do it:

🪄 How to Switch Your Pride Design With Placeit’s Editor

1. Choose your favorite pride design template, whether a Pride Month banner or shirt, and click on it to open the editor page. 

2. Select the “Edit” option and type specific keywords related to the graphic element you’re looking for. For example: “pride day composition” or “cute pride character”.

3. Play around with different options until you find the perfect match for your pride design!

Placeit's Editor Showcasing A Pride Illustration Using Related Keywords
Placeit's Editor Showcasing A Pride Design Using Related Keywords

🚀  Say goodbye to cookie-cutter designs! Let your creativity shine on all your “Happy Pride Month” images with “How to Make Design Templates Not Look Like a Template”.

Join the celebration with these Pride Month graphics and designs by Placeit! 😀🌈

T Shirt Design Template For Pride Month Featuring A Quote And Stickers
T Shirt Design Generator Featuring LGBTQ+ Pride Stickers
T Shirt Design Generator A Colorful Quote For LGBTQ+ Pride
T Shirt Pride Design Maker Featuring A Wiggly Cartoon Character With Rainbow Pants
T Shirt Design Maker Featuring A Heart Illustration With A Transgender Pride Theme
T Shirt Pride Design Template With An LGBTQ+ Supportive Quote

7. Neon Glow: Pride Design Templates With Electric Colors ⚡️

Of course, this pride design collection wouldn’t be complete without striking, neon colors to spark the festivity and excitement surrounding this month! Whether you opt for a hot fluorescent pink or an electrifying yellow, these bold shades immediately draw attention to any merch, making it the perfect option for standing out at parades, fests, and shows. 🎉

Needless to say, these stunning hues match the energy and enthusiasm of Pride Month, perfectly capturing the spirit of this celebration through eye-catching illustrations and graphic elements. This gives any design a modern, edgy appeal for audiences looking to make a statement! 🪩

Let your storefront take center stage with these neon pride design templates! ✨

Manga T Shirt Design Maker Featuring A Drag Pride Theme
T Shirt Design Generator With An LGBTQ+ Theme Featuring A Flaming Heart
Fun T Shirt Design Template Featuring Lively Drag Queen Characters
T Shirt Pride Design Template Featuring Drag Queen Catchphrases
T Shirt Design Maker Featuring An Illustrated Drag Queen Graphic
LGBTQ+ T Shirt Pride Design Maker Featuring Colorful Neon Graphics

🤩 Want to supercharge your inspiration? Dive into the latest graphic design trends set to dominate the year and take your creations to the next level!

8. United We Stand: Pride Design Templates for Allies 💫

As we begin to wrap up this selection of pride design ideas, we couldn’t forget to include prints tailored for allies as a way to show support and solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. Whether through an empowering quote or a bold illustration, these templates foster a sense of unity where a message shines through: we all stand together in the ongoing fight for equality.

Moreover, these pride design templates serve as a conversation starter, sparking important discussions and encouraging empathy and support, signaling that the causes the community fights for don’t go unnoticed. As such, they serve as reminders for allies to continue navigating these topics, speaking out against discrimination, and actively advocating for LGBTQ+ rights. 

Let your customers show their support with these pride designs! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Fun T Shirt Design Creator Featuring Gummy Bears At Pride Parade
T Shirt Design Template For LGBTQ+ Pride
Colorful T Shirt Pride Design Template With Illustrated LGBTQ+ People
Quote T Shirt Design Template For Allies During Pride Month

By this point, you probably have some of your favorite designs picked out. Now, let’s take it up a notch and prepare for Pride Month 2024 with the best-selling merch ideas you can create with Printify. The fun is just beginning – so let’s keep going on to the next section! 😌🎉

Pride in Print: Best-Selling Pride Merch Ft. Printify 🌟

We know that choosing the perfect match for your business is an exciting process as it takes you one step closer to bringing your creative vision to life. So, before we dive into our curated collection of best-selling pride merch, we wanted to give you a quick overview of what Printify brings to the table for POD sellers. 🤩

➡️ Introducing Printify: Your One-Stop for POD Success!

Founded in 2015, Printify builds the next generation of E-commerce stores by seamlessly connecting savvy entrepreneurs (just like you!) with the world’s top printing houses. Under the mission of “Helping merchants earn more money, with less effort”, this company has empowered millions of online sellers to achieve their dream of running a business. 

