PC Mockups in Office Settings

Mockups are a great way to showcase your business, design or website to potential customers, partners and your consumer demographic as a part of your app marketing campaign, and Placeit makes it really simple for you to use these mockups at an office environment, take a look at this selection of 10 PC mockups.

Desktop PC Mockup Generator of Lady at Work


This is a great shot of a beautiful lady working at a corporate office. This image features a Desktop PC mockup in which you will be able to showcase your new website or app to present its new features to potential users, business partners, and existing customers, by using visual assets you will enhance your app marketing campaign, try using this PC mockup right away!

This mockup template features a desktop PC and PC laptop mockups in which you will be able to showcase your new website or web app to create an impact on your consumer demographic, all you need to do is type your URL above and Placeit will deliver a compelling image for you to add to your app marketing campaign. Try this desktop mockup template at a corporate office right away!
This stock photo template features a young female student using a PC at a creative office. Is she finishing work? Doing research for a special project? Or is she simply emailing a friend? The possibilities are endless! Use this mockup to advertise your website and reach your specific target market at a glance. Your website will look great being displayed on this PC screen. To use stock photos all you have to do is drag and drop an image onto the device on the template and Placeit will resize it so you can start enjoying great visual content right away.

There is a lot going on in this laptop mockup. A young blonde woman is sitting at a long, white table. She is working on a white laptop. The noise-canceling panels in front of her suggest she is in a library. There is someone unseen, sitting across from her to her left using the same type of laptop. Her nails are painted a dark color. She is wearing two friendship bracelets on her left wrist. She is wearing a light, denim blouse. On the table next to her are an iPad in its notebook and an iPhone. This is an intelligent, working mockup for your product screenshot. The stage is a large 1920 x 1080 px.

Are you in need of a creative way to market your business or professional helpful website? Then what you need is to incorporate Placeit’s mockup templates and video templates, into your online marketing strategy. What makes Placeit’s so great? Because Placeit is an incredible and entertaining marketing tool. Look at this professional scene, for example; it features a young professional businesswoman, working hard at her desk. She’s smiling at her screen, so you can tell that whatever is on her screen is making her job so much easier. The modern office background in this mockup helps provide a fresh, young, yet professional feel to this scene. Plus, the great lighting really illuminates the large screen of the ViewSonic Desktop. All of these elements combined to create an effective marketing tool for your use. All you need to do is to drag a screenshot from your website and place it onto the ViewSonic Desktop’s screen and then download the template. It truly is that easy to turn a Placeit template into a great marketing tool, to promote your online business.
Do you have a website or provide a service that is designed for business professionals? Then what you need is a fun online marketing tool for your business to grow and expand. That’s where Placeit’s mockups and templates come in. Take this scene for example. It features two young professionals collaborating on an important project. The young man is working on his Asus Laptop and that laptop’s screen is positioned perfectly for your use. Just drag and drop a screenshot of your website or web app directly into the PC laptop’s screen and it will adjust automatically; you will be able to download the image and that’s it! You have created a fun promotional tool in just a few seconds. Share this image with potential users and clients as a part of your online marketing strategy.
This laptop mockup features a young man typing on his black PC laptop as he also uses a black iPad in a portrait position, both devices are set up over a wooden desk and we can also notice a coffee mug and a notepad next to the laptop and the tablet. This is a great mockup template in which you will be able to showcase your new app or mobile responsive website in two different devices. Go ahead and use this PC laptop and iPad mockup template as a part of your app marketing campaign right away.
Bring your product to life with the LG G3 smartphone and HP Laptop mockup generator. Both devices are shown here, the LG G3 is being held by this young woman in portrait position. Show end users the versatility of your product as a professional endeavor on the laptop, or as a portable escape from their mundane everyday activities on a smartphone. The earth tones within this template provide an excellent contrast to any digital image and will draw the focus of consumers directly to your product. Not many products have the versatility that your android app and website offers; you know it, and it’s time to help clients see this opportunity clearly as well! Drag a screenshot of your image onto one or both of the devices shown here to bring your product to life! If you’ve got your image in a URL instead, select “Grab Screenshot From URL” above the image, and type in the URL when prompted. Voilá! By showing your clients how your product will look in their daily lives, you are helping them to see how much they truly need what you’re offering.
Get ready to leave a lasting impression on your target audience with this sophisticated Asus Zenbook Placeit mockup template. There truly is no better way to frame your website in success than with this polished scene of a young professional business woman showing off your product on her Asus Zenbook in landscape position. She confidently sits behind it, dressed in a crisp black pinstriped suit and white collar shirt, slightly fading away into the background as your website takes all the focus in this perfectly designed template. She can’t wait to show off your website to her boss, coworkers and the world. Doesn’t she look smart and accomplished behind your website? Don’t miss out on this one, just drag and drop a screenshot of your new website directly onto the screen or type a URL in above and Placeit will automatically adjust it for a custom mockup. Download your Asus Zenbook Placeit template and put your Placeit marketing plan into action today.
😉 Looking for more PC mockup ideas? Then make a splash into our ever-growing mockups collection.

A black Dell laptop stands open in a brightly lit corporate office on top of a highly reflective glass desk. This is an extra wide image with a laptop mockup that supports a 1366 x 768 px stage. To the left is a chrome based white lamp. The background suggests a large window that also lets in more than adequate light. To the right is a burred image of the left shoulder of a prototype robot…..no, more likely to be a large copier or some other piece of high-tech office equipment. Either way, your product screenshot will look outstanding in this futuristic office environment. If needed, take a look at the tablet mockups!

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