Packaging is a Big Factor

Box Mockup Featuring Flowers And A Greeting Card

Box Mockup Featuring Flowers and a Greeting Card

Whether you realize it or not, your choice of product packaging matters a huge deal if you want your products to fly off the shelves. Think about it, as the face of your brand on store shelves and online, the outer wrapping has to do far more than just protect the contents inside. It has to sell the items simply through visual appeal, no words, no catchy jingle, just a first and instant visual impression.

With this in mind, in today’s post, we’ll be looking at the power of packaging and why it matters to your brand. From creating the right first impression to giving your brand legitimacy and more. We’ll leave you in no doubt that prioritizing your product packaging will be worthwhile in the long run.


It Makes a Lasting Impression

Dropper Bottle Mockup Featuring A Plant Pot

Bringing a new product to the market comes with a host of challenges. Sitting alongside similar products and competing with ingrained customer loyalty to specific brands is tough, so you need to make sure your packaging is on-point to ensure it’s doing all it can to stand out. 

This requires you to have a full understanding of the market, including your main competitors and most importantly your key demographic. With the right blend of colors and brand messaging, you’ll have the ingredients for delivering a striking packaging that instantly resonates with your target audience. 

This doesn’t mean going against the grain with an off-the-wall color choice or mimicking similar product branding – as both of these approaches can give mixed messages to consumers, making them less likely to make the switch. Instead, identify key design elements that work for other successful brands, such as specific colors or packaging styles, and find a new take on them to incorporate into your own packaging design.

Whether you go for an unconventional packaging shape, an unusual color or finish, or a minimalist design, the key here is to make your packaging unique and eye-catching, so it’s noticed while also maintaining a consistent brand message.

It Adds Legitimacy to Your Brand

Mockup Of Three Different Cosmetic Bottles

Speaking of brand messaging, ensuring you take a consistent approach to all aspects of your packaging branding will help consumers to perceive you as a recognizable and legitimate brand. Through an attention-grabbing logo, strong brand messaging, and unique design that is aligned with your core brand values, and that of your consumers, you’ll be reinforcing your product’s authenticity at every given opportunity.

When designing your packaging, take careful consideration with the finer details to ensure all the elements marry together to create a powerful brand identity. From the logo placement to font style and size, all these minute aspects go towards delivering strong brand recognition.

If you master the right combination of catchy logos, product information, and a striking color palette from the off, the result will be a brand (and product) that consumers will become familiar with, helping to stimulate essential business growth through the power of branded packaging.

It Shows You Know & Care About Your Consumers

Coffee Bag Mockup Featuring A Paper Cup And A Burlap Bag

Coffee Bag Mockup Featuring a Paper Cup and a Burlap Bag

Whatever product you’re selling, you need to ensure that everything about it demonstrates that you understand and care about your consumers and their personal values, which of course, includes your packaging choices. 

Whether you’re selling electronics or artisan baked goods, finding the right style of packaging that meets your customer’s needs and expectations is key. For some, this may be eschewing the use of single-use plastics in favor of recyclable and biodegradable packaging options as more consumers now expect brands to use environmentally responsible solutions

For other brands, it could be about putting emphasis on the unboxing experience and the function of the packaging itself. Taking the lead from the likes of Apple, creating a sleek and simplistic design for your products that also delivers a sense of excitement and anticipation as the packaging is unwrapped could be key to optimizing consumer engagement. While finding quirky ways to personalize your product packaging, like adding in little messages in each layer they unwrap, could be an effective way to heighten their interaction with your brand.

The power of packaging definitely shouldn’t be underestimated. As the thing they see before the product itself, it’s one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. With the right choices, you can then use packaging to communicate a lot of information about your brand that will go towards defining your brand and increasing its recognition.

In Conclusion

Your product’s packaging is the first face you are giving your potential customers. Make sure you use your business logo somewhere in there, your brand’s color, feel, and style. Give your customers the chance to experience your brand right from your packaging.

Look at some awesome cannabis trends to market your products like a professional in this post, and keep exploring our massive packaging mockups to get the look you’re after!

Author’s Bio:

Elizabeth Raw works for R+R Packaging, providers of biodegradable, and eco-friendly packaging materials for businesses within a wide variety of industries.

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