As one of the leading POD companies, Printify has a trusted global network of more than 100 printing locations all over the world. Plus, through a customer-based approach, it now offers over 950 customizable products in its top-tier catalog with an approach of “quality, profitability, selection, and speed”.

The Inside Scoop: What Makes Printify Different? 🔍

Curious about what you can expect from Printify as a seller? Let’s check it out! 😀

Printify offers various subscription plans tailored to your needs as a seller. If you’re launching your business, its free version is ideal as it grants you access to five stores per account and unlimited product designs. Plus, you only pay after your end customer makes a purchase, eliminating upfront costs and minimizing risks compared to other alternatives.

As its commitment is to provide sellers and business owners with the highest standards, Printify constantly updates its quality control processes to review the printing methods, packaging, and delivery of its products. This ensures that every item meets customer expectations, positioning your business as the go-to option for excellence, every step of the way.

Printify’s extensive product catalog makes it easier to find the ultimate merch for whichever niche, theme, or style your brand taps into. From their apparel line to home decor, tech accessories, jewelry, stationery, and even eco-friendly alternatives, you’ll find the perfect option for your storefront in no time. On top of that, you can always browse through its Bestsellers category to explore its in-demand items and customize them right away.

You can easily connect Printify to any sales channel of your choice! This company offers numerous integrations with the most popular marketplaces such as Etsy, Shopify, eBay, and WooCommerce, just to name a few. Want to get started? Find the best fit for your business here!

Now that you’re equipped with the best pride design ideas, tools, and resources to fuel your success, let’s take a peek at all the awesome merch you can add to your storefront.

Must-Have Pride Merch for Your Store! 🌈

1. Pride Flags ❤️🧡💛

Pride Month isn’t just about celebration; it’s about connection. And what better way to engage with your audience than by offering them a symbol of inclusivity that’s as unique as they are? Personalized pride flags aren’t just a piece of merch. Through their colors, history, and symbolism, they’re a statement of belonging. Just imagine each flag waving high above the crowds during parades and festivals as a beacon of unity, love, and acceptance. The sky’s truly the limit with this merch! 🌈☁️

2. Pride Hats 🧢

Want to give a fun, colorful twist to the classic baseball cap or the stylish bucket hat? That’s where the magic of personalization comes in! Each pride design template featured on this goodie turns it into more than just headwear. Instead, it becomes a symbol of visibility, allowing customers to proudly showcase their true colors. Whether worn at a parade, a local fest, or simply out and about, pride hats send a message of solidarity while making a fashion statement. ✨

3. Pride Shirts 👕

Personalized pride shirt designs are the ultimate best-selling merch for this festivity! Whether showcasing a bold print, an inspiring message, or a colorful pattern, these pieces let customers wear their pride on their sleeves (quite literally!) and join a movement that celebrates love in all its fabulous forms. After all, what better way to show the world all the LGBTQ+ community stands for than with the perfect canvas for self-expression, uniqueness, and dashing confidence? 😃

4. Pride Socks 🧦

Time to spread positivity with every step! Personalized pride socks are the perfect addition to your merch lineup as they’re as stylish as they’re comfortable. This makes them the ultimate fashionable goodie for any parade, event, or fest your customers plan to attend. Of course, these aren’t just ordinary pieces of apparel, they’re colorful, vibrant, and unique, a true reflection of Pride Month. From head to toe, let your pride show with stunning, personalized designs! 😌

5. Pride Stickers 🌈

What better way to say “Happy Pride Month!” than with a fun, colorful addition to your catalog? Pride stickers add a touch of excitement wherever they go, whether used on laptops, water bottles, or notebooks. Moreover, these goodies can serve as little tokens of appreciation for your customers. Imagine the excitement of unboxing one of your cool packages and finding a vibrant pride design they can use just about anywhere and add a sprinkle of magic to everyday items. After all, when it comes to spreading love, there’s no such thing as too many stickers! 😊🧡🌟

6. Pride Tote Bags ✨

Picture this: your customers strolling down the street on their way to the parade, carrying pride on their shoulders with a design that spreads a message of love, unity, and acceptance. That’s the beauty of personalized tote bags! They’re more than just accessories, they’re stylish and sustainable goodies that add a touch of rainbow flair wherever they’re used. Plus, its canvas material makes it perfect for displaying all sorts of vibrant illustrations, patterns, and colors, ensuring each pride design maintains its stunning appeal. 🎨

