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Digital Mockups for Your Productivity App

You do not want to miss out on these latest device mockups for your productivity app from Placeit marketing tools. If you’re like me and have a hard time choosing from all these outstanding options, you’ll be pleased to know that Placeit’s app marketing software makes it easy to try these templates out first by creating a custom mockup featuring your app right on the devices. So don’t hesitate to click through and see these scenes at their best with a quick and easy-to-make look-see at what these digital mockups can really do for you. Take your marketing strategy to a bold, polished, and professional level today with these device mockups for your awesome new productivity app:

Black iPhone & iPad on Office Desk Featuring Business Documents Mockup

Device Mockup iPhone and iPad on Office Papers Placeit Stage Image

This iPhone mockup template is great for targeting business users. Specifically, this is a great template for those focusing on finance applications. The template features an iPad on a slight angle, an iPhone laid to the left of it and underneath, many different financial projections and papers and a pair of glasses laid on top of a silver office table. This is a multi-device shot so it’s great for any type of multi-platform app.

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Black iPad & White Galaxy Over Notebook and Pen Mockup

This iPad mockup template features a black iPad and a white Samsung Galaxy laying on top of concrete. The Samsung Galaxy is laid on top of a notebook. Directly next to the Samsung galaxy, we also have a pen. This is a great mockup template for anyone focusing on taking notes, reading, research or productivity use cases. This template could work for business users or consumers.

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Samsung Galaxy 4G Lte at Construction Design Work Area Mockup

A civil engineering or architecture website? This stage will compliment your design. It is a Samsung Galaxy mockup over blueprints on a concrete table. The usable area is 1280×800 px. You can upload an image or choose a website to display. If you target audience works in the construction industry, this is your stage.

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Samsung 4G Lte on Wooden Office Desk Mockup

On a light brown wooden table, under a black keyboard, lays a Samsung 4G Lite. This stage is elegant and shows a creative agency. So, if your audience is comprised of creatives, designers or writers and you are looking for a Samsung 4G mock-up, choose this one.

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Samsung Galaxy 4 on Personal Work Station Mockup

This stage is perfect for a serious business feel. In the center, you have a Samsung Galaxy 4, set to portrait mode, holding an image of 1080 by 1920 pixels. Off to the sides, you have an open laptop with the keyboard showing and some workbooks with a pen. All of these is set on a nice, leather workstation. This will really give your mockup a professional look.

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Woman Working on an iPhone & MacBook Air Mockup

This scene is the perfect marketing tool for everyone. Do you have an app or website that helps with productivity? Or a fun new social app or game? Perhaps you have a website that helps students? The great thing about this mockup, is that it doesn’t matter what your app is this mockup will work for you. This scenario features a young woman sitting at a table at home; she is wearing a hot pink sweater and is holding an white iPhone 6 in portrait position with her left hand while browsing through a Macbook Air. This is a very bright image which lets both apple devices stand out and steal the spotlight. Having two different screens means you can upload two different screenshots to this mockup, making it twice as effective as an online marketing tool. Go ahead and try it out real quick so you will have an amazing image you will be able to share within coworkers, potential clients and users.

Man Using a MacBook at the Office Mockup

Place your start-up product screenshot into this multi-tasking Macbook mockup. This is a high-yield office environment. The Macbook sits on top of a sturdy, white work table and is hardwired to the Internet by a red cable. Two of the USB ports are being used. One is connected to an iPhone on the left. The hard working user has a mug of strong coffee to his right and plenty of light from the picture window. The stage sits at a right angle and will display an image at 1280 x 800 px.

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Young Man Working on his MacBook Pro and iPhone 6 Mockup

This multi-device stock photo template has your name all over it; literally, you can showcase your new iOS app and/or website with this commanding and innovative Placeit marketing tool. This template features a young man working on a MacBook Pro laptop in angled landscape orientation while holding a black iPhone 6 in portrait position. With a simple white table and chair as well as a green covered book as the only other elements in the scene, your app and/or website gets full exposure to capture your target markets’ undistracted attention. Don’t hesitate to try this stock photo now with a custom mockup. It’s quick and easy to use Placeit’s marketing software; just upload your own screenshot or input the URL so Placeit can do it for you and you’re ready to see this stock photo at its best. Try Placeit’s polished and professional marketing tools today.

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Apple Cinema Display & iPad Working Environment Mockup

This mockup template features a Apple cinema display and an iPad. The iPad is on a stand and the cinema display is on a slight angle. Also in the stage, there is a macbook pro laid out to the side. You can use both displays in this stage to show two different screens. The user is using a bluetooth Apple keyboard and is wearing a grey sweater. The setting is perfect for a creative office space.

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Black iPad in Business Meeting Mockup

Looking for a great iPad mockup template in a business setting? Well, you found it! This template features a female user at a meeting using her black iPad (landscape). In the stage, we see two female colleague and two male colleagues. They are all sitting at a brown conference table and having a nice conversation. This mockup template would be great for focusing on business users. Your app could be anything from video conferencing to note taking to email!

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If you’ve enjoyed these Placeit digital mockups for your new productivity app then it’s time to try one on for size with a custom mockup or further explore our constantly growing gallery of 1000+ videos and mockups all designed to make you look your best. Your target markets can relate to these persuasive scenes and will really enjoy the diversity of these attractive and interesting scenarios but most importantly of all, Placeit stock photo mockups leave a lasting and memorable impression. Frame your new productivity app in sleek sophistication today.

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