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If you’ve been looking for an easy, up-to-date way to introduce your brand new website into the marketplace, then Placeit’Macbook mockups might be precisely what you need. Macbook mockups are great marketing tools that will allow you to showcase your new website design within real-life context images, making it much easier for your potential consumers to relate to your ideas.

To use Macbook mockups just simply drag and drop an image onto the device on the template or input a URL address and we will do the rest of the work for you. How easy does this sound? Never again will you have to deal with Photoshop or any other complicated software! So what are you waiting for? Give it a try today and change your mind almost immediately!

Here’s a list with some Macbook mockups for you to check out.

 Mockup of a MacBook Pro on a Desk at an Office Environment

Customize this great Macbook Pro mockup by simply uploading an image of your new app or website onto the template, and in no time start enjoying amazing visual content!

Make your new web app or website stand out with the help of stock photos from Placeit. This great laptop mockup features a young woman using a macbook pro at home. She could be working on a school essay or maybe she’s looking up for new recipes to try out online. The possibilities are endless! Use mockups to showcase your website or app’s features in real-life scenarios to consumers and make a lasting impression on them. To use stock photo templates all you have to do is drag and drop a screenshot of whatever it is you want to advertise onto the template and Placeit will resize it for you. What are you waiting for? Make mockups your new marketing tool starting today!

Here we have a MacBook Pro sitting on a glass table with a control next to it. The background is made up of a wooden slatted wall as well as a dark brown leather couch. This has a great eclectic office feel as we were sitting at the latest fashion or design office, waiting room or meeting room. The MacBook Pro would make a great display for any sort of website related to graphic design or business solutions. The MacBook Pro holds an image of 1280 by 800 pixels.

This stock photo image features a student using his macbook pro while sitting on the school’s hallway. He could be finishing some homework or doing research for a science project. The possibilities are endless and it’s up to you to decide! Don’t miss the chance to use this great image as part of your visual marketing campaign for your new website. Appeal to your target market by using real-life scenario mockups and make an impact on the market! What are you waiting for? Start using mockup templates today!

Customize this Macbook mockup on a table in an office environment to help you advertise your new website to potential consumers and start achieving success in no time!

MacBook Pro Mockup of a Girl at a Library

This Macbook mockup template features a pretty lady using her sleek Macbook Pro to do important research at the library, she could be working on her master’s degree or preparing a class or presentation, it’s up to you to decide what shows on the laptop’s screen. All you need to do is drag and drop a screenshot straight into the MacBook Pro, or simply type the URL above and Placeit will do it for you. Use this MacBook mockup right away to enhance online marketing.

Laptop Mockup Featuring a MacBook Over a Dining Table at the Garden 

Looking for a winning marketing template to showcase your new website or web app? This Placeit stock photo mockup is a stunning scene featuring a MacBook laptop, displaying your new website in action, sitting atop an outdoor dining table in a lush green garden. This template has a desirable warm, bright vibe and perfectly blends rustic charm elements with today’s cutting edge and modern technology. This scene works hard for just about any website or web app and appeals to almost every consumer demographic. Do not hesitate to make it work for you. Get a custom mockup of this template now by simply uploading a screenshot of your liking onto the MacBook in the template, or inputting the URL so Placeit can do it for you. Choose this professional and effective stock photo mockup today and get on your way to outstanding marketing appeal.


Use stock photos from Placeit marketing tools to upgrade your marketing strategy today! This laptop mockup features a businessman at a restaurant using his MacBook Pro. While he waits for the waitress to bring him his food, he accidentally comes across your new website and instantly falls in love with it. Wouldn’t you love displaying your new iOS app or website to potential consumers in such a relatable way? The main focus of this image is the screen of the laptop, which is perfectly positioned for your marketing needs. To use Placeit’s photo mockups, just simply upload a screenshot of your choice onto the MacBook in the template, or input the URL so Placeit can do it for you. Choose this attractive stock photo and take your visual marketing strategy to the next level right away.

MacBook Mockup Template at a Creative Office Environment

Take a look at this beautiful MacBook mockup template at a creative office environment, don’t imagine how great your new app or website will look while being displayed in this setting, go ahead and try it out right away to see for yourself; all you need to do is type your URL above or drag and drop an image straight into the MacBook Pro to create a compelling visual asset that will enhance your advertorial campaign.

Mockup of a Girl in a Flower Dress Using a MacBook at Home

Use this original stock photo mockup from Placeit to advertise your latest website or web apps in a relatable way to your potential consumers. This Macbook mockup features a young woman in a floral dress sitting at home using a Macbook. Is she working on a presentation, sending an email to an old friend or is she simply checking her social media accounts? Who knows! The possibilities are endless. Use one of Placeit’s mockups within a real-life context and leave a lasting impression on your consumers right away. To start using mockups just simply upload an image onto the template or input a URL and Placeit will do the rest of the work for you. Using stock photos is really easy, besides it allows you to cut down on expensive marketing campaigns. So wait no more and start using them today!

If you would like to see more of our Macbook mockups, then click here and access our entire gallery.

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