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9 Back-to-School Marketing Ideas

Back To School Marketing

As summer comes to an end, it’s time for brand owners to gear up for back-to-school season! With students and their parents preparing for a new school year, there are tons of opportunities to market your brand and increase your sales. Here are some of the best back-to-school marketing you can use.

What You’ll Find: 

Why Should You Plan a Back-to-School Marketing Strategy?

Back to school is one most important retail periods after the winter holidays. It starts from mid-summer to early fall. Back-to-school shoppers will look for everything they need to start a new year, from school supplies and clothing to electronics. This is a great time to promote your brand. You should start promoting at the beginning of July.

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But enough of these previous and let’s review 9 of the best back-to-school ideas to start your campaign on time! 🤓👇

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First, Research for the Right Products

No matter how great your campaign is, if you are marketing the wrong product, you won’t see your sales increase. Promote products your user might actually use or need. 

You need to do research for the right trends and the right products.

1. Offer Student Discounts

Offering student discounts can attract students and their parents to your shop. This can also increase brand loyalty.

 👕  Offer cool back-to-school t-shirts! Offering back-to-school themes on your products will make your merch become very popular during this period. 

You can use custom back-to-school ads to promote your discounts on social media. Keep in mind with Placeit by Envato, you can create stunning ads in seconds with super cool templates such as product demos

2. Partner with Schools

Partnering with local schools can be a great way to promote your brand. You can offer to sponsor or donate products for school events or fundraisers.

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3. Social Media Campaigns

This one is a biggy, as usual. Use social media platforms to create back-to-school campaigns highlighting your products. Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are all super useful for getting the word out on your newest discounts.

You can use hashtags to increase visibility and offer exclusive discounts or deals to your followers. Also, using witty back-to-school captions and SEO-optimized descriptions can really help out your posts to become really popular. 

Create Interactive Content

You can share interactive content for customers, such as quizzes or sweepstakes. This can increase engagement and promote your brand.

4. Promote Bundle Deals

Create bundle deals that include two or more of your products at a discounted price. This can incentivize customers to purchase your products and increase sales.

Placeit social media bundle templates allow you to post multiple contents using the same brand guidelines. Use these to share content, products, promos, or even user-generated images!

5. Host In-Store Events

Hosting in-store events such as product demos or promotions can attract potential customers to your store and increase brand awareness. 

If you own an online shop, you can host a live stream to do the same thing!

6. Create Back-to-School Gift Guides

Create a back-to-school gift guide highlighting your products. This can help customers find the products they need and promote your brand.

7. Partner with Influencers

Partnering with influencers in the education or parenting niche can increase exposure for your brand and create trust with potential customers.

8. Create Unique Packaging

Create unique packaging for your products that stands out on store shelves. This can attract the attention of potential customers and increase sales. Custom packaging for the occasion will also look amazing on deliveries if you own an online store. Browse our beautiful and massive packaging mockups to start right away!

9. Send a Back-to-School Newsletter

Email marketing is also a great way to help your back-to-school campaign. You can design a special back-to-school newsletter with your deals, sneak peeks, and promo codes. 

Last Words

Back-to-school season can be a lucrative time for brand owners. By implementing these marketing ideas, you can increase brand awareness, attract new customers, and increase sales.


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