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Promote Your T-Shirt Designs With Gorgeous Hanes Mockups

Hanes Mockups for the Grabs

Does it feel like you’ve searched everywhere and you are still not able to find an easy-to-use mockup tool that gives you beautiful results? Placeit is here to do the job for you, and not just that, we are also bringing you gorgeous Hanes mockups!

Start making more sales with beautiful imagery, just showcase your designs with our mockups and rock the market! You will find that by portraying your most awesome designs in a realistic environment people will see how they actually look like in real life and will be most likely to purchase.

Take a look at all of these clothing mockup templates that we have featuring models wearing different kinds of Hanes garments:

This mockup of a man sitting on a bench while wearing a long sleeved Hanes T-Shirt is awesome for you to display your designs.


V-Neck T-Shirt Mockup of a Smiling Black Man With Dreadlocks Sitting

A V-Neck T-Shirt from Hanes is a great option for you to showcase your most awesome design, this template features a smiling black man with dreadlocks sitting down.

T-Shirt Mockup of a Trendy Girl Traveling

A beautiful girl traveling wearing a Hanes round neck t-shirt is featuring a gorgeous template for you to showcase your great designs.

T-Shirt Template of a Pretty Woman With Red Lips and Curly Hair

This template of a pretty girl with red lips wearing a hanes tee is great to show your latest design.

Young Black Man Wearing a Tank Top in a Dynamic Pose Mockup

Promote your brand using this hanes tank top mockup featuring a young black man in a dynamic pose.

Tank Top Mockup of a Young Black Man at Urban Scenario

Young black man walking while wearing a Hanes tank top mockup. It’s an excellent choice for your design!

Collar Shirt Mockup Featuring a Man Sitting on a Bench

If you are looking to promote your corporate image in a professional and creative way, use this mockup of a man sitting on a bench while wearing a hanes collar shirt.

T-shirt Promo Videos to Promote Your Clothing Business

You can now create t-shirt video mockups in Placeit! Video transmits so much more than what an image does. Boost your marketing strategy and crush the competition by promoting your brand with videos.

Check out Placeit’s Apparel Mockups and find thousands of tshirt, hoodie and tank top mockups, we have all kinds of styles, garments and scenarios made just for you!

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