Mockup Of An Open Magazine Under A Palm Shadow

Promote Your Designs on Photorealistic Magazine Mockups

If you’re looking for a professional, up-to-date way to boost your marketing strategy, then you definitely need to check out Placeit’s magazine mockups!

Magazine mockups are outstanding images that allow you to display your ideas, products, or designs within a real-life context situation, making it easier for your consumers to relate to them. Pretty cool, right? So why not make them part of your visual marketing campaign?

To customize one of our mockups all you need to do is simply drag and drop an image of whatever it is you’re looking to showcase onto the template and in no time Placeit will deliver a compelling visual asset ready to be added to your marketing campaign. How impressive does that sound? Check it out!

If you wanna take a look at some of our mockups, here’s a list of some of them for you to try out!

Work in the fashion industry and are looking for an easy, fast way to market your latest idea or product? Then, make sure to check out Placeit’s marketing tools. This magazine mockup features a magazine lying on a white surface.
This stationery mockup is great because it could work perfectly for you to advertise anything you can think of in a simple and professional way. Just choose an image, drag and drop it onto the template to get amazing visual content you can start using right away!

With this magazine mockup, you can market your magazine within a photo-realistic image. The magazine is lying open on a pink surface. You can your image on the open magazine, it will allow an image of 1275x1650px. This is a great picture to advertise your product.


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