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8 Perfect Soundcloud Rappers Brand Complements

Create Your Soundcloud Rapper Brand from Scratch

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SoundCloud Rap is a huge deal today! Emerging rappers are trending on music platforms like Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Twitch, and more. This is just a great time to make your way in the crown of Soundcloud rappers!

Soundcloud rap has always been a thing, but 2020 is definitely the year of the hype for all emerging rappers! The Best SoundCloud rappers have managed to land important record labels from their Soundcloud platforms. But no success comes overnight. It took years for each of these rappers to gain their places at the top.

The best strategy to keep your mind focused on your music is to get the tools that make every other work easy for you. Don’t spend hours figuring out how to make designs or paying a fortune to get your assets created. Do it all on your own and in just minutes. Get your platforms custom and ready, promote your brand, and even design some merch to keep the fans interested! In this post, we will show you everything you need to brand your music platforms and social media with no design expertise required! Let’s get to it:

Begin your music identity with a fantastic logo you can make for yourself. Find in this rap logo maker templates with hip-hop-like characters, animals, graffiti designs, typeface logos with urban styles, and much more. 

Now that you have your logo ready, the only piece of the puzzle missing is your own custom Soundcloud banner. Even though Soundcloud is a musical platform, don’t make the mistake of thinking visuals don’t matter. Give your profile your very own style and videos by branding with a custom Soundcloud banner you can design on your own.

3. Use Placeit’s Rap Album Cover Maker

Release your biggest hits with an awesome design album cover. Use Placeit’s rap album cover maker to create your designs in seconds. Whether it’s a whole album or one single, make sure you make it look really good right from the start!

Why are Album Covers Important?

It’s not only that your music has to sound good, but also your album visuals have to be eye-catching and high quality. Uploading high-quality images that can handle a zoom-in without a problem will get you on the good side of new followers.

▶︎ •၊၊||၊|။|||| | Looking for more professional and stunning album covers? You’ve got it!

4. Design Your Rapper Podcast Cover

Podcasting on Soundcloud is a thing too! Get more followers and share your experiences and your knowledge, or simply entertain your audience with your episodes. Brand your podcasts too with your very own style to match the rest of your profile. Just as easy as making your banner, you can make your podcast covers! Tell your audience about yourself and your music, and invite your friends to collaborate. 

5. Make Merch for Your Fans

Using Placeit’s t-shirt designer, you can make your own creations not only for t-shirts but hats, hoodies, beanies, bags, sneakers, basically, anything you wish to create and sell as branded merch for your fans. This is also a great way to make some extra cash!

6. Promote Your Merch with Cool Visuals

Using mockup to promote your merch can be a real-time-saver since you don’t have to print your merch to put it up for sale or take any photographs to show your followers how they look. Using stunning visuals can really help you get the ball rolling and make extra cash for your brand! 

7. Share Your News on Social Media

Use social media post templates, cover templates, and video templates to post your announcements on social media. Share your next events, your branded quotes, your newest episode, or jam with uniquely designed posts 

8. Create Rapper Posters for Your Events

Get ready for your next festival and promote your event listings with great poster design. Let all your followers know what’s your next appearance! You can create your own poster in seconds, customize it with your own style, and brand out. 

A Few Other Tips for Your Soundcloud

  • Get to know your audience by using Souncloud’s stats. You can check your tracks’ popularity and find out who is listening to you and from where.
  • To promote your content on Soundcloud, make sure you are using the right genre tags and metadata. You can share, too by using Instagram’s integration on the platform.
  • You can set up promotions inside Soundcloud!
  • Use clean titles and dashing, high-quality visuals to give your tracks better opportunities of standing out.
  • Use your song description as much as you can. Tell your audience what instruments you used that track background and any other information to make them bond with your new jam.
  • More tips on How to promote on SoundCloud

To Sum Up

Build a solid identity for your Soundcloud profile right from the start. Using the right tools, you can make all your brand assets on your own, with no need to hire someone else or spend hours trying to figure out a design software. Simply customize it with your own style and download it right away. Branding your Soundcloud profile and your social media will make you look just like the pros! 




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