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+50 Glamorous Barbie Shirts & More to Step Into a Fab World

+50 Glamorous Barbie Shirts & More To Step Into A Fab World

We’re only a few days away from the Barbie movie release, starring the talented Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. Due to the massive media campaigns to promote the film, millions worldwide eagerly anticipate its release, which means we’re just in time to start preparing for the big event and pop your business with pink and glitter. 

Whether you’re designing Barbie shirts for your clothing line, promoting your designs with doll mockups, or creating fashionable social media graphics, including videos about this topic, we’ve got you covered with the most glamorous Barbie-inspired templates.

Come on, Barbie, Let’s Design! 🎀

When Is Barbie the Movie Coming Out?

The most iconic doll from Mattel is stepping out of the fantasy world to be part of the real human world and will arrive in worldwide theaters on July 20.

In this new audiovisual release by Greta Gerwig, Barbie will leave behind, break the stereotypes that have surrounded the world’s most famous doll for decades, and present a fresh, redefined concept that will transform our perception of Barbie. Following up with this line, Placeit by Envato also dared to break patterns and offer an entire Barbie shirts, mockups, logos, videos, and social media templates collection that are inclusive and diverse while still maintaining the original essence of the fabulous doll.

🦄 So without further ado, let’s add a bunch of glamor to any design you have in mind for your business to be in tune with what promises to be a box office hit.

Keep Your Shop Relevant With the Best Barbie Shirts

T-shirts are always best sellers and a must-have item for kids and adults in any wardrobe. So, as the movie release date approaches, we can see how searches for “Barbie shirts” are becoming more popular worldwide. This fact translates into a golden opportunity to take advantage of all shades of pink and prepare your business to include some fabulous Barbie shirts that surely will sell like hotcakes. 

The good news is that with Placeit, you can design your own Barbie shirts line in a matter of seconds and then send it to your favorite print-on-demand site or print it with your favorite local supplier.

Of course, remember that the Barbie brand has intellectual property, but that’s why Placeit created a wide array of Barbie-inspired designs so you don’t have any trouble selling them.  

Check out some Barbie shirt examples below:

💖 Pro Tip: Consider incorporating pink or lavender in different shades, whether vibrant or pastel, and include various design graphics to show variety and customization so everyone can feel identified with your apparel line.

Go Beyond and Create a Full Barbie Merch Line

If you were flabbergasted with Barbie shirts, look at this Google Trends chart highlighting the increase in the Barbie merch term. During the last three months, these keywords have ranked highly on search engines worldwide as the film approaches. 

As a result, big brands and retailers started launching a wide array of Barbie merch to keep up with the high demand, as we’re talking about a lucrative market. By now, you’re probably wondering how your small business can make a difference when competing with these big players. Well, here are a few reasons to adventure to pop your business with the lovely Barbie pink.

🔮 Personalization

  •  You can either create new products or adapt your current ones. In the first case, you can create a Barbie-inspired line that is easy to design without hiring a graphic designer.
  • Or you can incorporate small details to go in tune with the Barbie phenomenon.
  • In both cases, you have an advantage over big companies; you can create niche-oriented, unique, and customized designs ready to put on any item. For example, a water bottle can have, in glittery pink, your customer’s name or a simple mug can be printed with an image that depicts your customer.

🛼 Speed and Ease

  • As mentioned earlier, Placeit allows everyone to create unique designs, based on professional templates, in no time. So in one single day, you could have all the designs, images, videos, and promotional social media graphics you need to be in tune with this event. Also, as you won’t be mass producing, you count on more days to print a few items or leave that work to your print-on-demand supplier. 

💃🏼 Relevancy

  • Of course, as consumers, we always want to see our favorite brands and businesses include something in tune with what’s a hit at the moment. By joining the trend, people will undoubtedly come to your shop, whether offline or online, to buy these products. Plus, this shows you’re paying attention to trends, caring about what your customers would like to see, and clearly, will make you stand out from your competitors. 

🦄 Variety

  • Following a seasonal calendar and being in sync with all the worldwide popular events can make a difference to add a sense of renewal and keep things moving. If this is a common practice you start offering, you can create a sense of excitement and expectation when new relevant events occur.

🛍 Traffic and Sales

  • Under the limited edition or exclusive collection, you can tag these Barbie shirts and merch lines to create a sense of urgency. Only consider doing it asap as this theme will be relevant only for a few months more. 

To sum up, by implementing all these actions, you can rest assured that your products will definitely gain popularity around your local or online business. So, take the chance and get ready to design the most glamorous Barbie shirts, stickers, tote bags, mugs, candles, and water bottles. 

🤩 🌟 Want to know more? Learn how to make and sell stickers in a breeze with this easy-peasy guide! 

Design Your Dream Barbie Logo in a Breeze

Barbie has always been a fashionista icon that can now be part of your business, whether you’re a lawyer like Ellie Woods, a pilot, an interior designer, or a NASA engineer like Katya Echazarreta. As with Barbie, you can be anything, so your business logo.

With this motto in mind, Placeit, through its renovated Logo Maker, offers 100% customizable logo templates that can be transformed into anything you want. You don’t necessarily have to own a clothing, fashion business, or brand; you can adapt your industry using gorgeous icons, graphics, and images Placeit includes in its vast library. 

