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We are here to search for those gaming channels on YouTube with great gameplay and humor but also amazing branding! Let’s see what the  Best YouTube gaming channels are doing right so that you can create your own amazing gaming channel, too. 

Now, remember that the offering of YouTube gaming channels is big and overwhelming, so when choosing which channels to follow, try to choose someone who has obviously taken their job pretty seriously. 

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If we ask ourselves why gaming branding is relevant in these situations, simply keep in mind that sometimes promoting your content isn’t enough. Great branding helps gamers to establish their identities, helps their followers to recognize them easily over the internet, and overall gives you a solid brand that can later become amazing merch, too! 

When you make special designs for your channel, you can give it a brand sense and coherence and so your followers will recognize you whenever they see you. Use custom-made designs for your channel art, your thumbnails, your end cards, your intros, and your outros, and your content will never go unnoticed. 

Top Gaming Channels on YouTube with Great Branding

On that note, there a few gamers who have managed to create amazing brands for themselves getting attention from their audience and media, and resulting in an amazing wave of popularity. These YouTube gamers not only produce quality and funny content, but they also have a sick gaming channel! 

1. Kinda Funny Games

Kinda Funny Games Branding

Kinda Funny Games is a gaming channel focused on panel discussions by four members and occasional guests to discuss several games or other fun topics. You will really laugh this one out. 

YouTube Channel Art

They use a simple banner featuring their logo and brand name. 


They use similar templates for their thumbnails that change color according to the topic of the video: reactions, gameplay, shows, and more! 

Kinda Funny Gaming Thumbnails

Intros / Outros

They use simple text animation as intros featuring their brand and the videos category for example games daily. They also have awesome graphic animation featuring their own avatars

End Cards


2. Ninja

Ninja Branding

With a super professional career as a gamer and streamer, Ninja’s gaming channel is definitely a top pick. He has partnered up with many teams throughout time. Tyler Bevlins, the gamer behind Ninja, began streaming in 2011. We can surely expect great this out of his branding. 

YouTube Channel Art

He uses a simple yet super elegant banner with his brand logo and his own image at the front. 

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He uses a very specific style on all his thumbnails giving his videos a branded feeling. Similar fonts, colors, and feels. Try to do the same on your own thumbnails or simply try a template you can customize while still keeping the essence of your brand’s style on every thumbnail.

Ninja Thumbnails

Intros / Outros

He uses an awesome animated intro of his own logo. Now, logo animations really give our videos a professional look!

End Cards

He does use end cards combined with merch available which is a great idea to promote your merch.

Ninja Endcards

3. Vannos Gaming

Vannos Gaming Branding

Vannos Gaming is a very popular gaming comment channel created by Evan Fong in 2011. In this gaming channel, you will rarely see who is behind the camera, so there is a lot of animation going on. 

YouTube Channel Art

His banner is plain and simple featuring his own logo on it. 


He uses the same graphic style for every thumbnail and adds customizations to the graphics according to what the video is about.

Vannos Gaming Thumbnails

Intros / Outros

He uses animated outros with music featuring his logo emblematic owl logo.

Vannos Gaming.outro

4. Jacksepticeye

Jacksepticeye Branding

Sean William, best known as Jacksepticeye, is a super funny, super charismatic gamer that reacts not only to games but also to other game-related videos like competitions, memes, and so on. He’s been playing esports and games since 2007. Games like Grand Theft Auto V, Happy Wheels, and Skate 3 have helped him get his channel on the most popular watchlist for gameplay on YouTube. 

So his channel is pretty straightforward, is simple enough, looks clean and clear while still being branded. There are a few arrangements he could do here are there but overall it’s a pretty decent branding he has right here.

YouTube Channel Art

He uses a simple banner featuring his own logo and brand name. 


His thumbnails are consistent, they differ according to what the video is about, but similar videos use a similar thumbnails style. This makes his channels look clean and organized. Even when we are talking about gaming channels, cleanliness is always nice to look at and it makes it easier for visitors to find a video.

Jacksepticeye Thumbnails

Intros / Outros

No intro or outro

End Cards

Jacksepticeye Endcards

5. Markiplier

Markiplier Branding

Since 2012, Markiplier is a pretty popular gaming channel that started as Minecraft gameplay videos. Markiplier is quite a versatile gamer, he also became an actor for different Youtube movies like Rewind. He is a very fun and charismatic gamer. 

YouTube Channel Art

He uses his banner to promote his most recent work with YouTube A Heist with Markiplier. Remember you can periodically change your own banner to promote temporary events, seasonal discounts, promote your merch o whatever you want to focus on over a short period of time. Now, do remember to keep your banner style branded because you don’t want someone to come to your channel and think they got lost. 


He normally uses animated characters on his thumbnails, however, the style changes from video to video. Mostly avoids thumbnails with text but you can find a few every now and then.

Markiplier Thumbnails

Intros / Outros

No intro template, mostly spontaneous hellos then right into the video. 

End Cards

Animated end cards to send you to other similar videos.

6. Giant Bomb

Giant Bomb Branding

Giant Bomb’s channel is best known for its quick look at videos where you can see how the most popular games are played. It is divided into entertainment and insights. 

YouTube Channel Art

Character avatars of its speakers, plus their logo. 


They use templates for each video style, best games, game of the year, quick looks, and so on. 

Giant Bomb Thumbnails

Intros / Outros

No intro or outros 

End Cards


7. IGN | Game Reviews and Walkthroughs

Ign Branding

This is a channel dedicated to video games review, walkthroughs, and news! 

YouTube Channel Art

A creative game-like banner with IGN branded color palette (red) featuring different gaming characters. Their logo is right in the middle. 


Consistent thumbnail designed over their videos, no matter which topic. 

Ign Thumbnails

Intros / Outros

No intros, but there are a few videos featuring outros with their animated logos

End Cards

Great use of end cards videos at the end of each video.

Ing Endcards

8. FGTeev

Fgteev Branding

This is a family gaming channel where kids and included in every gameplay! Goofy humor and family jokes. 

YouTube Channel Art

A greatly artistic combination of gaming characters, their logo, and a few promos here and there. This is an example of a saturated banner that looks great! 


Thumbnails are not following a specific template but they do have a similar style. With saturated characters and colorful displays just like their banner.

Fgteev Thumbnails

Intros / Outros


End Cards

Their end cards include a call to action to where you can subscribe or buy some merch. Again, great use of the end cards! 

Fgteev Endcard9. Maximilian Dood

Maximilian Dood Branding

This is a gaming channel focusing on fighting games and arcades titles like Tekken 7 and Injustice 2. His style is kind of goofy too.

YouTube Channel Art

He uses his own avatar character on his banner with a small text describing the channel. 


Again, we can look at his avatar on most thumbnails which makes the channel look pretty branded.

Maximilian Dood Thumbnails

Intros / Outros

Animated intro featuring his character in a fighting gaming scenario. Animated outro of his avatar telling you to join the channel.

Maximilian Dood Outro

End Cards

The outro followed right by the end cards.

Last Words

That’s a wrap! There are a lot of factors involved in getting your gaming channel to the top-ranking channels. We are true believers that branding your channels just like the professionals do is a great way to scale up right from the start. 

We’ve just analyzed what some of the best YouTube gaming channels do with their branding. Take a pick and make special designs for your own! Remember, you can always try our massive collection of Youtube templates or look for our free resources to try on your own channels. 

Any thoughts? If you found this interesting, you may also enjoy our Gaming YouTube Video Ranking Tips.

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