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Sell your brand and your work with a fantastic business card mockup! Whether you’re a designer and want to showcase your amazing designs for your customers or want to use them for yourself, making a business card with Placeit is just what you need.


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What Is a Business Card Mockup

A business card mockup is an easy way to present how your business card design would look. 

In other words, it’s a digital picture that shows the final look of your asset without having to print it or hire a professional photographer or models to promote your business. This way, you get a realistic representation of your business card style and design while saving time and money before it’s printed. 

💡 Pro Tip: a business card mockup it’s a great way of promoting your business card designs online.

Benefits of Using Business Card Mockups

For small business owners who are under a budget or design professionals looking for a great way of showcasing their designs, a business card mockup might be the solution for any business. These are some ways a mockup can be your best ally: 

💡 You get a clear idea of your final product

As mentioned above, a business card mockup is the best resource when it comes to fully visualizing your business card design without the need to print it before. 

⚡ You can test and try different looks

When using a business card mockup, it’s super easy to experiment with various design styles before reaching the final look. For example, it’s possible to appreciate how colors will look on your card, if the selected font is visible and clear enough, if your logo looks great and not distorted, and overall if your design looks clean and professional. In this way, you can make experiments and corrections as much as you want before deciding on your business card’s final version. 

🤑 Mockups are a time and money saver

As this is a 100% digital process, you don’t need to invest a large amount of money in reprinting. Moreover, it’s a great alternative for your pocket when it comes to hiring models or a professional studio to take some shots with your business cards. 

⭐ A great resource for managing time efficiently

Mockups are an easy way to present your designs. In this case, when working with Placeit by Envato, you can get a professional and top-notch result without being a design expert. Our intuitive platform will guide you through a simple 3 step process to get the business card mockup of your dreams in a breeze. Plus, we offer a huge variety of business card mockup styles for you to try out. 

Types of Business Card Mockups

The good thing about business card mockups is that there’s a huge variety for you to choose one, depending on your needs, preferences, and styles. Here’s a Placeit by Envato business card mockup compilation that gathers a few of the most representative types we’ve got in our vast library.


How to Make a Business Card Mockup

It’s ridiculously easy to make professional, high-resolution mockups that look stunning and complement your design. Don’t just post an image of your business card design or use a blurry image taken on a cellphone. Show you’re serious with a high-quality mockup!

Placeit has dozens and dozens of great templates you can use to take your designs to the next level by adding context and a high-quality feeling that’s difficult to replicate without being a professional photographer. Let Placeit do the hard work for you and reap the benefits. It couldn’t be easier! Let’s take a look at just how easy it is to make a business card mockup in 5 super-simple steps.

1. Go to Placeit & click con “Business Cards” under “Mockups + Print”

Business Card Mockup Library

2. Choose the mockup you think works best for your business card design
3. Click on “upload image” & select your business card design

Editing Screen

4. Click on “Download” once you’re satisfied with the mockup

Prcing Page

And… You are done!

Business Card Template Of Stacked Cards

That’s how easy it is to make a brilliant business card mockup using Placeit. In just a few seconds, you can have results that look like you hired a professional photographer to achieve. Your company’s image is one of your most important assets; don’t let it go to waste with a poor-quality mockup!

If you’re still not sure how to make a business card, here’s a quick video tutorial if you prefer to watch how it’s done, and here’s a link to the business card template used in the video.

Puedes leer estas instrucciones en español aquí

Design Your Own Business Card

If you don’t have a business card at all, you can also try our Business Card Maker. There are tons of templates to choose from to design your very own business cards. More doubts? Making a business card it’s super easy, watch the following video to start making yours!

FAQ – Business Card Mockup

Use Placeit to create mockups for your branding designs

Now that you know how to make a business card mockup without Photoshop, Placeit offers multiple mockup solutions for branded design: brochures, posters, merchandising, stickers and many more things you can think of. Head to Placeit and find the perfect setting for your designs!

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