Showcase Your Designs Using Free Magazine Mockups

Mockup Of A Magazine With A Customizable Spine

Use Placeit’s free magazine mockups to showcase a new design or product in a fun, attractive way to potential consumers and catch their attention right away.  Placeit’s free magazine mockups are outstanding marketing tools because they are very easy to use and allow you to reduce your visual marketing campaign expenses. To use one of Placeit’s mockups just simply drag and drop an image of your product or new design onto the template and Placeit by Envato will adjust it for you. Pretty cool right?

Besides being easy to use, Placeit’s free magazine mockups are also great because they don’t require you to use Photoshop or any other editing software.  Not only will you be saving money, but the precious time you can use for anything else you want! Here’s a small list of some of our magazine mockups for you to check out!

1. Mockup of a Magazine on a Concrete Table

:mockup Of A Magazine On A Concrete Table

Your latest design will look beyond amazing thanks to the help of this incredible magazine mockup from Placeit. This stock photo features a magazine lying casually on a wooden table next to a coffee and a muffin.
Use this beautiful image to advertise your ideas and catch your consumer’s attention right away. To use this magazine mockup all you have to do is choose an image, drag and drop it onto the template, or type in a URL so Placeit can do the rest of the work for you. What are you waiting for? Start using stationary mockups now!

2. Mockup ft a Man with a Magazine

Mockup Featuring A Man With A Magazine

Use this magazine mockup to promote your latest issue! You can fully customize this magazine with your own designs, just upload your images and pick a color for the pages, it’s really easy and fast. Try out Placeit’s professional print mockups now!

3. Mockup of a Horizontal Magazine Placed on a Customizable Surface

Mockup Of A Horizontal Magazine Placed On A Customizable Surface

If you are looking for a print or simple magazine mockup, you can use this stage. A professional studio shot of a closed magazine invites your readers to check out your full-page ad. Your screenshot must be 1000×700 px to fit exactly on this stage, although you can also crop it with Placeit.

4. Mockup of a Magazine Open by Half on a Solid Color Surface

Mockup Of A Magazine Open By Half On A Solid Color Surface

Advertise your newest product with the help of this outstanding stationery mockup from Placeit. This mockup features an open magazine. It looks clean and simple so your design is the one and only focus. With an image like this, the possibilities are endless!
Use this magazine mockup to boost your visual marketing campaign today and finally get your business the attention it deserves. Don’t forget that when you use real-life mockups like this it’s easier to appeal to potential consumers!

5. Mockup of a Magazine in the Hands of a Man with a Blue Shirt

Mockup Of A Magazine In The Hands Of A Man With A Blue Shirt

A man wearing a blue shirt holds a magazine. Make your design be the one he is holding in this magazine mockup. Show your designs being seeing in a real scenario!

6. Mockup of a Small Pile of Magazines on a Plain Surface

Mockup Of A Small Pile Of Magazines On A Plain Surface

Use this magazine mockup as a part of your visual marketing campaign to introduce your latest design into the marketplace and finally get your business the attention it deserves. This stock photo features a magazine lying on top of a stack of magazines. To use stock photo mockups all you have to do is drag and drop an image onto the template and let Placeit do the rest of the work for you. Generating attractive visual content had never been this simple and fun!

7. Mockup of a Formal Man Holding a Magazine

Mockup Of A Formal Man Holding A Magazine

Use Placeit’s magazine mockups to create incredible promos for your newest issues like a total pro. This mockup features a man wearing formal attire while holding a magazine in his hands. Start using Placeit’s print mockups now!

Looking for More Print Mockups?

Mockup Of A Vertical Art Print Placed Over A Modern Sofa

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What did you think about this great free magazine mockup list, pretty cool right?  Waste no more time and make Placeit’s mockups the latest addition to your marketing strategy starting today, and see how consumers react to your original, modern visual content!

Free templates on Placeit may change from time to time so we would advise that if you see something you like, download it right away! A few other mockups you can acquire with your Placeit’s by Envato subscription.


Free Magazine Mockups

Use amazing free magazine mockups to showcase your latest designs and products. These are all professionally taken shots you can use for your marketing project. In just a few seconds you can have your image ready, it's super easy!

Free Magazine Mockups

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