127+ Apple MacBook Mockup Templates

The best way to lure-in your customers to your business website is by showcasing your website with beautiful and professional mockups. Find in this post the best MacBook mockups available at Placeit. From MacBook Air mockups to the latest MacBook and MacBook Pro Mockups, you’ll find every possible set-up to promote your website the way it is meant to be seen.

This the biggest collection of MacBook Mockup Templates to which you can easily add your website’s screenshot, your artwork, or whatever you want to and use the generated image as a desktop wallpaper, as a banner image or marketing asset for your Social Media Accounts, for your website, for a branding project, you name it!

Whatever your purpose is, these eye-pleasing Apple MacBook templates will allow you to showcase your hard work the right way.

Top shot mockups will allow you to showcase your business in a very modern way. Go ahead and customize this mockup.

Freelancing is where the world is going. Achieve freedom promoting your site with this beautiful and modern mockup template.

This MacBook Mockup is usually used to promote blog posts on Twitter.

All white websites transmit that sleek feeling we all love. Customize this PNG mockup and add it to your website without a hassle.

This over the shoulder mockup displays a person engaging with your website and doing the actions you want your users to take on it.

You thought creating mockups was difficult, well, with Placeit it isn’t! Click on the download button and customize this multidevice mockup from your smartphone if you want to.

I can perfectly see this macbook pro mockup being used as a banner image on a social media account, don’t you?

Show your customers how to use your website with this beautiful mockup.

What’s cuter than this Pug and this MacBook Air mockup? Nothing!

Multidevice mockup to showcase your app and your website at the same time.

Put a Screenshot on this MacBook Mockup template directly from your browser. As easy as uploading a screenshot, adjusting it on your screen and that’s it! 

Thinking for a new image for your Pinterest account? This is the one!

Customize the new genius bar the way you want to!

This new MacBook mockup is excellent for your one-page website!

Three products to showcase the versatility of your business.

Into VR? Then this is the visual marketing asset you need.

Put a screenshot on the screen and a another one on the genius bar.

Add some context to your marketing efforts with this beautiful template.

No need to organize a Photoshoot when you have Placeit’s MacBook mockups.

Creating a header image for your blog is as easy as pie thanks to Placeit.

This image is perfect for using in between sections of your landing page, go ahead and edit it directly on your browser.

This fancy mockup on what seems to be a peaceful cafe or a restaurant will give you the edge on your competitor.

This multi device mockup template will allow you to prove the responsiveness of your website.

If your audience is young adult women this is the macbook mockup for you.

Cross device experience is a thing and it is here to stay. Show your customers how they can first find content on their mobile and then get the full experience on your desktop website.

Gold MacBooks are as fancy as it gets. Showcase your original UX with this MacBook Mockup.

Over the shoulder MacBook mockups are great because they allow you to show both the target customer and your website in use.

You can add any background you want to this MacBook Air mockup, gradients are a great choice!

Three screens, three opportunities to show your responsive website.

This is an excellent mockup to promote your mommy blog!

This MacBook mockup template is excellent for putting a YouTube video on the iPhone and your website on the MacBook.

These mockups can be perfectly used as blog headers, go ahead and try it for yourself!

Stop using stock images that everyone recognizes and use these professional photoshoots instead and see how your business starts growing.

Embrace the cross device purchase funnel experience and market your business the way it is meant to.

One of our top downloaded MacBook mockup mostly used as a blog top image.

Drop your image on the screen of this laptop mockup and advertise your business the best way possible.

Easiest to customize mockups in the whole world. Go ahead and try the “Grab from URL” feature on Placeit.

Make your customers relate to this image by showing the usual scenario they are used to see in their normal life.

Click the download button and then click on the “Grab from URL” button and then add type in your website and you will see it immediately reflected on the devices on screen!

Surprise your acquaintances by customizing this mockup and making it look as if a professional graphic designer did it!

Promote your healthy business website with this mockup where a young healthy man can be seen happily interacting with a website.

Three screen sizes, perfect UX. Showcase yours now!

Use this MacBook Mockup template to speak to your audience the best way possible.

Appeal to your audience the best way possible. Customize this free MacBook Air mockup with online by tapping on the button below.

Moving from one device to other is commonly seen nowadays. Use this mockup to portray this behavior easily.

A pixel-perfect and photorealistic mock-up of MacBook, an iPad, an iPhone, and an Apple Watch.

Showcase your new apps and web design projects in a elegant and photorealistic way with these 3 high-resolution Apple product mockups. 

In order to have your design displayed on the screen of this MacBook, just upload it and it will automatically be adjusted.

Get a huge 3300×2475 px (300 DPI) image to use on your blog or website!

This Macbook mock-up will help you present your UI/UX design to client. You can place your design easily directly from your browser.

