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As we wrap up 2023 and say “hello!” to 2024, we can already see how the future of gaming is looking, thanks to what’s booming right now. 💣 Do you know what these gaming trends are? Take a look and see how you can get on board with them! 🎮

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Some Context: Where Do These Trends Come From? 🤔

A Quick Jump Back in Time ⏳️

Gaming during COVID-19 made 2021 the best year for gaming in decades. When the pandemic sent us all home in 2020, we had to find ways to entertain ourselves to avoid falling into madness. As a result, many of us started gaming the night away. 🎮

The gaming industry boomed even higher in 2021, with hundreds of new gaming streamers and content creators creating a more extensive and substantial online gaming community. Many people found that online gaming was a great way to stay in touch and have fun with their friends while staying at home. 🎧🖥

Technology became an intrinsic part of our daily lives during 2021 as we needed to find ways to communicate and work while staying home. Gaming during COVID-19 became a way to unwind and have fun. 

As a result, the communication technology and gaming industry worked on finding ways to evolve in order to make our lives easier; this is where most of these new gaming trends developed. Now, what can we expect for 2024? Let’s find out!

Leveling Up: AI Takes Over! 🌟

From new in-depth development opportunities to a more immersive playing experience, it’s no secret that AI has revolutionized the gaming industry. Overall, this groundbreaking technology has opened the door for more dynamic, challenging, and engaging games within the digital realm. For example, non-playable characters (NPC) can now adapt to the player’s strategies and respond accordingly, thus creating their own storylines. It’s awesome, isn’t it? P.S. We’ll delve a bit further into this topic, so keep scrolling! 😀

Are you eager to discover more about how AI is taking the video game industry by storm? You got it! Let’s take a look at the innovations and benefits this technology brings to the game:

🎮 Adaptative Gameplays

Gone are the days of battling predictable opponents or going through repetitive tasks to switch levels. AI algorithms enhance the gaming experience by analyzing the user’s behavior, skills, and performance, thus creating personalized gameplay strategies. In other words, be prepared to navigate complex storylines specifically tailored for you, the gamer! 👦🏻👩🏻

🌠 Realistic Game Graphics

AI allows designers and developers alike to push the boundaries of the video game industry. As this cutting-edge technology and its tools take over, you can expect the future of video games to incorporate real-like graphics and animations. This includes visually stunning landscapes with top-tier textures, reflections, shadows, and details that mimic our world (plus other endless possibilities!). 🌍✨

🤖 Intelligent Non-playable Characters (NPC)

Just like we discussed how adaptive gameplays integrate complex storylines, NPCs contribute to an immersive and dynamic playing experience. As you know, these computer-controlled characters were often limited to repetitive dialogue and actions, which led to predictive interactions. With AI, NPCs can adapt their behavior and decision-making abilities, thus adapting to the gamer’s strategy and leveling up accordingly. Are you up for the challenge? 💥😉

1. Roblox Maintains Its Stronghold in the Online Gaming Industry 🏅

Heard of Roblox? Yes, probably. This was a platform initially created for children to develop online games. But because of how simple and entertaining it was, it quickly gained popularity among adults. In fact, Roblox has 70 million daily active users worldwide, with around 40 million being over the age of 13. 🌍🧑🏻‍💻️

Roblox allows users to create their own games and play with those crafted by others. Thanks to the growing number of people getting into game development, the gaming industry has made it easier for all of them to sell their creations. In other words, it helped them reach their market by removing barriers.

So, what does the future of video games look like for Roblox? Well, this platform is currently in the early stages of integrating its own metaverse. This virtual world will allow users to engage in an immersive experience with brand-new features. 

For example, the platform gave its own spin to video chats by launching Roblox Connect. This new function allows users to use avatars for chatting with friends. But that’s not the end of it! These characters can mimic real-life expressions and gestures, which calls for a more dynamic and realistic interaction. 😀💬

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Upcoming Roblox Games Gaming Trends

2. Scales Are More Balanced With More Girls Playing! 🤩

Games like Pokémon Go, Minecraft, and Fortnite are bringing in more and more female gamers to the industry! Just check out the numbers: In 2023 alone, 46% of gamers in the United States were, in fact, women. ✨

This is making the narrative of games change as well! It was very common to have a male heroic character, but fortunately, we are now looking at more and more female protagonists in games. Just to name a few examples, we have:

💫 Forspoken. An action RPG role-playing game released in the first quarter of 2023 by Luminous Productions and Square Enix. The story focuses on Frey, who — transported to the magical world of Athia —  must find her way back home. 

🌏 Planet of Lana. Described as an “off-earth odyssey”, this puzzle-platform game takes you to a fictional world invaded by aliens. The protagonist, Lana, must rely on her skills to explore this planet and rescue her sister.

💫 Atelier Ryza 3. The third installment of this gameplay series brings back the beloved character in a quest to defeat monsters. The spin is on new magic keys that the player can use to unlock new combat abilities and explore different game locations.

