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As you are probably well aware, network marketing coaching is a person-to-person job. This means personal touch on your products and business is what will retain potential customers and build solid relationships with your team. Supporting and training others to keep them motivated is an essential part of keeping your own business healthy and growing! 


Network marketing businesses tend to scare people away. There are tons of myths and misunderstandings about multi-level marketing businesses. This is why you need a different approach to get potential team members motivated! To start the year on a high note, we’ve wrapped up 14 of the best techniques to keep others motivated into working their own businesses as part of your network! Every business owner wants to keep their team fired up, so let’s go!

1. Share the Beauties of Your Company & Products

First, you can talk about the beauties of working on your own business, on your own time, on your own working space! From home, if you wish! Network marketing businesses are always an excellent idea to earn some extra income or make a whole job out of it! 

Then talk about the products’ wonders. It’s easier to sell something you truly believe in. If they fall in love with the product, they are more likely to work with them with true convictions.  

2. Be 100% Honest About the Business Opportunity

Deception is very known through this industry because coaches often offer fantastic things that are almost impossible to achieve. Don’t make incredible promises and instead do tell them everything they can achieve in the short term.

3. Train them to Target the Right People to Avoid Disappointment

One big mistake most network members make is to think that everyone can be a target. No! You need to have a clear picture of who your target is and point all your marketing efforts towards them. Target the right people to avoid a high number of disappointments. Focus on people who may be interested in the product as well as the business opportunity.

4. Tell them to Approach their Friends & Family

By letting your friends and family know what you are doing and how you are doing it, you approach them in a very subtle way. If they are interested, they will let you know, and if they are not, there will be no loss!

5. Get the Word Out on the Products!

Help others grow by telling them which smart tools can make their work way easier. They can use social media to let everyone know about their amazing products. They can create a special account for this or use their personal accounts. 

They can develop simple websites, join groups, and write in forums to promote their products. 

Pro Tip: Target the right people, the right groups, and forums to get valuable leads!

Using design templates to create engaging images and videos, they can post professional content every day on social media. A little content marketing can help really help them out to promote their products effectively. On Placeit, you can finds tools to create your own logo, make social media posts and videos, and even find branding material to start a YouTube channel

6. No Scripts!

Every successful network business person reacts to their customer’s needs and gives them a personalized pitch. Scripts are not useful for personalized interactions.

7. Business Inspiration: Inspire Rather than Motivate!

To inspire someone, you must connect personally and be a person of confidence for them. Show them how you do things, what you really believe in. 

8. Recognize Avid Efforts

Normally when someone jumps into a new level, they get promoted. However, valiant efforts should be recognized too. People love being recognized for the effort as well as a result!

9. Share New Success Ideas

Encourage them to think big, rather than keeping them down. You must become a master of successful ideas and share them; one of them will work for someone in your team!

10. Invest Time & Attention to Hear Them Out

Know those in your team for more than their jobs. Know their interests, their families, their hobbies, build a real connection with them. Also, take your time to answer questions, recognize the hard work, and support them when things get tough! 

This is your responsibility as a leader!

11. Help Them Write Down Achievable Goals

Writing your goals down can help you get a clear business vision. Help your team member write down their measurable, achievable goals for the short term so that they can know what they are working for.

12. Multi-level Businesses are NOT Easy

Following up with that 100% honest policy, your team members should know network marketing is not easy; it involves hard work. It might seem like it involve less work since you get to work on your one terms, but it all depends on your daily organization. Prospecting, following up, training, supporting, and prospecting again can take quite a ton of your time.

13. Keep Yourself Persistent

Your team members will be involved in lots of prospecting, lots of presentations, but the key is persistence! This is one of the best advice you can give them. When results are not coming as expected, the answer is to be patient and persist. There is always room for success!

14. Keep Making New Friends!

You become successful when you help others become successful! With that said, you should advise others to keep making friends as much as they can! They never know when they are in front of a real opportunity.

Improve Your Network Marketing Coaching!

Starting your own business is always a thrill! Network marketing business models allow lots of people to start their business with very little investment. However, there are a lot of miscommunications around network marketing. Your team is one of your most valuable assets, so you must know how to keep them motivated as a leader, and this practice is called network marketing coaching! If they are doing good, so are you. 

To help others to keep themselves motivated, you need to understand who they are and what drives them! This means taking your time to really get to know them and let them talk to you about any insecurities they might be facing.

Inspire them to work their own businesses and build a wealthy future with the right tips. Don’t promise fantastic results. People appreciate honesty, and they can get to work on real goals!

Network Marketing Coaching Tips to Keep Your Team Motivated

There are tons of myths surrounding network marketing, your job as a coach is to solve all of your team members' doubts and inspire them to keep themselves motivated throughout great and difficult times. Help them get the most out of their abilities with these great tips for network marketing coaching!

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