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iPhone 6 Mockup For App Marketing

Market Your App with These iPhone 6 Mockups

The way you showcase your app or website can influence the way it’s perceived by the public, that is why it’s important to choose the right marketing strategy to do it. Nowadays consumers are more and more difficult to please, so if you think your strategy isn’t working as it used to anymore it might be time for a change. Use Placeit’s stock photo mockups and instantly make an impression on them. With these 10 up-to-date iPhone 6 mockups from Placeit marketing tools,  you will make your new app or website stand out from the rest. Want to look fresh, amusing and sophisticated? Then, make stock photo mockups part of your new marketing strategy right away! Here are some of our latest mockups:

Product Mockup, iPhone 6 with Friends Hanging out Wide

Product Mockup, iPhone 6 with Friends Hanging Out Wide Placeit Stage Image

Show off your app in two iPhone 6 mockups being held by two friends hanging out. They are sitting at a wooden table with a tiny plant in the middle. It is a bright sunny day and they are all chatting happily with each other. The two iPhone 6 mockups hold an image of 750x1334px. Both are being held in portrait view.

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Tattooed Young Man in Urban Setting Using an iPhone 6 Mockup

Product Mockup Template, iPhone 6 on a Book

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Show off your mockup on this iPhone 6 mockup being held up by a woman in a flower field. She is holding the iPhone 6 up in portrait view. The iPhone 6  holds an image of 750x1334px. The field is filled with beautiful colored flowers. This is perfect for a  romantic app or outdoorsy app.

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