Gaming Trends Gender Graph


3. The Rise of Gaming Earbuds 🔊

Platforms like Twitch have enabled gamers to earn a full-time living by playing video games. Now, while most of these players are there to show off their gaming skills, they also need to keep the viewers entertained. This often means engaging and chatting with their audience, too. 💬

So, when it comes to gaming, physical appearance is important, too! As a result, earbuds have risen in popularity compared to bulkier headphones, which can be perceived as distracting. It really depends on your personal taste, but it’s a fact that earbuds interest is now rising for gamers striving to stand out in the online world. 

Now, how to pick out the best gaming earbuds for you? Check out these tips: 

😌 Aim for comfort. This is crucial for long gaming sessions, ensuring you can focus on your gameplay without distraction or uneasiness. 

💥 Say goodbye to noise! Choose earbuds with a built-in mic that offers noise cancellation to reduce unwanted ambient noise.

Do a quality check. Prioritize earbuds with excellent audio quality. This enhances your gaming experience and provides better sound for your audience.

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4. Classic Vibe Check, Retro Gaming Is Back! 🕹

Or perhaps it truly never left the scene. This trend appeals to a nostalgic journey, whether through the comeback of well-known, beloved characters or gaming consoles. After all, video games like Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda, Doom, and Final Fantasy defined an entire generation of gamers.

Retro Gaming Trends

So, what upcoming releases can we expect for this gaming trend? Well, the first quarter of 2024 will be accompanied by the comeback of all-time favorite heroes with Mario vs. Donkey Kong, plus the launch of Princess Peach: Showtime! Eager to join on a quest? Then you must definitely keep an eye out for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. ⚔️

5. Mobile Gaming for the Win 📱

Mockup Featuring A Female Gamer Pointing At Her Iphone

While mobile gaming has experienced a slight decline in revenue following its rising popularity over the pandemic, it’s still a highly profitable segment. Let the numbers speak for themselves! As of 2023, there are over 1.92 billion mobile gamers. Moreover, this industry has a market size of 172.10 billion USD.

With the rise of smartphone capabilities,  gamers will, of course,  expect PC quality on their mobile games. Thus, crossplay and spin-off games will be very popular for mobile gaming. Moreover, genres like role-playing, puzzle, strategy, and adventure continue to take the lead. 📲

6. Cloud Gaming Keeps Thriving ☁️

As you know, with cloud gaming, games are handled by remote servers instead of being downloaded directly on your PC. This means you don’t need extra storage space, nor do you have to worry about hardware limitations. Say hello to real-time streaming without clogging your devices! 😌

Without the hassle of a lengthy installation process, cloud gaming opens up a world of possibilities for accessing an extensive gaming library. Moreover, it’s perfect for cross-platform play as it seamlessly integrates multiple devices. All in all, this calls for an enhanced gaming experience where players can enjoy flexibility, convenience, and versatility. 👌🏻

7. Fitness Gaming and Virtual Reality 🏃🏻

Gone are the days when online gaming was associated with being locked up in your room, glued to a chair. Remember Nintendo Wii? Or perhaps how Pokémon Go had all of us walking through the street? That’s right, this experience will no longer be a sedentary sport with fitness games in the near future. 

Plus, we couldn’t forget to mention how implementing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) has changed the video game industry. Players can now use items like headsets and controllers to enjoy an immersive real-time experience. What do you say, ready for a workout? 😌

8. Augmented Reality Ideas Everywhere 🌎

Man Playing With A Vr Headset

Pokémon Go was a huge success when it launched in 2016, getting thousands of people playing with Pokémon worldwide. The Pokémon company doesn’t usually stray from their formulaic games. Still, they did it with Pokémon Legends: Arceus, and they did it too with Pokémon Go that year. 

Was the popularity of the Pokémon franchise or the use of augmented reality what brought so many fans (old and new) to this game? Maybe it was the combination of both. As its name suggests, augmented reality is a way to expand reality with technology. 

Today, many companies in the gaming industry are investing in augmented reality ideas to bring gaming to everyone’s homes and lives. Just take a peek at Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs, ZRX: Zombies, Run!, and Reality Clash: AR Combat Game.  😀

9. Virtual Reality Remains at the Forefront 🌐

While augmented reality (AR) integrates games into the gamer’s world, VR takes the player to the gaming world. Virtual reality gaming has been around for a while but made a big comeback a few years ago. It looks like it’s here to stay since many companies outside the gaming industry are betting on this technology as well.

For instance, Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse project aims to integrate the physical and real worlds into the same concept. On the same page, companies worldwide have realized they don’t have to be physically together to work and collaborate. Virtual reality gaming offers a way for team members to meet and actually see each other.

Several technology brands have included VR headsets in their product catalog already, from Sony’s PlayStation VR2 to Meta’s Quest 2, the goal is a seamless integration between physical and virtual space. Of course, there’s still more to come! 2024 can expect the release of Apple’s Vision Pro headset. 🚀

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10. Fans Hold the Future of Video Games 🧑🏻‍💻️

Saying people got into gaming during COVID doesn’t just mean they got into online gaming; it also means many people started getting interested in game development. Spending so much time at home got us looking for ways to entertain ourselves and ways to invest that time into something practical, like learning new skills and producing something on our own.

