6 Common Mistakes in Social Media
You Must Avoid with Our Video Creator

Social media keep ruling the world when it comes to sharing any information. Get noticed with a great campaign! Since there is a lot of information through these channels you have to make extra sure your info is outstanding. How? With a great video creator! Be fast and forward, with a clear message and a well-thought call to action to obtain your goal. Here are 6 mistakes you might fall into without even knowing.

1. All Videos Are Expensive and Take Long to Make

You may think you don’t have enough budget to create a great video nor the time. This is the first big mistake! You only need to be aware that there are tools that can give you a solution with a few clicks. Our online video maker gives you the power of creating your own social media videos right from your browser and it’s in your budget!

2. Instagram Video Stories
Are Just for Fun

Second common mistake is not being aware that you have people’s full attention for a few seconds! If you don’t make an eye-catching Instagram video story with a clear “call to action” also known as a “button” you will not make a sale! Don’t post to many stories and avoid being swiped!

3. Likes in Posts Are the Most Important Thing

A third common mistake is to feel happy about having a thousand likes. Yes, it’s true this helps to show your posts to others out of your social circles, but is it the same amount of sales you did with that same post? No? Then you have to focus on communicating the urgency of taking a good deal you may have at the moment through an offer video. Make sure to use hashtags like #sale or  #offer for those good opportunity hunters.

4. Assuming Everybody Knows What You Sell

Another big mistake is to think that people are reading you at every moment. Some people are connected all day, but it doesn’t mean that they are continually reading all posts. So make sure to post at different hours in the day and see people’s reactions. At which time did you have more reactions or views? Don’t assume people know what are your newest products or services; make sure to create a video teaser for your grand opening or launch!

5. Thinking Product Shots Are Enough

The fifth mistake is to think that a nice front photo shooting is enough! If you are selling through the internet, this is not enough. Your clients are not touching your product or can’t know exactly the whole picture of what your service is about, so make sure to be as descriptive as possible. An overview video of your product or service can help you with this.

6. Not Using Your Client's Testimonial!

Happy clients will always share with you why they love what you do and how it did wonders in their life. It’s a big mistake not to share these good vibes! Get their permission and use their good word as a testimonial video. You’ll get extra trustworthy points with those who haven’t bought from you.

PRO TIP: Design the Perfect Logo

You may think your logo doesn’t matter on social media, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Since your logo will often be used as your profile picture, you’ll want it to stand out and set your brand apart while also being recognizable. An easy way to achieve this is by creating an animated logo. This is super easy to do with Placeit’s animated logo templates. All you need is your browser and a couple minutes.

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