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How to Make a Creative School Logo?

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Something that will never expire is people constantly learning new things to apply in their professional environment or life. Schools will always be a great business for those who know how to communicate their values, majors, and philosophy to future students. Are you ready to communicate correctly? Start with your school logo! Whether for kindergarten or university, you can create yours in just a few minutes! 

Here’s What You’ll Find:

Your Logo Represents Your School’s Educational Essence

When students or parents search for a school, they will probably start by googling which one offers the academic level they need on specific topics. After some clicks and checking out pictures of installations, personnel, and school programs, they will choose to visit the one that catches their eye more and satisfies their academic needs.

When creating an educational logo, one of the things you have to be aware of is that while this search was happening, parents or students saw the logo, the branding (colors, picture style, written communication) and probably had an emotional impact and made up their own idea of what the school will be like. No worries if you think your current logo does not represent your school well! You can always redesign your logo and rebrand your school successfully or simply start from scratch to create one. 

What to Consider When Creating a School Logo?

Before designing your school logo, keep in mind your brand identity. If you have it clear, it will be easier to express and communicate it visually. Remember that, in the end, your logo will speak for you. It will say who you are, who is your target audience, and how you want to be perceived. 

To achieve this balance, you have to include the correct elements. As you know, a logo includes different characteristics such as colors, graphics, icons, and typography. Nothing is put just for its sake; there is a background behind it, which is why we have created this small list: to help you successfully build your logo. 


When we talk about educational graphics, they normally have a shape that can be applied to different things like uniforms or school spirit merch. We normally see different shapes or icons that represent the institution:

Using Your School’s Mascot as a Logo

If your school focuses on young children or teenagers, a good idea may be to relate your logo with mascots. These kinds of elements usually represent school spirit and playful and fun vibes. So if you want to associate an animal with your logo, try to link it with what it means. For example, an owl could be perfect if your school is focused on academics and intellectuals.

Abstract Shapes

Schools that use abstract icons are more about representing an emotion or concept. Some usual concepts are “moving forward” or “growth”, but it can be any concept you choose to represent as your school’s central one. Think really well of the icon’s meaning if you select this graphic resource. You will need to have a story behind it.

Shields to Represent Authority

A shield represents authority and security. But it also denotes your ideas, philosophy, and history. That is why you will notice that many higher education institutions often use this emblem, which is a classic for hundreds of universities worldwide.

Eco-Friendly Icons

Find graphics representing nature that will communicate that you are in touch with it and that you are showing kids to be more friendly with the planet. Perhaps knowing how to plant your own food or reuse materials are part of philosophy. This is something you can take advantage of and represent with your logo’s graphic.

Focus on Your Major

Explore which icon will immediately express what the major focus of the school is. If your focal point is on technology & software, icons referring to this topic will help future students identify your academic focus. If you have a culinary school, you can even be more specific and use graphics that represent it like cakes, cupcakes, etc. Art can be related to little-painted hands and science to atoms.

Fonts in your Educational Logo

Names are significant, and so is the font you choose to use. According to the strokes and weights is the sensation you will express to the student body. Here are some meanings: 


Colors in Your Institutional Logo

For the colors of your logo, we recommend using 3. This helps students and your community to relate faster with your educational center. On top of that, it is less expensive when you need to print stationery.

🔥 If you still don’t know which are the best colors for you, we suggest this blog post: logo color schemes, to get some ideas and find out each color’s meaning in detail.


Looking For Inspiration? Check Out These School Logos

If you need inspiration, we’ve got you covered! Here we bring you a collection of logos that have been designed for different educational levels, let’s see them!


Elementary and Secondary

High School

University and Higher Education

Online Courses


If you already have a name for your school and have a style in mind, the next step is easier! Learn how to create a unique and creative logo with Placeit by Envato

  1. Go to our logo maker.
  2. Enter your school name 
  3. Choose the industry that better suits you. In this case, “Education” or “Daycare” would be the most appropriate. Then click “Let’s Go”. 
  4. There, you’ll see a great collection of ready-to-use logos. Pick your favorite template and get ready to edit it!
  5. Once you’re on the editor, start typing your school name -and add a slogan if you have one-. 
  6. To modify any element, just click on it or select the elements on the right and left columns. Such as text, background, graphics, accents, and more. 
  7. When you’re happy with your logo, click on the purple button to download it, and that’s all! 

🎒If you want to learn more about logo guidelines, you can also read How To Create A Custom Logo

Amazing Mockups to Living the Go to School Spirit

Once you have the perfect logo, think about the ideal strategy to communicate the school’s spirit through different online or offline messages. You can place your school logo into stationery items, notebooks, mugs, and even clothing such as hoodies, t-shirts, and face masks! Use our vast mockup collection to find what you are looking for. 

📐 Create personalized school supplies that are popular with students and schools!

Get Ready for Your First Day

🐝 Surely, this is going to bee another great year. So get ready to create an A+ logo that will amaze your entire educational community, from students to teachers and parents. Just remember to take your time to design it and communicate your values and mission effectively. 

Lastly, if you want to take your enthusiasm and creativity to the next level, we suggest looking at our back-to-school templates. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect piece to promote your goals, whether offline or online; Placeit has a template to suit what you have in mind. 



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