That’s why many people started taking online courses to learn about the video game industry. Some companies took advantage of this to create easy-to-use software anyone can use to produce their own video games from home. As mentioned before, Roblox is a platform where you can design and program your own games and share them with others; you can also play games created by other users. For these reasons, Roblox grew in popularity with users.

Technology is here to make people’s lives more accessible, and the video game industry knows it and wants to take part in it. The video game industry producing games that help people make games is a bet on this trend. People want to build their own things and make something of it by selling gaming merch, for example.

11. New Frontiers With Generative AI ✨

Generative AI tools can shape the future of video games by allowing designers to cut off repetitive tasks, thus reducing costs and delivering quicker results. This shift will enable them to channel their effort into enriching player experiences and achieving complex animations, graphics, and assets with the help of AI. 

This approach hasn’t gone unnoticed by companies. In fact, several video games have already implemented AI to enhance the player’s experience. Some fan favorites you may be familiar with include The Last of Us, FIFA 22, and Halo: Combat Evolved. From dynamic storylines and challenging adversaries to immersive visual experiences, AI will continue pushing the boundaries of the video game industry. 🚀

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12. Transmedia Boosts Video Game Industry IP Value 🎬

netflix gaming service platform showing offer for mobiles

Some years ago, thinking about a video game adaptation in film or TV was doomed to fail. Today, we can see that’s not true anymore. With the success of the first two seasons of Netflix’s adaptation of The Witcher and Arcane (the League of Legends series), we see video games can genuinely work in a TV format

Plus, we couldn’t forget to mention the worldwide success of the Super Mario Bros. Movie. These beloved characters took over the global box office by earning $377M just on their opening weekend. They even broke a new record! That’s right, this animated film surpassed the number previously set by Disney’s Frozen 2. Let’s-a go! 🍄

But this gaming trend doesn’t stop there. Gaming characters are making crossover appearances as a strategy to promote their franchises. For instance, Mario and Luigi made their appearance in Fortnite. But there are still more surprises for gamers! Ellie and Joel didn’t only make it to the small screen with Netflix’s adaptation. They are also expected to appear in Fortnite! 

Fans love to see their favorite characters everywhere, and we can anticipate more of these gaming crossovers, movie, and TV adaptations in years to come. 🎞​​​​🍿

13. Gaming Content for Multiple Platforms 📲

Even if Nintendo isn’t known as a trendsetter nowadays, it’s been a pioneer in the video game industry when it comes to mobile gaming. From Pokémon Go, Mario Kart Tour, Animal Crossing, and the AR experience Pikmin Finder, this worldwide company is creating one successful mobile game after the other. 🏆

Of course, it’s reasonable to consider why the gaming industry aims towards mobile devices since almost everyone has a smartphone within reach. 

On the other hand, Steam released Steam Deck OLED, which offers striking visuals, faster WiFi, and better battery life. Overall, portability, mobility, and an enriched gaming experience will continue to be a must for 2024.

Aaa Gaming Inclusivity

It’s no secret that video games have become a great source of mass entertainment. The video game industry has found a way to reach younger audiences and expose them to the beauty of being different. 

On this note, AAA games have presented main characters with different ethnicities, gender identities, shapes, and sexual orientations in the last few years. From The Last of Us Part 2 protagonist and antagonist to Catalyst from Apex Legends, representation matters. 

We can expect trending games to have more of these characters normalizing differences and helping to fight racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and hatred in general.

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15. Streaming Redefines How We Watch and Play Video Games 🤳🏻

Platforms like Twitch and YouTube gaming have fostered online communities where gamers can showcase their skills, share strategies, and engage with audiences who share their interests. For viewers, this brings the opportunity to switch from being observers to becoming active participants by engaging and influencing gaming decisions through live chats and interactive features. 💬

Just now, over 119,257 channels are broadcasting on Twitch! As streaming redefines the gaming industry, it’ll continue introducing new possibilities for content creation, collaborative experiences, and dynamic gameplay. It’s more than playing video games; it’s about sharing, connecting, and building a thriving online community. 🧑🏻‍💻️

It’s Game On! 🎮

Video games aren’t only a form of entertainment anymore but are also an expression of creativity as more gamers get into developing their own creations. Moreover, online gaming provides a welcoming space that transcends geopolitical limitations, thus creating a diverse gaming community where users can interact, collaborate, and forge friendships. The future of gaming is now shaped by fans who want to be represented in the games and who want to feel and experience reality in new ways.

2024 gaming has begun by giving us many surprises and establishing the future of the video game industry. Still, we can already see the best is yet to come. That being said, we can’t wait to hear your input! What would you like the future of gaming to be like in the next few years? Feel free to drop your comments below!

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