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Write a Guest Post for Us!

Do you have a good idea for an engaging post that fits our blog? We would love to hear about you and work together to bring designers, entrepreneurs, app developers, and other professionals great content on topics that interest them!

What Content Are We Looking For?

Our blog is intended to be a resource hub for creators, as Placeit has products for many types of creators such as t-shirt sellers, entrepreneurs, musicians, video creators, app developers, designers, marketers, and all related industries.

Our aim is to provide our readers with articles written by people who love what they do and want to share their experiences and expertise in these topics:

  • T-Shirt Business – Share your knowledge about designing, marketing, and selling t-shirts.
  • Gaming – Are you a part of the gaming, sports, or streaming industry? We would love to publish your insights!
  • Design & Branding – If you’re a design or branding professional, we would love to hear about the latest design trends and resources out there!

What Do We Consider a Good Article?

  • It is written as someone knowledgable about the topic.
  • The idea and structure of the post are clear.
  • It is written for one (or several) of our audiences.
  • Visuals support the post and are well-created.
  • Is written in an engaging way.

Linking Guidelines

    • We will accept one do-follow link in your Author Bio.
    • Provide original references & links to all mentioned facts, data, and quotes from reputable sites. (2 max.)
  • Contextual links must be related to the blog post and authoritative sites DR above 50.
  • The post should not have more than 2 external links.
  • Please note that in general cases some links will appear with a “no follow” tag.
  • Within the copy, please link to other relevant pieces on the Placeit Blog.
  • Attach the author’s bio, links to social media, and headshot with your copy. 
  • We reserve the right to remove any links we deem inappropriate, irrelevant, or only for the purpose of link building.

What Are We Looking for in Terms of Structure?

  • Content should be of high quality with no spelling or grammatical errors.
  • We only want to share unique, non-promotional, and original content that is not published anywhere else on the Internet.
  • Posts should be 1500-2000 words in length.
  • At least five sections including the introduction and conclusions.
  • Images should be at least 800px wide and max. weight 500 KB.
  • The Capitalization in titles and subtitles must be as a “Title Case.”

Some of Our Reader’s Favorite Posts

How Do I Submit My Article?

We’ve created a pitch form to make the process easier. We’re constantly checking for new pitches but please allow a week before we write back. If you don’t hear from us it’s possible your pitch isn’t what we’re looking for at the moment, but we encourage you to pitch other post ideas you have.
If we feel your pitch is a good fit for our blog we’ll write back and schedule it on our calendar. After that, we’ll assign an editor for you to work with. Please don’t start writing until you hear from our editors as they usually have very insightful input to share with you!

Placeit will have final approval on a copy before it’s published and reserves the right to, in its discretion, reject, suggest an amendment to, or remove content if it’s deemed of poor quality, incorrect or inappropriate. Once the copy has been approved by us, you acknowledge that you assign, to the extent possible, all rights in the blog post content to Placeit.

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