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Ever wondered if you are a creative person? Maybe you’ve been asked this on a job interview. Not quite sure about the answer? First of all, let’s get something straight: there is no stereotype for the creative person. Let’s take a look at some of the most common creative habits there are and let’s see if you fit in any of them.
There are hundreds of different personalities and every person has a different routine in order to create something new. It’s a known fact that creative people think and act differently from regular people. Their brains are hardwired in a unique way. 

15 Most Common Creative Habits

1. They Tend to Talk to Themselves

Crazy? Yes, maybe a little. Talking to yourself is an excellent practice to start that creative engine on. Plus, it is also a very healthy mental exercise to put your thought into order. 

2. They Get Risky

Creative people spice things up and by doing that they get new, fresh results every time. Do they get positive results every time? No, they don’t but they are willing to try! Take for instance a writer who will probably write a thousand bad pieces before they ever hit the jackpot.

“If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original.”

Ken Robinson -The Element

3. They Have The Craziest Conversations!

Picking a chat buddy is hard work but if you are lucky enough to find the one, take advantage of the situation. No judgments, no structure, no train of thought, just speak about what you are thinking out loud, including your dreams, your feelings, and all of that which makes people look weirdly at you.

4. They Re-Define What’s Possible

They break the format, they look at things upside-down. If you decide to try this, you should know this will not always be supported by the people around you, but if you are sagacious enough you will find the right moment and the right time!

5. Authenticity Rather Than Popularity

They stay true to what they believe in. They are stubborn even when they are being completely misunderstood by everyone but being authentic is way more valuable than being popular. 

6. They Know No Order

They start working at whatever they feel like starting. Ideas flow as they come into the picture with no particular order. This helps a lot when practicing creative thinking.

7. A Creative Mind Never Sleeps

Creative people wake up in the middle of the night with a great idea. If this ever happens to you, right then and there take a note of it! You won’t remember in the morning but you’ll have a hint to keep working on it!

8. They Need Inspiration

Depending on the individual, there are many ways to get inspired. You can try taking a walk outside, watching a movie, exercising, meditating, etc. Find your own way to get inspired by trying different things. 

9. They Create Their Working Space

They play with the space around them in order to make an excellent environment for creativity, whatever that is. They like to be inspired by their surroundings and so they make a comfortable working area for themselves. 

10. They are Super Emotional!

They live on the edge of every emotion. From ecstatic to depressed and all on the same day. Being so closely in touch with their feelings is what makes them so inventive and so good at creating amazing designs. 

11. They Don't Take Criticism Very Well

They become very attached to their work and so they are not the best when it comes to separating themselves from it. Be careful when criticizing someone’s creative work, it may be the last thing you do.

12. They Are Notorious Procrastinators

This means they work best when under pressure.  This is why they will intentionally delay their work to the last minute in order to feel that rush. In fact, daydreaming is very common and this is not always a waste of time! 

13. They Have Trouble Committing to Their Work

Being creative is a waste of time if you can’t stick to your projects. It is said that creative people are very messy, however, you should try to find some order in your mess to keep your ideas on track. In fact, being organized is also a mental stimulant to help you keep working creatively.  A great app that can help you plan, schedule and track your work time is Paymo.

14. Creating Is Always a Thrill!

They seek out new experiences, sensations, states of minds to get inspired and create something new. Creating something, anything, will always be their first choice rather than following a path.  

The Creative Process: this is awesome → this is tricky → this sucks → I suck → ok, maybe it’s not that bad → this is fantastic!

15. They Enjoy Constructive Solitude

They like to be alone a lot! This means they get time to observe their surroundings, think about stuff, disconnect from the day-to-day obvious train of thought and find something new. This is constructive solitude. They also go people-watching!

Put That Creativity to Work!

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15 Habits of Highly Creative People

Ever wondered how true creatives think and work? Creative people are really talented to take something ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary! Let’s have a look at 15 common habits creative people have and maybe even create something amazing yourself with Placeit's design templates.

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