Forget about organizing a photoshoot to get the marketing images that you want. This macbook mockup is all you need.

A high-quality mockup to showcase your business.

Get this macbook pro mockup with a transparent background for maximum versatility.

Beat the competition with this macbook and imac mockup pack.

Take your users from mobile to desktop with this amazing macbook pro mockup template ad.

Place your website design into a MacBook Screen and give it a realistic look with this mock-up template.

Present your web redesign with this agnostic macbook template.

Premium photorealistic multidevice mockup template.

This mockups is ready for you to drop your work in and sharing it on your favorite social media platform or on your website.

Use this responsive showcase mockup template to display your work in a beautiful office setting.

Put your blog post on the screen of this MacBook mockup and forget about opening Photoshop once and forever.

New Macbook Mockup template featuring a zoomed in iPhone and a Macbook screen.

Create the perfect professional look for your app in this MacBook Pro mockup. The macbook pro is set on a glass desk in a meeting room.

This over shoulder template of a young man using his MacBook Pro while sitting down on his table is great to promote an app or website!

Have your new product screenshot placed on a Macbook Pro! This 1208 x 800 px stage sits on top of a wood-planked floor besides a pair of high quality headphones.

This mockup features a Macbook Pro and an iPad on top of a wooden desk next to a notepad at a creative office. Imagine how your website/app would look being displayed on these devices? Make an impression on your target market today by making mockup templates part of your marketing strategy today!

A full frontal shot of a MacBook Pro laying on a metal table next to a cup of coffee. In the background a faint glimpse of mountain, trees, and sky. This relaxing, but modern shot would be great for any type of app or audience.

The lighting in this hotel room is soft white and comes from the window behind the macbook. Market your business with this macbook mockup template to impress your clients.

This MacBook mockup  is an excellent visual asset that you can use if you want to promote your latest app or responsive website to your audience in a more compelling way! 

Take a look at this beautiful visual asset from the other side of the window, it has a MacBook Pro being used by a freelancer while at a cafe.

Market your business the best way possible with this new space gray macbook pro mockup template!

Place your website on this new retina macbook mockup and amaze your clients.

Have a look at this awesome visual asset featuring a MacBook Pro lying on a bed near a window, it’s an excellent choice if you are looking to promote your latest website or app in a more beautiful way!

You don’t need to know Photoshop to edit this non psd macbook mockup template and add your website to it. Go ahead and click on the image to start editing it.

This Macbook mockup will give you the edge over your competitor, go ahead and give it a go.

Using a model to visually talk to your audience is a nice hack to employ for your business. This macbook mockup with a model is an excellent visual tool you should be using today.

Front view of a macbook pro mockup.

Use this macbok pro mockup featuring a book on the side to speak to your audience and market your business in a very creative way.

This is an amazing Macbook Pro Mockup in which you will be able to showcase your new website or web app with style!

Give your app a fresh new look with this photorealistic mockup of a MacBook Pro with a cup of coffee at a modern office.

Start promoting your health app with photorealistic mockups and save both time and money. This great mockup features a MacBook being used by an elder doctor at a hospital.

This Macbook mockup template features a pretty lady using her sleek Macbook Pro to do an important research at the library, she could be working on her master’s degree or preparing a class or presentation, it’s up to you to decide what shows on the laptop’s screen.

Make your new web app or website stand out with the help of stock photos from Placeit. This great laptop mockup features a young woman using a macbook pro at home.

Promote your shop or your latest blog post with this non-psd MacBook Mockup template featuring a woman interacting with your website!

Customize this great Macbook Pro mockup by simply uploading an image of your new app or website onto the template, and in no time start enjoying amazing visual content!

Customize this 15 inch macbook pro mockup in less than a minute.

This macbook mockup will enhance your visual marketing strategy and boost sales the way you want to.

This over the shoulder mockup template will allow you to promote your services in a meaningful and creative way.

Your app will allow your customers to concentrate better? Then this is the macbook mockup template you should be customizing and sharing on social media.

This incredible digital mockup featuring a MacBook Pro at a modern office is just the asset to display your latest web app or design in a more realistic way.

A young man is typing on his macbook pro at his cubicle at work, he seems to be very focused on what he is doing, probably because he is using your new productivity web app, or maybe he is simply surfing the web, it’s up to you to determine what this young man is doing, all you need to do is drop a screenshot of your business straight into the macbook pro and Placeit will deliver a compelling visual asset to add to your advertorial campaign.

Get your app on this incredible MacBook Pro mockup featuring a woman working on her laptop at home.

This mockup template featuring a Macbook in a conference room, is just the visual asset your brand needs to stand out from the competition.

Get instant advertising for you new website! All you have to do is upload your screenshot over this mockup of a MacBook and done! 

