Learn How to Share Videos and Increase Your Engagement
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If you’ve decided to dive into video as a way to promote your brand or business, welcome! It’s a pretty well-known fact that video is a lot more engaging than text posts and even images, so there’s no reason not to focus some of your efforts here. In fact, including a video on a landing page has been shown to increase conversions by up to 80%. The question is then, how to share videos so that they have the impact you want? We’re here to help with that! Check out these simple video-sharing tips to get the most out of your video content.

The Easiest Ways to Share Your Video Content

Not sure how to get people to watch your videos? Check out the infographic below to get all the pointers you need to make your videos a success!

How To Share Your Video Content

Video-Sharing Best Practices
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Some of the most effective ways to ensure your videos get views are actually quite easy even if you know nothing about video marketing. To start, focus on the quality of your video. If you want to make your own video content and make it successful, create videos that viewers want to see, that answer questions they have, or that resolve a problem for them. You can make them easily with slideshow maker. Be sure to keep your videos short and to the point and don’t be shy about sharing them on multiple platforms, with multiple audiences, and with your friends and family. This will all help you have a larger reach and therefore more viewers. Finally, don’t forget to optimize your videos, make them shareable no matter where they’re posted, and create an aesthetically pleasing cover for them using a video thumbnail maker. One last thing, paid campaigns are a great resource, just be sure to do your research before launching your first one.

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Now that you’re an expert on sharing video content, all you’re missing are the videos. Luckily, Placeit’s online video maker is the perfect tool for the job. Make videos the easiest way possible, but don’t limit yourself to just video. With Placeit’s subscription, you have unlimited access to all of the video makers, design templates, and mockups so why not do it all? Now, you can also get a yearly subscription for half the price!

Create Awesome Video Content with Placeit

Whether you’re social media manager or are trying to promote your brand, using Placeit’s video maker takes all the hard work out of making high-quality videos your viewers will love. Save your time and money and get all of your videos done in minutes with these easy to customize video templates!

Create Awesome Videos
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