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What’s All the Fuss About Testimonial Videos?


Testimonial videos are truly valuable assets for your brand! We would dare to say they are a must for businesses nowadays. They are a great way to earn your customers trust and that is completely valuable! Testimonial videos can be represented in many forms, let’s review some of them: 

  • Customer testimonial video: Your client gives an overview and review of your product or service.
  • Success story video: You present the quality of your product or service by showing how it has transformed someone’s life for the better.
  • Celebrity or influencer testimonial video: Someone in the public eye, respected by your customers, endorses your product or service by describing how it has worked for them.
  • Employee testimonial video: Your employees talk about what it’s like to work for you and your company’s culture.

We will guide you step by step on the process of making a testimonial video that actually works for you!

If you are asking yourself, why is it even worth making a testimonial video? Customers play an essential role in other customers buying decisions. Hearing the testimonial of someone who has already bought a product like a review online or a comment on social media is the best deciding factor. When you show your customers, the honest reaction of another happy customer, you are giving them that last push into buying!


Ace Your Testimonial with These Techniques


Let’s review all the essentials you should know to make a testimonial video that actually converts:

  1. Knowing Your Audience, as Always, Is Important for Any Marketing Move. 

This will determine if your audience identifies with your video or not. To decide which topics should be on your video take a close look at who your audience is. 

  1. Use the Truth! 

Use genuine testimonials, avoid writing scripts, focus on getting the real testimonial out there. 

  1. Appeal to Emotions. 

Unfortunately, not all businesses can gain followers with hard facts. So find a way to appeal to their emotions either through the process of your product or service or the results after. In other words, your video should be a whole experience of your brand. 

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Break the Format!

We have suggested many video styles before, but if you can come up with different‌ ‌creative ways to show off your customer’s testimonials that’s great too!  


Need Some Inspiration?


Using a testimonial video maker you can create your own testimonial videos as slides. Building slide by slide, you can add text and images or short clips of interviews, or any content you want to show in your testimonial video. You can even make a slideshow with music! Also, a great thing about online video editors is you can choose the perfect aspect ratio for your video depending on where you are planning to share it.

Instagram Slideshow Maker for a Customer’s Testimonial

Customer Testimonial Instagram Video Maker

Minimalistic Slideshow Maker for a Customer Testimonial

Instagram Slideshow Maker for a Customer Testimonial


What Other Video Content can You Use?


Let’s recap for a second here, testimonial videos are a great marketing strategy to achieve customers trust in your brand! Also, there are tons of other kinds of videos that you can make to improve your marketing efforts. Using Placeit’s easy video editor tool you can make slideshow videos, Instagram stories, step by step tutorials and more!

It’s Time to Make Awesome Testimonial Videos!

Learn how to master making testimonial videos for your brand with all the tips and tricks. Also, get inspired with some really cool videos from Placeit that you can make completely on your own!

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