Tell your audience that they can now purchase via your new ecommerce enabled website! Use this mockup template to send your message across in a better way!

Check out this mockup of a MacBook Pro at a wooden desk with someone working on it, a great scenario to display your latest work in a realistic way, plus it’s much cheaper and quicker!

This photo template features a young woman sitting on a sofa while going through her email on her MacBook Pro. The wood floor and light coming through the window, give this image a peaceful, homey vibe.

Edit this mockup template using the “Upload from URL” feature on Placeit.net. Click the download button to use this great tool.

This macbook template is excellent to use on  your next blog post and send your message across the most effective way possible.

Send your message across by customizing this macbook template mockup in seconds on Placeit.

Put any screenshot you want on this macbook mockup template, simply upload your graphic, adjust it and voila!

Feature your ecommerce shop on this laptop being used by a young man and send the message you want to your audience!

Customize this mockup without photoshop. Simply type in a website url or upload a png or jpeg image to placeit and you will see it instantly reflected on the screen that this person is seeing.

If you are in the search for eye catching visuals to promote your business, you’ll find that it doesn’t get any better than with mockups like this one. Here we have a silver MacBook mockup next to some stationery items carefully arranged to create that entrepreneur vibe you a striving to transmit. Use MacBook mockups like this one by simply adding your own image to the MacBook’s screen, no Photoshop involved.

The Macbook mockup’s screen is positioned perfectly so that you can easily add your screenshot and turn this scene into an amazing online marketing tool.

This is a multi-device stage made specifically for showing off multiple screens in the same photo. If you have a multi-platform application, this is a great choice.

This beautiful image features a Macbook Pro laying over a leather couch at the living room, behind the laptop we can see a pretty cat, which lets us know this is a home environment, perfect to display your new website or web app in.

Use this minimalistic and modern 15 inch MacBook Pro Mockup template on a landing page and get those leads you are looking for!

You’ve worked hard to develop your new web app and you deserve marketing tools that work hard for you. Take the next step with this stock photo mockup and introduce your new web app to the marketplace in stylish sophistication. This handsome scene peaks your customers’ curiosity and leaves a lasting impression.

A Macbook Air and an iPad mini, side to side. A person crunches numbers while working on your app or website, which you can display in both desktop and mobile mode with this dual stage. It is both a Macbook Air mockup and an iPad mini mockup.

This laptop mockup features a Macbook pro sitting on top of a round table next to a sofa with colorful pillows. Use this mockup to showcase your ideas and advertise your business using real-life scenario images.

This laptop mockup features a man at the office having a cup of coffee, while working on his Macbook Pro which lies on top of a wooden table. 

This scene offers you double the marketing power. It features a business man, using his iPhone 6 with a Macbook Air, sitting in front of him. 

This MacBook Pro mockup would make a great display for any sort of website related to graphic design or business solutions. The MacBook Pro holds an image of 1280 by 800 pixels.

This is one of those macbook pro mockup templates that you can customize the way you prefer! GO ahead and click on the image or on the download button to get started customizing it just the way you want it.

Promote you website that helps those that enjoy reading in calm spaces. This is the macbook mockup for you and your audience!

A frontal shot of a MacBook Pro, next to it a credit card processing station. A person shows their credit card. This MacBook Pro mockup would be great for any retail app or website.

If you’re searching for a fun, hip multi device marketing template to show off your new iOS app or website, then this Placeit MacBook Pro & Sony Vaio Laptop template is for you. A dazzling party scene plays out here as your potential customers get the DJ’s view of the action. 

Using mockups is a fun, easy and effective way to promote your new website. Take this Macbook mockup for example, it features an eye-catching Macbook sitting on top of a beautiful glass desk in a modern office setting. This scene works for just about any website, everything from a website that makes doing business easier, the latest social media, blogging, news site, etc.

Do you have a great creative website? Set it up on the wide version Macbook mockup between two people on a wooden desk. This mockup will hold an image of 1280x800px.

This clean set gives the ultimate side by side view of the Macbook Air and iPad Mini. They are set on a reflective white table below a blue glass centerpiece.

If you’ve created a new web app for the art lover, student, collector or teacher then this stock photo mockup is the perfect marketing tool to show it off. A MacBook Pro laptop showcases your new web app and sits atop a wooden storage crate.

This macbook pro mockup features a young man working on his macbook pro in a conference room. Use this great stock photo to showcase your app/website features in a relatable way to consumers and appeal to them instantly.

A business woman sits talking on the phone at her desk with a notebook in front of her and a pen that she just put down. To the left of the notebook she has all the reports from this quarter and to the right she has her MacBook open with your website.

Your web app or site will display perfectly on this Macbook mockup! Check out this cool photo template featuring a Macbook Air floating over a transparent background, how would your brand look here?

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