Top 5 iPhone 6 Mockups for Gaming Apps

In this day and age, gaming has become a regular part of life for men and women of any age. What once was a niche hobby has turned into a billion dollar industry. If you are a gaming app designer, you might find yourself in the need to create some iPhone 6 mockups for your game. However, you should not lose focus of your work just to spend a bunch of time on Photoshop.

Luckily we have prepared a list of iPhone 6 mockups for gaming apps that will help you skip Photoshop altogether.

Dynamic Gamer

Gaming Iphone Mockup Little Girl 

This first iPhone mockup is a classic gaming advertisement pose. As a gaming app designer, you want to show how dynamic, edgy and active your users are. This power pose lets your audience see your game in its full landscape mode glory. The background is just blurry enough to keep focus directly on your design, while the white iPhone 6 mockup is a great frame. The purple tones on her hair allow you to show that your audience is modern and young, ready to spend hours on your awesome game.


Kicking Ass, Showing Off

placeit (18) Try it here.

This girl, with a bright orange sweater, sits at a coffee shop. She just beat one of your hardest levels and wants to show it to her friend. This iPhone 6 mockup is also in landscape mode, allowing you to show the full widescreen glory of your graphics. The bright orange of her sweater and the blue of couch in the back are great tools to further solidify the idea that your gaming app is fun and made for young people.


Sharing Your Game

placeit (19) Try it here.

One of the qualities your gaming app should have to be successful is the ability to be shared by groups of friends. In this iPhone 6 mockup, two friends hang out at the park, drinking some beers. One of them, wearing a bright orange shirt, gives his white iPhone 6 to his friend and shows him the game he just downloaded: your game. Choose this iPhone 6 mockup if you want to show a game that has a more casual audience.


Portrait and Fun

placeit (17) Try it here.

Enough of landscape mode. It’s time to show your portrait mode game. For that, we chose a white and gold iPhone 6 mockup. We show two friends smiling and having fun. The one holding the iPhone 6 is about to start playing your great gaming app, so this mockup is perfect to show your start menu or the options panel. Like with our other mockups, our world class photograph has been carefully edited so that your audience’s focus stays on the design itself, while the background gives a photorealistic look that allows your clients to feel how an app exists in real life, before buying.


Fun at Home

placeit (4) Try it here.

To finalize this roundup, we wanted to show you a more versatile iPhone 6 mockup. While this particular photograph is great for games, because the person is smiling while enjoying the gaming app in her living room, it is also a mockup that can be used for very different purposes. We aim to provide you with the most flexibility possible when creating our mockups.

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