+ Bonus: Pride Dog Bandanas! 🐶

Hold on, we’re not done with this pride merch selection just yet! For many, pets are cherished members of their family, taking part in all important occasions. It’s no wonder they’d want to include these fluffy pals in special events like festivals, parades, and outdoor activities for Pride Month. Bandanas offer a perfect way for these cute buddies to participate in the fun while proudly displaying a pride design that embraces the celebration. How about matching bandanas? Let your customers pamper their best pals with cute, colorful designs and happily join the festivities, one cute wag at a time! 🐾🏳️‍🌈

LGBTQ+ Pride Design Themed Bandana Mockup Featuring A Woman In A Studio


🌈 Ready to dive into the colorful world of pride merch? This expert guide has all the tips and tricks you need to launch your own vibrant collection!

Over the Rainbow: Tips to Boost Your Business During Pride 🚀

Ready to add a dash of rainbow to your store? Fantastic! With your top-notch pride designs and stellar merch lineup, you’re all set to make a big impact. Now, let’s get the party started! It’s time to spread the word about this special collection. Here are some tips to help you maximize your business impact and sell in a way that honors the spirit of inclusivity and authenticity.

✨ Showcase Authentic Representation & Diversity

Pride Month thrives on what makes each person unique, celebrating different forms of self-expression. Therefore, this is an opportunity to highlight the diversity within the LGBTQ+ community by featuring a range of identities, backgrounds, and experiences in your marketing materials and product offerings. We’re talking about Pride Month pictures, mockups, and social media posts, just to name a few. ❤️💛💙

👚 Offer Inclusive Sizing in Your Products

When talking about size-inclusive clothing, we’re referring to an apparel line that caters to different body types, shapes, sizes, and genders, making everyone able to enjoy the shopping experience. This aligns with movements that celebrate body positivity, acceptance, and self-love, which is consistent with the values the LGBTQ+ community stands for. 💖

🌈 Promote Understanding & Allyship

While showcasing your pride design collection is indeed an important part of boosting your sales, you certainly want your brand to avoid rainbow-washing and profiting for a cause it’s not committing to. So, take the time to educate yourself and others about the importance of LGBTQ+ issues, history, terminology, and the rights they’re fighting for as a community. For instance, you can share Pride Month social media posts with important information and data that shed light on their experiences and struggles, fostering a safe space for everyone.

🌐 Prepare Your Online Strategy

Make sure to research and include relevant on-theme hashtags in your Pride Month posts to increase visibility and reach within the LGBTQ+ community. For example, #LoveIsLove, #LGBT, #Pride2024. Also, don’t forget to incorporate important keywords related to your niche and pride design collection into your product description. Remember, SEO isn’t just important for your website – it’s key for social media too! Let’s make sure your business shines bright with these TikTok and Instagram guides for optimizing content. 💻🚀

📆 Demonstrate Year-Round Commitment

Creating a pride design collection isn’t just about making a fashion statement; it’s a powerful way to stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community, promoting change, progress, and acceptance. That’s why showcasing your brand’s commitment to the movement extends far beyond once-a-year activities. Instead, you can demonstrate your ongoing support by partnering with LGBTQ+ charities and organizations year-round. Whether it’s promoting their initiatives or donating a portion of your sales to their causes, every action counts in creating a more inclusive and supportive world. 🌍✨

Let’s Wrap This Pride in Print Journey! 😌

As we wrap up this selection, we want to highlight how pride designs can help amplify the voices of the LGBTQ+ community, promote awareness, and spark important conversations that inspire unity and solidarity. By proudly displaying these bold illustrations and vibrant messages on merch, brands and businesses alike can walk a step further in the ongoing fight for equality, inclusion, and human rights. 

It’s more than a fashion statement.  Instead, it’s about making a meaningful difference and creating a more inclusive and accepting world for all. One where everyone can shine brightly as their true selves, unapologetically and proudly. ✨🌍🌈

Now, we want to hear from you! Is there any special pride design collection or exclusive merch you plan on creating for this year? Leave a comment below and let us know. Till next time and happy Pride Month! 😌

🌟 If you enjoyed this blog, feel free to check out our T-Shirt Ideas Calendar & Best POD Niches posts to keep the inspo going year-round! 📆🚀

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