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Poster Mockup Of A Young Man Holding A Poster
You might have spent hours making the best poster design for an event or an ad, but you need to go that extra mile to help your customers visualize the impact it will make on viewers. It’s not even difficult or time-consuming; you only need a poster mockup template! In minutes and directly from your browser, you can display those designs with no extra software.

Graphic designers and people in the printing industry need mockups to show clients how a design could look. Mockups are the perfect asset to have by your side when you need to quickly create a visual representation of a design. Unfortunately, having a design printed and hung could cost a bit too much, and that’s when a poster mockup comes in handy. If you are designing a poster, you’ll want to show your clients a sneak peek at how it will look on their walls!

Choose the Perfect Poster Mockup for Your Design

There is an excellent variety of mockups that can help you express what you need. Professional photographers make all images, so all the hard work has been done for you regarding the perfect light, models, and picture composition. This way, you only focus on uploading your design and downloading the final image. Keep reading and discover all our styles and get inspired by them.

Unframed Poster Mockups

All the unframed poster mockups are perfect for festivals, events, talks, concerts, and so on. You will find indoor and outdoor options that will make your viewers understand what the poster is about with a simple glimpse. Take a look at these examples.

Poster Mockup in a White Office Hallway

Tabloid Frame Office Hallway

If you are organizing or promoting an event, you can also use poster mockups to create buzz about the upcoming event. With Placeit’s poster mockups, you can make it look like there are posters hung all around town. This will generate a positive feeling in viewers and will help you have more assistants! All you have to do is to upload your design to the mockup and see how your poster design would look before sending it to the print shop.

Poster Mockup on a Wall

Mockup Of A Poster On A Painted Bricks Wall

Start showcasing your latest designs with Placeit’s beautiful visual assets! This one features a poster on a painted brick wall, it’s black, and it has some graffiti on the sides for an edgy feel; it’s an excellent choice for you to start selling more. All you need to do is drag and drop an image file on the interface, and we will merge it for you in just seconds!

Mockup of a Poster on a Colorful Graffiti Wall

Mockup Of A Poster On A Colorful Graffiti Wall

If you are targeting a young audience, you should use this poster mockup on a wall with graffiti art. This is one of our most popular poster mockups. Place an ad inside this poster template to promote your event, fundraiser, concert, party, etc! Great, isn’t it? Don’t forget to look out for our Wanted Posters.

Framed Poster Mockups

Our selection of framed posters mockups can allow you to create decorative posters. You may have amazing designs with the potential of becoming more than just a piece of communication with an expired date. It might look great on someone’s living room.

Poster Mockup Template of a Frame on a Wooden Desk

Mockup Template Of A Poster Standing On A Wooden Desk

If what you need is to simply add some context to one of your designs, projects or branding campaigns, then choose to showcase them with a poster mockup! Easily replace the contents of a picture frame to create instant visual content, with Placeit all you have to do is to drag and drop your poster design onto a template on your screen and that’s it! Placeit will do all the necessary adjustments to deliver a quality product shot that you will be able to use to enhance your branding.

Poster Mockup Hung in Living Room

Poster In Lounge Living Room

So if you want to promote your artwork in a professional way that really catches the eye of your audience, you will need visuals that convey the idea that your work has been printed, framed, and photographed in a room, that it’s not just sitting at your desktop. But printing large format posters and arranging a photo shoot is both complicated and expensive; this is why poster mockups are great! Look no more, Placeit has the assets that you need to accomplish this.

People Holding Poster Mockups

The human factor is always worm in any picture. If you are making a campaign or need social interaction with the design, we also have those mockups! This kind of image can be beneficial, especially when your main message is “take action” on any event or, why not, a sale ad.

Poster Mockup of a Girl Taping a Poster

Poster Mockup Of A Girl Taping A Poster To A Container

Photorealistic poster mockups also work great for branding purposes. Adding poster mockups to your portfolio will make you look like an all-around graphic designer who can deliver all kinds of work to customers. If you want to catch potential customers’ attention right away, use poster mockups to showcase your previous projects in a professional manner.

Poster Mockup Template Being Held by a Young Man

Poster Mockup Template At An Indoor Garden

No graphic design skills? No idea how to make special design software work for you? No problem! Placeit’s poster mockup templates are here to help you out! For your convenience, there are poster frame mockups of different shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for a horizontal poster mockup or a vertical poster mockup, we got you covered. Showcase your work to other graphic designers or clients in the best way possible. Promote a music event, promote a school event, or even post a job offer. Use Placeit’s poster mockups to create brilliant assets that look modern and clean.

Poster Mockup Held by a Young Woman on the Street

Mockup Of A Happy Girl Holding A Poster

Start showcasing your awesome designs with beautiful visual assets. Start now with this mockup of a cool girl holding a poster while in the street; it’s an excellent option for you to display an urban environment. All you need to do is drag-and-drop your image design on the interface; we will process it in just seconds. That’s right, that’s all the work you have to do here. Isn’t Placeit great?

Photorealistic Poster Mockup Featuring a Girl

Pretty Lady Holding A Poster While In A Terrace

Check out this awesome mockup of a pretty woman holding a poster while on a terrace; it’s an excellent option to display creative and smart designs on the internet. Start now! Drag and drop your image design on the interface, and we will process it for you in just seconds.

Poster Mockup Videos

Videos are a great hit anywhere! Social media, campaigns, and presentations give it a try, and you’ll be amazed by the results. Create videos that can work for you as an intro of campaigns, sneak peeks of your next opening, client presentations, you decide! The best of these is you don’t need any extra software. Just like in the image mockups, create your videos from your browser.

Young Man Holding a Poster Mockup in Stop Motion

Now imagine the impact you can create with a poster video mockup? That is right! A video! With Placeit, you can also solve this and create beautiful assets. Follow the same simple steps to create a poster mockup image and make a poster video in seconds! Use these videos on your social media campaigns as ads. Or in your daily posts to catch your followers’ attention. Imagine these videos as a presentation to your client; you know they’ll love it! You can access different styles like stop motion, video clips, a model holding the poster, or a close-up of the poster. Make as many videos as you may need, all of them made professionally by a creative team that thought of a perfect scene for you. Have fun making these; you’ll love them!

How to Make a Poster Mockup

Learn how to make a poster mockup in minutes. Follow these steps:
1. Choose a Poster Mockup.
2. Upload your poster design in PNG or JPEG format.
3. That’s it! Download your poster mockup!

To Wrap-up:

Whether you use poster mockups to promote and sell more of your designs, or you need them to show clients how will an advertising poster design look like, or if you are using poster mockups to show off your graphic designing skills, Placeit’s poster mockups will help you create great-looking assets in seconds.

Also, check out our guide on print sizes to learn what sizes work best with posters, and check out the templates included in the post. If you need poster ideas, make sure to visit our design templates. Now get out of here and start using the best poster mockups on the internet!

Mockup Of Three Exhibition Posters

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Make Amazing Images with Placeit’s Mockups

Either you’re a designer or have a print shop, you’ll be able to create customized images with your designs. Our poster mockups are hi-res and have many environments as backgrounds that will suit your poster designs. Show your clientele exactly how the posters will look once printed through photorealistic mockups. It doesn’t stop there, have a blast with other mockups like t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags or videos, logos and design templates.

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