Create Amazing Fantasy Book Covers With Fully Customizable Templates

So you’ve just finished writing your fantasy book and now you’re wondering how to make a book cover that clearly depicts the history and character of the text. You have found an amazing image you’d like to use as cover background, or maybe you’re looking for premade book covers with a fantasy appearance but it all seems too complicated…
Look no more! With Placeit’s book cover maker, you can finish what you started with a professional look on the outside that reflects what the book is all about on the inside. The options are limitless with our fantasy cover templates. You can either chose one of our premade images or submit your own. Write the title, author name and any other info you deem fit, choose the perfect font type and position and get a ready to print file! Use it as an ebook cover, or to promote your book on social media and online marketplaces! We know this sounds complicated, but you can definitely do it all yourself !
Four Fantasy Book Cover Designs on Book Cover Mockups

Here are a few samples of what can be accomplished with our different cover templates for fantasy books. Use them to customize your fantasy cover design:

Fantasy Cover Template – Text with FX and Accessory Graphic

Fantasy book cover design with hobitton den as background
Fantasy cover on a book mockup created with Placeit

Have a look at this astonishing fantasy cover design for indie authors, you will now be able to make a book cover in a super-easy way with super-amazing results! Start now, you just have to use the menu on the right to customize the accessory graphic and the background, then use the menu on the left to edit each line of text. That’s it! This cover maker will give you the joy put your own ideas into reality without the need to learn how to use a complicated tool, isn’t that great?

Fantasy Book Cover Template – Centered Graphic with Text on Top

Book Cover Maker - Centered Graphic with Text on Top
Fantasy covers on a mockup made with Placeit

Looking for an easy-to-use book cover creator that would give you amazing results? Use Placeit! Get started right now by building your ebook covers in a simple way and get a stunning result! Use the menu on the right to start customizing the background and the graphic for your ebook design, then use the menu on the left to edit all the text on the image. Simple, right? Design fantasy covers now with Placeit and start with the right foot!

Fantasy Book Cover Template – Text with FX and Horizontal Graphic Layout

Fantasy book cover with centered graphic
Cover on a book mockup made with Placeit

Looking for an awesome tool to create a book cover? You’ve found it! Placeit has this amazing fantasy covers maker for indie authors to make fantasy cover designs in a really simple way, and with incredible results. Start using it now, use the menu on the right to customize the background and the graphic, then edit each line of text using the menu on the left side of the page. It’s super easy!


Fantasy Book Cover Template – Simple Text Above and Name Below

Simple text on top and name on bottom fantasy book cover template
Cover shown on a Placeit book mockup

Have a look at this beautiful fantasy cover template. With it, you will now be able to make your own book cover design in a super easy and intuitive way! Let us do the hard work for you, so you can focus on only making the cover template. Isn’t that great? Use the menu on the right side of the page to choose the background color, then edit each text line with the menu on the left. Easy, right?

Fantasy Cover Template – Text on Centered Ribbon

Fantasy cover design with simple ribbon and centered text
Mockup of a woman holding a book made with Placeit

Wondering how to design a book cover? This awesome fantasy cover template is a great option for you to start giving life to your cover ideas! Placeit has a really easy-to-use cover maker: the menu on the right side of the page will let you choose the ribbon and the background type and color, then edit the color pattern and the text lines with the menu on the left side of the page. It’s super easy! Not only is it easy, you can also produce a professional book cover design, which will help you increase your book sales !

Fantasy Book Cover Template – Centered Badge with Text

Fantasy cover design with centered graphic behind text
Mockup of various books made with Placeit

Placeit’s book cover maker is an excellent choice if you were looking for an easy-to-use tool to create a cover for your latest fantasy book! You can use the menu on the right side of the page to choose the eBook covers background and the centered ribbon type and color. Then edit each line of text and the text orientation using the menu on the left, wasn’t that simple? Design a book cover now with Placeit!
Have any other books written such as a cookbook? We have recipe book cover makers too!

Use Your Cover Design on a Book Mockup to Promote Your Work

A photorealistic book mockup allows you to showcase your design without having it printed. Placeit has hundreds of professional book mockups, both with flat/transparent backgrounds and appropriate settings.
Fantasy Book Cover Mockups

Start promoting your book or ebook with wonderful cover mockups!

Indie Author Promotion on Social Media

Once you have your fantasy cover finished, you want to use it to promote your book in social media! Placeit offers customizable book Facebook ads – just drag your book cover, write the appropriate text for your offer and download it:
Fantasy Book Cover Facebook Ad Ideas

Draw attention to your fantasy novel in Facebook with your design in an ad!


“I never thought I’d get the perfect cover for my book with so much ease. Thanks, Placeit.”
Noah H. Gore 5/5

Make a Cover to Promote Your Fantasy Book Online

Having a seductive book cover will improve your promotional efforts and, ultimately, your sales. Now you don't need wait for a designer to get it done right, get professional results yourself with Placeit's book cover templates. In a matter of minutes, you'll have a fantasy cover ready to sell your book on the net and beyond!

Design a Fantasy Book Cover Now

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