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So, you’ve decided to join the print-on-demand world, congrats!😀 You’re in for a ride. This venture is a great way to gain additional income, plus letting your creative side run free. Now, if you’re brand new to this, it may seem a tad complicated. However, we promise it’s not at all! As a seller, staying on top of trends such as the most popular t-shirt designs, and strategizing accordingly will ensure your endeavor is much more successful. Want to learn more? Keep scrolling!

Ink-Spiration Unleashed: Skip to What You’re Looking For! 🪄

📍 Starting Point: A Peek Into POD Trends

If you’ve been in the t-shirt business for a while or just starting, one important thing to note is that there are seasonal trends and event trends, and these impact your sales. Let’s take a closer look at each of them! 🔎

📌 Seasonal Trends

Seasonal trends are tied to specific times of the year, such as holidays, festivals, or changing seasons. During this period, the demand for specific design themes, color palettes, and products increases. 

For example, during the second half of April and the first week of May, you’ll see a flood of Mother’s Day t-shirts. These are everywhere! From social media to print-on-demand stores, and even ads that will seem to follow you all over the web.

Want to make the most out of seasonal trends? Don’t forget special events and dates like:

💖 Valentine’s Day

🇺🇸 4th of July

🎒 Back-to-school season

🎃 Halloween

🍁 Thanksgiving

🎄 Christmas

📆 With these in mind, you can plan and schedule months ahead to get your store ready. To help you keep everything running smoothly, we’ve prepared this E-commerce calendar for hustlers and a T-Shirt Ideas 2024 Calendar!

T Shirt Mockup Featuring A Couple Hugging At A Romantic Atmosphere

📌 Event Trends

On the other hand, event trends are defined by things that just pop out of the blue and gain popularity among audiences. For instance, think about how the “delulu” trend went viral on TikTok or the t-shirt design ideas that usually emerge after a popular T.V. show episode airs out. 

Noted, these trends are a bit harder to follow due to their spontaneous nature. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on all the fun! There are a few tips you can follow to ace your strategy and rock those popular t-shirt designs:

📱1. Monitor social media. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok are gold for spotting trends! Stay updated by keeping an eye on popular hashtags, posts, and user-generated content.

⏰️ 2. Be able to adapt quickly. As we mentioned, event trends gain impulse in the blink of an eye. So, as soon as you identify relevant content that fits your brand and audience, incorporate it in your designs and promote it to leverage the excitement surrounding this topic or theme. 

👚 3. Diversify your designs. Do not rely solely on one trend. Instead, keep a mix of evergreen designs related to your niche alongside trend-driven pieces to cater to your target audience.

T Shirt Mockup Of A Woman With Afro Hair Generated By AI

Moving On! Why Should I Follow T-Shirt Design Trends? 🤔

We noticed how following trends is a great habit to adopt when designing t-shirts to sell online. Of course, coming up with your own ideas and concepts is always the best practice. However, sometimes you’ll want to jump on the bandwagon and join the hype. 

➡️ Still not sure about it? Here are three more reasons why leveraging trends and including popular t-shirt designs is the way to go for your brand:

1. Staying Ahead of the Curve 🌟

Keeping up with the most popular t-shirt designs ensures your merch remains relevant within the market. But that’s just for starters! As trends reach their peak stage, you’ll also be catering to a wider audience who is actively seeking the latest styles. 😀

When your designs align with what’s popular, customers are more likely to purchase your products because they resonate with them. Take the coquette aesthetic, for example. As it took over social media, particularly TikTok, brands quickly embraced this style, showcasing pastel color palettes and bow designs on their merch. 🎀

2. Adapting to Evolving Consumer Preferences 🛍

Trends provide valuable insights into shifting consumer preferences. Moreover, they reflect the tastes and lifestyles of audiences. This means that, by monitoring this information, you can adapt your merch to better meet the demands of your target market. ✅

Now, keep in mind that trends are constantly changing as their life cycle tends to rise and fall quickly due to the impact of the digital landscape and social media. So, stay informed, keep an eye out for emerging content, and adapt swiftly to refine your designs and leverage these opportunities.

3. Building a Strong Brand Reputation ✨

Consistently delivering trendy styles such as popular t-shirt designs helps strengthen your business’s reputation as a competitive force within the market. Not only is your brand on top of what’s buzzing, but it knows how to make the most out of it through awesome and stylish merch.

