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Photorealistic Macbook Mockups

Promote Your Latest OS App on Macbook Mockups

In need of a new, fun way to portray your recently developed website or iOS app to the world? Then you need to check out these Macbook mockups from Placeit app marketing tools. Placeit offers a great selection of mockups that will allow you to display your ideas in real-life scenarios, making them more appealing to consumers. Choose a template, customize it and see how your business comes to life!

Want a step-by-step guide on making a Macbook mockup? Check out our post and get all the information you need to wow your clients.

New stock photo templates are added to our gallery every day. Your new website or iOS app will look elegant, polished and relatable with the help of Placeit! Here are the 10 latest Macbook mockups from Placeit:

Laptop Mockup of a Sales Transaction With a Macbook Pro

Laptop Mockup of a Sales Transaction With a Macbook Pro Placeit Stage Image

This plain, tasteful stock photo template is the perfect marketing tool to show off your new web or desktop app. It features a male customer buying a birthday gift for his mother. The cashier is using your web app to accomplish the transaction on a Macbook Pro. The position of the computer, as well as the simpleness of the background allows potential clients to focus their attention on the screen of the Macbook Pro, which is just lacking an image of your new web app to complete the scene. See how this mockup comes to life today. All you have to do is drag and drop your desired screenshot onto the monitor in the template or import a screenshot from a URL by clicking the “Grab Screenshot From URL” button and type in the URL so Placeit can do it for you. Start using Placeit today to improve your marketing strategy and look smart, professional and relatable.

Macbook Pro Mockup Template of DJ at a Party

Do you need a stunning laptop mockup template that speaks to your specific target consumer? Here we have a fun Placeit template featuring a night time party scene with a look at a MacBook Pro behind the DJ booth. This DJ knows how to make a party memorable and your website or app is clearly the secret to his success. Appeal to your potential customers instantly with this true to life, beautifully designed Placeit stock photo of a Macbook Pro. See your website or web app come to life on the black MacBook Pro in angled landscape position with a quick and easy-to-create mockup. Just drag and drop a screenshot of your app or website directly onto the MacBook or click on the “Grab Screenshot From URL” button above the photo and type in the URL as prompted so Placeit marketing experts can do it for. Get noticed with this Placeit MacBook marketing template.

Product Mockup, Macbook on a Wooden Desk

Do you have a great creative website? Set it up on the wide version Macbook mockup between two girls on a wooden desk. This mockup will hold an image of 1280x800px. Next to the Macbook sits an old fashioned camera on the right. On the left rests a travel mug. The two girls discuss their latest project.

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Product Mockup, Macbook Pro On A Vintage Wooden Table

This MacBook Pro mockup is an image of the laptop on a wooden table. The table has some beautiful, intricate designs to its sides. It also has a big fat book and a coffee mug. If your app is targeted at creative people, this is your best opportunity for a MacBook Pro mockup.

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App Screenshot Generator! MacBook Working Outdoors

This Macbook Pro Retina mock template features a Macbook shown by itself in isolation on top of a beautiful wooden table in a garden settings. The table has a coffee up, an iPhone, a small Moleskin notebook and a pencil. This is a perfect stage for any kind of creative audience and can work well for many types of applications.


Product Screenshots! MacBook Friends studying

This photo features a young lady working on her Macbook pro while sitting on her bed at home. In the scene, we also have her friend so this is a great mockup template for any kind of social app. She has the Macbook pro on her lap and using the track pad to use the computer. The setting is fairly casual but could also fit for doing homework.

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Device Mockup Macbook Pro Over Glass Desk in Office

Create the perfect professional look for your app in this Macbook Pro mockup. The macbook pro is set on a glass desk in a meeting room. The meeting room has floor to ceiling windows and glass doors. The Macbook Pro holds an image of 1280x800px. This is the perfect set for a business app.

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Mockup Generator! Macbook on office table

Place your start-up product screenshot into this multi-tasking Macbook mockup. This is a high-yield office environment. TheMacbook sits on top of a sturdy, white work table and is hardwired to the Internet by a red cable. Two of the USB ports are being used. One is connected to an iPhone on the left. The hard working user has a mug of strong coffee to his right and plenty of light from the picture window. The stage sits at a right angle and will display an image at 1280 x 800 px.

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Macbook Pro Mockup Featuring a Creative Office Setting

This is a great Macbook template scene for any professional or creativity website or web app. Do you have a website that aids in productivity or specializes in creating presentations? Does your site provide assistance with creativity or problem solving? Can your website improve communication or help with group work? Or does your site provide any other valuable services? If so, then this might be the right marketing Macbook mockup for you. This scenario features two young professionals collaborating in a creative office setting. They’re smiling and having a good time, all while being productive. Which means, there must be something really helpful on that Macbook’s screen that’s making their jobs easier. That could be your website in this scene, making this duo’s work easier and more enjoyable. All you have to do is download this mockup from Placeit and your screenshot to the Macbook’s screen.

App Screenshot Generator! iPhone MacBook Coffee Outdoors

This Macbook Pro stage is on top of a table in a garden setting. This is a perfect stage for an app with a creative or artistic audience. There is also a notebook, an iPhone and a coffee cup on the table. This mockup template will work great for any kind of productivity, planning or business app.

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If you liked these templates, then don’t hesitate and go check out our gallery of 1000+ mockups and videos. Placeit app marketing tools are a fast and useful way for you to boost your marketing strategy and stand out from the rest of the competition. If you want to visit our gallery click here.

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