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With new technologies, self-publishing your book shouldn’t take years or be super expensive. In fact, there are plenty of free book publishers’ resources you can use to get the work done. 

As an indie author, you are probably on the lookout for useful non-expensive tools, or even free, to get your book published. So without any further delay, let’s dig right into these awesome free ebook publishing resources we’ve gathered for you! 

Disclaimer: First four resources are our own Placeit free resources for book publishers and then some of the best we’ve found out there!

1. Free Book Cover Creator

This one is golden! No need to spend a fortune on your book cover design, hire someone else, or learn how to use complicated software. These free book cover designs allow you to choose a template that best fits your book’s style and customize as much as you need to create your own original design. Also, don’t bother with author’s rights or any license issues, these designs are completely your own to use freely as you wish. 

Bonus: Book Title Checker

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Tru our free book title checker to make sure you are using a unique title on your work!

2. Free Social Media Templates & Graphic Design Tools

Promoting is a big part of releasing your book successfully. You can read all about it here, but also, you can get thousands of free social media templates to create beautiful graphic designs for your social channels. Promote the easiest way with completely customizable templates. 

🔥​ Check out this step-by-step guide for Facebook Ads for authors

3. Free Video Templates for Promotion & Marketing

You can amaze your readers with stunning promo videos you can use to share your newest publishings, special deals, new events, and more! Use these too to lure in new potential fans! We all know video is the most eye catching right? 

4. Free Mockups to Promote Your Book

Showing your book in a physical scenario really makes it come to life! You can have this effect with professional images in different scenarios with and without models and portray your book in an eye-catching promo images.

Other Great Resources for Free Publishing

5. All Author Promotion Plan

Try their basic promotional plan for free, you get a basic author page, you get listed on Author Directory, you’ll be able to add up to 4 books, and a Tweet scheduler (max. up to 100). Here is how ti works: 

6. The Write Life for Book Writing

Get free book outline templates, guides, and publishing masterclasses on these Writer Life links.

7. Smashwords for Free Self Publishing

Make a free account on Smashwords to self-publish your book.

8. The Book Seller Webinars

Join the bookseller where you can get into webinars, events, read the most recent news on book publishing, and more.

9. Writing Communities Worth Joining

KBoards Writers’ Cafe

Get together with self-published authors to chat about writing, self-publishing, distribution, book marketing, and more.

Reddit Writing Group

Super popular forum for emerging writers! Sub-Reddits are awesome too.

Alliance of Independent Authors

Closed online forums, seminars, and events, as well as other benefits like author guides and an advice center.

10. The National Centre Step by Step Resources for New Writers

Watch and listen to expert advice from writers, download character and world-building templates and explore topics from plot to character to dialogue here.

11. Grammarly for Great Writing

Use Grammarly to create well-written texts, you should always consider hiring a professional editor for your final book edition but this tool can be super helpful while writing your first drafts.

12. Relevant Influencer’s Insights

Jane Friedman Site

Her free newsletter, Electric Speed, focuses on digital media tools and resources for creative professionals.

Mark Dawsons Self Publishing Formula

He offers free ebooks and videos for new writers.

Mur Lafferty Podcast 

A great podcast for science fiction enthusiasts.

Joanna’s Pens Creative Channel 

Find a free author’s blueprint and more.

Last Words

So what did you think? Hopefully, you’ll find a few of these pretty helpful to self-publish your next master creation! Also, find out which are the best publishing services and a few more tips on it here. Have any comments, leave a comment for us!




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