Moreover, think of it this way: customers are more likely to perceive your business as innovative and in touch with their needs, tastes, and preferences. This results in increased loyalty and a positive brand image. It’s a win-win! 😌

Round Neck T Shirt Mockup Featuring A Cheerful Woman Taking A Selfie In A Studio

Next Up: How to Follow T-Shirt Design Trends? 🔎

Normally, you’d manually visit the main POD sites and browse through the “Popular”, “Trending”, or “Best Sellers” categories and pages to identify any patterns across them. While this is exactly how you should be researching, here’s the catch: it’s also time-consuming. 

No worries! That’s where we come in. At Placeit by Envato, we built you a tool that monitors the latest trends across top print-on-demand sites. This way, you can easily have a glimpse at what are the most popular designs each week and then decide what your merch is gonna be all about. Eager to get the full scoop? Let’s move on to the next section! 😉

How Does Placeit’s T-Shirt Designs Chart Work? 👕

Easy! We took into consideration 5 of the top print-on-demand sites out there:

🟣 Spring

🟣 Spreadshirt

🟣 Redbubble

🟣 Threadless

🟣 TeePublic

Then, we browsed through their top-performing designs on their trending pages. With this info at hand, we selected the most popular t-shirt designs from each site and compiled them into our weekly chart, a resourceful tool for creative entrepreneurs just like you! 😀

➡️ Without further ado, let’s check out this week’s best-performing t-shirt designs on these platforms! 🤩

Awesome, isn’t it? Of course, feel free to use these tee-rrific designs to select the themes that resonate the most with your brand, target audience, and niche. But, wait! There’s still more to unpack. 

🌟 Want to explore more t-shirt design ideas? Check out the best POD niches to skyrocket your sales in 2024!

POD Perfection: Create Popular T-Shirt Designs With Placeit 🤩

The t-shirt design ideas featured above are a great jumping-off point when it comes to gathering inspo. Or maybe you already have some awesome ideas in mind, but you’re not sure how to execute them in a design program.

Well, we have great news for you! You don’t need to use complex software to bring all your t-shirt design ideas to life. With Placeit, you can create high-quality, professional designs straight from your browser with just a few clicks. Want to get started? Let’s dive further into it! 😀

➡️ Here’s the step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own t-shirt design with Placeit: 

  1. Head over to Placeit and on the menu click on Designs > Apparel & Print > T-Shirt Designs.
  2. Once you’re in our T-Shirt Design Library, start browsing through our tons of templates until you find an option you like.
  3. Remember, you can narrow down your search by using our tags for more specific results. For example, if you tap on the Trending tag, you’ll be able to view the most popular t-shirt designs at the moment. 
  4. Select your favorite t-shirt design by clicking on it. You’ll be taken to Placeit’s editor to start customizing your template.
  5. Time to start personalizing your t-shirt design! Explore different fonts, colors, and visuals to make it uniquely yours. If needed, you can add new text and graphics by tapping the “+Add” button at the lower part of the editing features. 
  6. Once you’re happy with the results, hit the download button to receive your high-resolution design in PNG format.

📌 Download Options: You can purchase your t-shirt design individually or obtain a Placeit subscription to access all our templates, branding assets, logos, and mockups with an unlimited number of downloads.

Boost Your Designs With Placeit’s Mockups 🌟

At Placeit, we have the best branding assets to showcase all the cool t-shirt designs you picked out. Go that extra mile and let your audience preview what the merch will look like in different settings and scenarios with stunning and vibrant mockups. From lovely seasonal celebrations to trendy pop culture references, our extensive collection of mockups ensures that your t-shirt designs stand out from the crowd. 

Give your audience a sneak peek of their future favorite print-on-demand shirts with these mockups! 🤩

✨Bonus Reading: Top 10 Print-on-Demand Do’s and Don’ts for Boosting Sales

Let’s Wrap It Up! 😀

While getting your business to take off may not be as easy as uploading a design and watching your sales skyrocket overnight, with the right strategy you can set up your brand for success. Here’s how to do it! A bit of research on the platform you choose to use, understanding your target audience, getting familiar with the basics of marketing, and staying on top of trends and what sells will all help you thrive in the print-on-demand world. ✨

Of course, once you jump into your business and get firsthand experience, you’ll learn even more as you grow. As a seller, you have tons of options that you can use to your advantage. Don’t be afraid to experiment when it comes to trying different popular t-shirt designs, how much you charge for a tee, and the messaging you use to attract customers.

The print-on-demand world is a huge one, so you don’t have to learn it all in a day. But, the good thing is there is tons of room for improvement and growth for everyone involved! Plus, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. 

At Placeit, we’re excited to see your business grow with expert tips on design, marketing, and branding. What other content you’d like to see next? Feel free to drop a comment below! 😀

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