100+ iPhone 6 Mockups without Photoshop!

Placeit is a great app to create iPhone 6 mockups. Just choose the stage that fits your needs and upload your image or point Placeit to a URL. Creating an iPhone 6 mockup or even a MacBook mockup on Placeit is very easy. Our app allows you to drag and drop an image – we do the rest. You can also choose a URL. If it’s mobile-optimized, it will show up as such!

With PSD templates, you end up using the same image as everyone else. With Placeit you get unique stages that are updated frequently. We add around 10 new stages every week! Captivate your customers’ minds with an impressive iPhone 6 mockup. Be it on the planning, design, production or sale stages, showcasing your creation in a professional way is an important step towards the success of your product. Here’s a quick tutorial we made to show you how to make an iPhone mockup with Placeit.

An iPhone 6 mockup is the perfect marketing tool to showcase your app, website or project.

Try this iPhone 6 mockup. A woman, wearing a colorful sweater a gold wristband and pearls, holds her iPhone 6 while she shops at an elegant store. This iPhone 6 mockup has a beautiful golden background, with soft reflections, that accentuates the modern black phone. If you have an ecommerce app, you can drop an image to get started. However, this iPhone 6 mockup would also go well with any social app, as the woman is chatting with someone off-camera.

If you designed a website or app for casual use, what better than to show it in context? iPhone 6 mockups are great tools to market your app or even to get approval on a design. Imagine surprising your clients with a realistic mockup of your website being used in real life.

Another great iPhone 6 mockup you can use here. Display your app on this iPhone 6 screenshot mockup resting on a woman’s lap. She is relaxing on a couch and drinking a cup of coffee. The iPhone 6 mockup  is laying on her lap in landscape view. Her right hand is moving in to click on on the screen. The iPhone holds an image of 750×1334.

Sometimes it is a good idea to show both versions of your design: the portrait and the landscape modes. By choosing this mockup, you can show your design as if your audience were using it. By combining this with a portrait mode mockup from our gallery, you’ll be able to show the difference in designs.

Sometimes it is also great to showcase your website in a social situation, specially when you have functionality or market for it. This iPhone 6 mockup is one of our popular choices for that purpose. The natural, friendly environment that is useful for great social apps. The surroundings have been slightly blurred to further focus on your great design.

Use this mockup of a woman is hanging out with her friend, holding up an iPhone 6. She is holding the iPhone 6 mockup in portrait view. Sitting to her right is her friend relaxing on a couch. The iPhone 6 mockup holds an image of 750x1334px. This is a great place for a social or casual app.


If you would rather have a closer look at your design, without any human interaction, but still hinting at context, you can choose this iPhone 6 mockupA more versatile image frames your app or design in portrait mode. The notebook, coffee, pens and earbuds hint at a more creative and relaxed user base. The wooden table has a faint layer of white paint, giving this iPhone 6 mockup a much more rustic look.

The black iPhone 6 Plus makes a great place to show off your app. Here it lays on top of a blue book next to a cup of coffee. Nearby are 2 pens ready to sketch.
This is a great place for a designer type app.

Continuing with our creative line, this iPhone 6 mockup (try it here) shows a designer (maybe one of your teammates?) enjoying a great design. Make this design your own with our powerful app, allowing you to skip Photoshop and render a photorealistic mockup.

Market your app on this mockup of an iPhone 6 Plus being used by a casually dressed man. These two people meet over coffee to share ideas. The man is holding up his iPhone 6 Plus to show something to his friend. The are sitting at a wooden table under soft lighting next to each other. The iPhone 6 Plus holds an image of 1080x1920px.

Tip: We also now have iPhone X Mockups for you to promote your latest app version! And if you’re still not sure, you can try out the real deal with our collection of the best free mockups Placit has to offer. See for yourself how incredible the high resolution versions are!

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