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6 Halloween Templates You Must Use This Scary Season

T Shirt Mockup Of Two Kids Trick Or Treating In Halloween

Scare Away Bad Ideas from Your Halloween Merch
T Shirt Mockup Of Two Kids Trick Or Treating In Halloween

If you thought that this season is only about Halloween pumpkin designs, oh do we have great news for you! This time you don’t need to hire a designer, you can create designs on your own and, in minutes have new products ready for the trickiest time of year. There are plenty of spooky Halloween templates and professional mockups you can customize just with a few clicks. This tool will make you save money and time since you need your computer, internet connection and you’re ready to create all your Halloween merch. So here are the 6 templates you need to have this year, plus a little extra “tricks” you’ll love to increase your sales! Treat yourself and read on!

1. Your Halloween Ideas are Possible with These Templates

There aren’t bad Halloween ideas; all are great when you have the right tool on your side. So my first recommendation is these design templates made by Placeit. Those days where we only saw witches, black cats, and pumpkins as main decorations themes are over! Yes, we still love them but how about adding Halloween vintage images? This style is terrifyingly successful among teenagers. I also found creepy but cute monster food that I’m sure kids will want as funny t-shirts. Screaming people, UFOs, zombies, swamp monsters you name it! All these marvelous designs can be applied just to any product!

2. Your Halloween Templates Will Look Shocking in These T-Shirt Mockups

Once you have the best designs, let’s make it even greater with the right mockups. My second recommendation is for a mockup generator. Why? Mainly because of 3 reasons:
– Mockups can be easily customized with a few clicks from a browser.
– The images are made by professional photographers and high-quality.
– The hard work of looking for models and great photo shooting spots has already been done.
So you’ll find from cute trick or treating kids to adults with spooky makeup. All these hi-res images can be used on just about anything in your marketing campaign. From social media networks to your shop’s catalog.

3. These Hoodie Mockups are Supernatural

It’s fall, and it starts to get a bit chilly out there. With all these monsters around, you might even get some goosebumps! Let’s make some warm and terrifying hoodies with your Halloween designs. My third recommendation goes for hoodie mockups. You can find models of all ages and in different scenarios. You can find zombie models, yup you read it right; zombies using hoodies! If anybody has a Halloween Party, these hoodies could also be a perfect prize to win or unique details for the party guests. Get inspired by these models!

4. Hot Cocoa in Halloween Mugs Why Not!

Around the fall season, we already see pumpkin latte’s, hot cocoa, or classic coffee. So let’s take advantage of this cold season to make impressive Halloween mugs. My fourth recommendation is that if you were only into the t-shirts business add mugs. So this mug mockup generator will be very helpful. Create mugs that can be the perfect present for anybody. From funny messages to colorful designs, or both! All mug mockups have seasonal or transparent backgrounds for your shop. Here are some examples:

5. Shock Everybody with These T-Shirt Video Mockups

Videos are by far more impactful than images! Make sure you have some as well. So it’s time to add this trendy asset to your campaigns. My fifth recommendation goes to video mockups. Create as many you can with different environments so your market can relate to them. Look at this example and get some ideas.

6. Make the Perfect Halloween Tote Bags for Those Candies

My last recommendation is to avoid the use of plastic bags. Halloween tote bags will be perfect for adding to your shop and run a consciousness message on your social networks. Create amazing images with these mockups and teach your market how to use the tote bags for the rest of the year. Once you make them look stylish with different backgrounds, this will be a success!

You’ll Be Part of Everybody’s Halloween Party

Placeit gives you the power of creating not only new products but all your promotional assets for your Halloween season. With our incredible social media templates, like Facebook cover videos or Instagram story templates, your accounts will look professionally branded. As extra tricks, you can also offer your market designs for their parties, like their invitations, thanks to our Halloween Party Invitation Templates, posters, stickers, all those details that will make their party decoration a success!

Looking for more t-shirt ideas this October? Try these!

“I made with Placeit all the designs of my templates and images for my shop. I had fun making them since it was so easy!”
Aurea Bell 5/5

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