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Make a Baseball Logo

Making a baseball logo for your team sounds like an intimidating task that requires time, money, and design skills, right? Lots of questions come to mind when thinking about designing a logo for your baseball team. What software should you use? What graphics to use? Which font will be the best? Sometimes thinking about all the bits that go into a sports logo design can be challenging.

With so many design possibilities, you may think that the only option will be to outsource the logo creation task. Well, not anymore! Whether you’re managing a little league baseball team or a semi-professional baseball team, our baseball logo maker will help you create a baseball logo design online for your team in minutes. No graphic design knowledge, experience, or extra software is needed!
It’s time to uplift your team’s spirit with a powerful team logo! In this post, I will show you how to design your own baseball logo using Placeit’s baseball logo maker, so tag along!

How to Make a Baseball Logo:

For this post, I’ll use Placeit’s Agressive Animals logo template. It includes carefully pre-selected animal clipart designs that emphasize motion and power. Having an aggressive sports logo that will scare an adversary away even before the match starts.
TIP: If you are looking to create a logo for your baseball team and want to have baseball-specific graphics, go ahead and use Placeit’s baseball logo maker, which features tons of icons, characters, and images that follow the baseball aesthetic.

Step 2: Choose your design’s main and accent colors

Personalize your baseball logo design with your team’s colors to make sure it will match the uniforms and really stand out. Selecting the color for your design is super easy, you can either pick a color from the list of swatches, use the color picker or even type in a specific HEX code.
sports logo maker main and accent colors
TIP: If your team already has a specific color that you use for uniforms, merchandising, etc. Use the HEX code feature to make sure the design will meet the exact shade.
Make as many tests as you want before committing to a color combination. By selecting a set of main and accent colors for the design, the logo maker will automatically give you a preview; this way you can quickly and easily visualize what your team’s logo will look like with different color combinations to make sure you download the one that represents your baseball team best!

Step 3: Type in your team’s name and set the text color

Sports team logos, especially baseball logos should have fonts that are bold, wide, and thick. Why? To make sure the opponent can read it from afar while we run all over the ballpark!
We have carefully selected dozens of fonts that are perfect for baseball logo designs. Yes, you read that right. No need to search all over the internet for commercial use fonts that sorta look like they would look good printed on a poster or sewn into a jersey! Using the preset fonts is as easy as it gets, all you need to do is browse through them and check them out by simply clicking on the one you like.
Your Text will be adjusted to the new font style, this way you can pick the one that suits your team best, without having to download anything to your computer! Make sure to customize your text’s color and even add an effect to it! This feature will “curve” your text for a striking look, check it out:
baseball logo maker text effects

Step 4: Choose a background color or go for the transparent background

Make the most out of your baseball logo design by downloading it with a transparent background. While having background colors help you preview how your design will look when printed on the actual jersey, it’s better if you download it directly with a transparent background, this way you will be saving tons of time – and even money! As some print shops will add an extra charge for background removal.
To download your baseball logo with a transparent background, just click on the background colors and select the checkered option, this pattern stands for transparency, which is exactly what we are going after! Here, have a look:
Sports Logo Maker background colors


Now, you may be wondering why did we even put the background colors in there then? Fair enough. While the main purpose of this post and tool is to show you how to make a baseball logo to print on jerseys, caps, and other garments of your team’s uniform, you can also use that beautiful graphic you made for other purposes like:
✓ Use it as a Profile Picture for your team’s FaceBook FanPage, Instagram, or any other social channel
✓ Print it on posters or flyers to distribute prior to the big games to build up the hype!
✓ Print it on stickers, mugs, or any other merchandising item.

TIP: Selling merch with your team’s logo on it is a great way to raise funds to pay for your uniforms!

See! Making your team’s baseball logo wasn’t hard at all, right? In case you want to view a step-by-step video that walks you through the full process, I made you a video tutorial on how to create a baseball logo using Placeit’s baseball logo maker, check it out below:

✓ Boost your team’s morale. Your logo speaks for your team and represents your team’s spirit.
✓ Differentiate your baseball team from the rest with a professional logo design.
✓ Most baseball leagues don’t allow you to play without every player having a uniform.
Fantasy baseball leagues require you to upload a logo or avatar when creating an account.

Wear it everywhere!
Once you hit the download button and download your logo design you will receive a 4000 x 4000 px PNG file that you can print on all kinds of apparel items. Flaunt your new sports logo by wearing jerseys, raglans, t-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, and more garments with it!


Don’t these baseball caps look amazing? Go ahead and print your own to dress your team in full baseball gear! You can even give them away (or sell them!) to friends and family so they can wear them when supporting you at the games!


Now, this is what I call a professional-looking baseball uniform. This dude is ready to go yard! Notice how the colors in the logo design match perfectly with the jersey? This is the kind of stuff you would normally hire people to do, but instead, we did it ourselves, in minutes, straight from the browser. Oh, and like the photo? It’s one of Placeit’s all-new sports uniform mockups, check this guide on how to put your baseball logo on a uniform.

What Makes Placeit’s Baseball Logo Maker So Awesome?

✓You don’t need to be a designer! The logo maker will automatically adjust and center both the image and the text so that it looks just perfect.
✓ You can instantly see what your design looks like, no waiting at all!
✓ Tons of highly detailed graphic assets to choose from.
✓ 4000 x 4000 pixels PNG output file that you can use on jerseys, t-shirts, caps, and more!

$39 USD. Yes, that’s it.
Instead of hiring a designer, purchasing expensive software, or outsourcing your logo, for only $39 USD, you can make your own today!
Oh, and the best part is that all Placeit assets fall under an Unlimited Commercial license, which means you can definitely use this logo to print it on jerseys, raglans, t-shirts, and more and sell them to make some profit!

Do I Have Other Options To Get My Team’s Logo Designed?

You always do! You can:

  • Create a Baseball Logo Design with Adobe Illustrator:

    Adobe Illustrator is without a doubt the best tool for creating logos. If you have the time and patience to learn how to use this software then you should totally go with it. There are several video tutorials that walk you through the process of creating a baseball logo. You can check this one out for example.

  • Hire a Freelance Designer Online:

    It’s not a crazy idea to outsource the logo creation task. In the end, we all have a limited skill set and would rather pay and leave it to someone else rather than take matters into one’s own hands. You can check a platform for hiring freelancers from all around the world, like Fiverr, and hire a sports logo designer to help you out with your baseball logo design. Prices range from $5 to $100 USD and you will most likely wait for at least a week to get your design done.


Be careful when hiring people on Fiverr, keep in mind the Internet is a huge place that holds all sorts of people with all sorts of intentions, there have been cases of people purchasing designs from freelancers on Fiverr only to later find out that these designs belong to someone else. I suggest you read the reviews of each designer before hiring them or using their designs.

Take the Early Lead With Our Baseball Logo Creator!

Using the baseball logo creator is easy and it delivers great results! Create an iconic baseball logo online before your rivals do. Go ahead and try the baseball logo maker now and see it for yourself. Also, don’t forget to check the baseball coaching apps guide we created!


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Use Placeit's Baseball Team Logo Maker to Give Your Team a Professional Image

Placeit's baseball team logo maker is incredibly easy to use and this post shows you exactly how to use it to make a professional baseball team logo worthy of your team. Don't waste time learning how to make one yourself or money by hiring an expensive designer, simply follow the steps in this guide and you'll have yourself an amazing logo.

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