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How to Do a Successful Campaign With an Influencer

Find the Perfect Match to Uplift Your Business on Social Media

Did you just start your business? Congratulations! We are glad that you jumped into this new adventure. Once all the administrative work is done (website, social media pages, accounting, registration), it is time to look for customers. There are many ways to build your community, and you might be interested in working with influencers. But where to start? How can you do a successful campaign with an influencer?

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Why Should I Work With an Influencer?

You might ask yourself this question: is it mandatory to work with influencers if I want to build a community or have potential customers? The answer is no; however, influencers are an interesting marketing tool for your business like Google Ads or newsletters can be. Influencers can help you with your visibility and let you have access to their established communities. They can create content for you, which can be different from yours. It also increases your credibility when they endorse your products or services. It is not necessary to spend an enormous amount of money to work with someone; there are influencers for every budget, even yours. You might need to find the rare pearl in order to have effective results.

The second question you should ask yourself is: what is the main goal of this campaign? Are you looking for visibility, credibility, or leads? Do you want more traffic on your website or to increase your sales? You need to know what is the main objective of this marketing campaign. It can help you see if you need a credible expert as an influencer or reality show star. As I said earlier, there are many kinds of influencers, not only Instagram babes. Let’s see how you can increase your chances of success and find the right person for your business.

Know Your Target Audience

Before contacting anyone (and especially celebrities or major influencers), you need to do some research first. If you want to have a successful campaign, you need to know who is your target audience. You need to find something appealing to them and that is relevant to your product. This is the reason why Kim Kardashian may not be the best choice if your business is about a new app or something not related to fashion or cosmetics. Who are your potential customers? What do they like? Where are they? Which social media platforms do they use? Once you gathered a lot of information, you can start looking for the rare pearl that will help your business. If needed, you can check how to create a buyer persona.

Find the Perfect Influencer

Once you know why you are doing this and who is this for, it is time to look for your influencer. Since you now know what your target audience uses, it can give you a hint on where to find the right person. If you are looking for an expert, you might want to check on blogs or forums too. There are also agencies or online catalogs that you can use to have quotes. My suggestion here is to contact the influencers directly, tell them about your project (it is important to know if they would be interesting), and ask them for a quote. Of course, take the time to present yourself, your products, and send them a link to your website. It will be essential to fix a budget before contacting anyone. Dare to contact micro-influencers, there are one the most important marketing trends of 2020. They might only have 5000 followers, but they might have better engagement. Better engagement can lead to better results.

Write Everything Down

Here’s a useful tip. When you found the right person for your campaign, we suggest you make a contract of services. Most of the time, everything is fine, but it is always better to cover your backside. The contract of services should include mentions about who is the owner of the photos, how many posts the price will include, what the extras are, or when you need to pay your influencer. Is it before or after the campaign? Often, an email is not enough; a contract of services will show that you are serious and well-prepared.

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In Conclusion

The last step of any marketing campaign should be to analyze your results, whether it is a campaign with an influencer or not. Are you satisfied with your partnership? Would you change something? Take some time to note your experience in order to have better results next time. Remember to communicate with your influencer. In this case, you are the customer and you are paying for a service. Be precise and prepared. Find the right person for your target audience. We hope we gave you enough information to dare to do a campaign with an influencer!

About the Author

Ariane Lessard is a content writer and community manager at WebSelf, a website editor that is quite simple to use, located in Quebec, Canada. When she is not preparing webinars or blog articles, she loves to read about marketing, branding, and how to manage social media better.

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