Billboard Mockup Featuring Some Palm Trees


Print ads look absolutely fantastic in wonderful photorealistic mockups. A mockup is perfect for testing out the environment your ad would be in and showing off how great the ad looks. We compiled some of the best billboard mockups in gorgeous urban environments just for you. These are our 10 best billboard mockups:


This is our favorite bus stop mockup. On this billboard, we have two lovely people waiting for their bus. They give the scene a perfectly natural feel. It is set on a lovely afternoon out in the city. The blue tones of the backdrop provide a great neutral setting. They will make a great brightly colored image stand out. The scene has some lovely symmetry created by the two trees in the top left and right, with the nicely centered bus stop. In this bus stop mockup, you can place two images side by side.

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Square Billboard Ad Mockup on the Side of a Tall Building

This is a beautiful billboard mockup set under the bright mid-day light on the side of a city building. The mid-rise building is located perfectly between low-rise buildings in the foreground and the taller building in the background. There are trees and a street lamp lining the bottom right corner. The buildings in the background are in the shade and have a dark blue color. This gorgeous cityscape is the perfect place to show off an amazing ad. The lighting gives you total focus on the advertisement. This billboard mockup is perfect for any kind of ad.


Bus Billboard Ap Mockup

This is the perfect bus billboard to display a great colorful and playful urban ad. The bus has wonderful bright red detailing on the top and bottom. Your ad in the center would be set in a greyish blue. The bright red would give your image a great frame that focuses the viewer’s attention directly on it. The foreground is made up of lovely green bushes and in the background, you have leaves from trees making up the lining. It creates a wonderful, striped pattern of colors with your advertisement holding the attention in the middle.


This billboard mockup gives your ad a beautiful blue sky as a backdrop. The billboard is set on an old-style brick building in the city. The front of the building is white with classic architecture. A fire escape ladder zig-zags through the front of the building. The windows have gorgeous old-style details. The side of the building reveals a red brick wall where the billboard is set. The dark earthy bricks give a perfect tone for most color schemes and it contrasts well with the blue sky. You can show off many types of ads on this lovely backdrop.


Billboard Mockup on a Walkway By a Busy Street

This is the perfect setting for an artistic billboard with its gorgeous white frame set over a clean city street. In the background a bus and car speed by on the street. The billboard is standing over some flower beds adorning the wide avenue. Lush green trees stand over the street. The background shows that it is a bright and sunny afternoon. This wonderful photo-realistic mockup will really make your ad stand out.


Square Ad on the Street Next to a Boutique

This is a great street billboard set low on the sidewalk on the side of a building where the passerby can admire it. Nearby you can see the entrance to a chic boutique. In the background, mid-rise apartments are bright lit by the late afternoon sun. You can tell this is a fashionable part of town. The dark blue tones are perfect for making an ad pop. A great black and white ad with red accents would fit perfectly here. This is an amazing location for a unique and edgy fashion advertisement.


Bus Stop Ad Mockup on a Busy City Street

This mockup has a wonderful grungy urban look for an edgy ad with a great look. The bright red bus stop will highlight your ad at the center stage. The background is made up of tall buildings and people going about their day. The hot midday sun shines on the city. Cars are stopped at a traffic light nearby. The scene is unique and impressive. It is perfect to show off a truly interesting advertisement.


Square Ad Mockup on a Mall Screen

Show off a gorgeous ad on this mall billboard mockup. The billboard is set in a shiny mall passageway. To the left of the billboard, you can see a dark boutique entrance. In the background, a bright white kiosk takes up the mall. They are selling glass bottles filled with colorful pastel liquids. The dark tones of the scene are perfect for a bright white or colorful ad.

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Billboard Mockup on a Glass Building

This billboard is set on the side of a high-rise office building over a street lined with trees. The building is made up of glass paneling held together with a white metal structure. The large billboard is a wonderful location for an impressive ad. The light blue of the glass panels is the perfect soft background for any type of ad. Any kind of color scheme stands out in this shade of blue. This is a great place for an advertisement directed toward business people.

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Billboard Mockup on a Wall Over a Parked Car

This billboard has a beautiful color scheme made up of deep blue. It would be perfect to contrast with a red or orange color scheme. Your image would be set on a clean white frame. The billboard overlooks the street and a blue sedan is passing by. This is a great place for a massive and impressive ad that you really want to make stand out. Take a look at our Billboard mockups to showcase your ideas to your audience in a professional and photorealistic way!

Take a look at our Billboard mockups to showcase your ideas to your audience in a professional and photorealistic way!

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