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Why Product Mockups Improve Your Branding

Mockup Of A Macbook And An Iphone Placed Over A Wooden Table Featuring A Cup Of Coffee

Most people use screenshots in their blogs, their posts, and in their branding material in general when talking about tech, apps, software, and so on. You can use product mockups instead of screenshots to make your branding way more professional!

This is what you’ll find:

This is something many of the tech news giants are already doing. You should take a note out of their book and switch to amazing device mockups. Here are some of the ways product mockups improve your blog:

1. They Help Get a Point Across

This post talks about how great these apps are but they do not show you any of them. They are using images that are related to the general topic of the apps they are listing but they don’t use any actual apps. Even one example would make this blog post better. Here is how it would look with our product mockups replacing their images:


Now you get a better understanding of what they are trying to tell you even when just skimming through, whereas before their point got lost and the audience was distracted by the lack of good visuals. These mockups do a much better job of communicating the point of the article.

2. They Add Value

When you are writing about how great something is, you can really add value to it with an image that truly does it justice. Your advice and opinion on the app will be backed up by an amazing visual, meaning people aren’t simply asked to rely on your claims. People are far more likely to try out an app that they think looks good, and mockups are the perfect way to make just about any app look appealing. Here you can see how this website gets some added volume with the use of product mockups.


It is much clearer how useful some of these apps can be when they’re presented within the product mockups rather than through the use of a screenshot that stands on its own. These mockups give examples of use cases for the apps to better show their worth. A good and effective mockup will add far more value to your post than any screenshot.

3. They Look Nicer

Screenshots can work but it is much more aesthetically pleasing to have them in a nicer format. The plain screenshot is boring and overdone, and you can make your app really stand out to a reader by having better visuals.

You can still show the same information in a screenshot with a mockup and it will give your post a much better look, which will increase the amount of people that stay on your page for a longer time. You can see how much nicer a product mockup would look here:


The original screenshot worked but the mockup is much more interesting. You will easily engross the reader in your topic and get them to actually read it over. On the other hand, the people who still only skim over will have something much more entertaining to look through and be able to get a better understanding of your post. We have discussed before (link to blog post) how important really good visuals are to maintaining an audience.

4. They Provide Context

One of the biggest reasons product mockups improve your branding is that they provide context. A solid context shows users what an app would look like in the real world, it also shows how using an app would feel in an actual situation, and gives them an idea of how they would look using the app.

You can use context to connect your app with an emotion, and this is next to impossible to achieve using screenshots. If your customer feels a positive emotion when they see the app they are more likely to buy it, as connecting apps with an emotion makes them memorable and friendly. This post is already showing a tiny screenshot and we think that they can do even better with a higher quality image.


With the right product mockup, you can create personas that your readers can relate to. This will make the app you are talking about seem more interesting and engaging. This brings us to the most important point…

5. They Tell a Story

By giving a screenshot a backdrop you can tell a story. You can show how people feel when they use your app, not just tell them how great it is. You can supply a real-life situation that connects with them. It can also help aid your storyline in blog posts.

You can show who and what is involved in an easy picture that can complement your posts. Here you can see how this blogger is using screenshots to start off his idea. If we change it to a mockup it will give a backdrop to the site he wants to talk about to help move the dialogue forward.


People nowadays need to have something to look at to really understand and stay focused on what they are reading. Given today’s short attention spans, visual aids that are compelling and move the storyline forward are a vital part of a great blog post. If you can find the ideal mockup to summarize your story from the get-go it will make your content far more shareable and easy to swallow.

Ready to Switch to Mockups?

You can use product mockups in many different ways. They will help you to create more interesting and more beautiful blog posts for your favorite apps. You can use them to engage readers in diverse ways and really set yourself apart in a market saturated with screenshots. You can go here to find a range of fantastic product mockups to improve your blog posts.

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