Simply pick any beautiful logo template and customize it to your style! 

Showcase Your Designs With the Most Original Barbie Mockups

Of course, to promote your new Barbie shirts or merch line, you’ve got to get some models. You might think it might be impossible due to the monetary investment and the time to look for some models, looking for a studio, and a professional photographer, but with Placeit, those days are left behind. Now, in just a couple of minutes, you can put your Barbie shirts and the design you’ve just created and then put them into any mockup! Best of all, for a fantastic price, that will get you access to all our assets, including designs, logos, mockups, and videos. 

So, no matter what you’re designing for this pink boom. Whether it’s a Barbie shirt, a girly mug, a glamorous blanket, or a fabulous tote bag, we’ve got everything you need to promote your Barbie designs with style! 

Check out our favorite pink and Barbie-inspired mockups

Pop Your Social Media Templates With a Good Dose of Pink

Social media is stronger than ever, especially when it comes to the wonderful marketing and PR efforts around Barbie the movie. So, to measure up, we’ve prepared a great collection of instagram posts, stories, youtube thumbnails, and Twitch sets to be in tune with the Barbie trend. 

🌈 Not feeling like templates? No worries, then check our Blank Canvas tool guide to unleash your imagination and create stunning Barbie graphics that reflect your own style.

What’s New on Social Media Related to Barbiecore?

As we saw on our May to August trends, Barbie filters were already popular, but as the movie release nears, we’ve seen our feeds filled with more pink accompanied by the catchy Barbie Song! So here’s how to get the most popular Barbie filters for Instagram and TikTok. 

Barbie Filter Instagram: How to Get It

For instagram, we’ve seen the beautiful one to promote each movie character. So if you want to get it, here’s the step-by-step. 

  1. Go to and click the “Start” button. 
  2. Upload a picture from your device or take one, and select “Continue”. 
  3. Now, make the necessary adjustments using the pink arrows and the bar. 
  4. Then click the pencil icon to decide if you’ll be a Barbie or Ken. Also, in the “This Barbie is” section, you can type anything on the bar or choose the aleatory button so the filter can give you a random activity, profession, or adjective. 
  5. Finally, on the color palette icon, you can choose the original Barbie pink color as a background or choose between 7 more shades. When done, click again “Continue”. 
  6. And that’s it; you’ll have your final look to download your JPG file. 

Barbie Filter TikTok

TikTok is well known for its wide array of filters, most of which are developed by users so the whole community can use them. Currently, AI filters are a big sensation because of the incredible and innovative visual effects that have the power to transform anything into something creative. Therefore, this Barbie AI filter is so popular because it gives users a look similar to Barbie and even works on objects. 

🎀 Fun fact: Since we began writing this blog post, 2.8M videos have been made using the Barbie filter, increasing to 3.9M now.

Let’s Take a Design Class Inspired by Barbie

We’ve collected some valuable resources to incorporate into your design when customizing these Barbie shirts, mockups, logos, videos, and social media templates on Placeit to ensure they look truly unique.

🛼 But hey, if you want to learn a comprehensive guide on How to Make Design Templates Not Look Like a Template, we’ll see you there!

Barbie Fonts

The font initially used in the beautiful and iconic Barbie logo was Dollie Script. However, as time passes by, there have been some iterations. But to not infringe on copyright, our talented design team has curated a typeface collection to achieve a similar look. These typefaces denoted femininity, playfulness, fun, and stylish, and most of them come in a curvaceous, rounded, or handwritten style, just like the beautiful Barbie logo. 

Click on each link to fully appreciate each typeface on our templates:

Barbie Icons

To add variation to each template made by Placeit, try incorporating the following graphics: sparkles, palms, heels, lipsticks, hearts, pink cars, roller skates, dreamhouses, tiaras, crowns, doll profiles, fairy wings, makeup, handbags, sunglasses, dresses, pearl necklaces, and pink buns.

Barbie Color Palettes

Regarding colors, pink is the king in all its shades. However, if you’re looking for the classic Barbie color, now it’s possible thanks to Pantone -a company that standardized colors- that made a tone just for this legendary fashionista character; the exact shade is 219 C. 

Pink is not the only color you can implement in your designs; there are still so many other colors to achieve a glam and fab look. Therefore, here are some excellent color palettes that are effective and visually appealing, inspired by the Barbie theme.






































🪩 Pro Tip: you can now check out our Placeit features blog post, in which we dive more into the ready-to-use color palettes to customize your designs faster. Some examples that will be a great match for any Barbie-inspired design are our Peachy and Pink Stream palettes.

To Wrap Up

No doubt movies present tons of opportunities for business owners around the world, whether it’s for boosting sales or increasing brand awareness. Everyone can adapt their business to these different events that capture the consumer’s attention. However, you need to be quick to adapt to this fast-paced environment.

Luckily, with your Placeit by Envato subscription by your side, you can unlock all the logos, mockups, videos, social media and gaming templates and make design is easier than ever! You can create custom designs and add them to your shop or print-on-demand site in a matter of minutes and still make all the promotional and organic assets to showcase your designs in a professional and aesthetic way.

🎀 Keep up to date on all events and trends with our Ecommerce and T-shirts calendar.

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