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How to Design Your Football Team Logo


What You’ll Find in This Post:

Instant Football Logos – No Experience Needed

Does your team need a new football team logo? You don’t have design skills? Do you need a football logo as soon as possible?

If you responded “yes” to any of the previous questions, you are in the right place! At Placeit by Envato, we have just released a sports logo maker tool that allows you to create high-quality team logo designs without the hassle. At last, you no longer need to wait for a graphic designer to deliver.

Eager to get your hands on the football logo maker? Let’s first show all the reasons why you will love this football logo generator.

What Makes Placeit’s Football Logo Maker Amazing?

✓ It is very simple and easy to use.

We discovered that team leaders, coaches, managers, and even designers needed sports team logos and that most of the time, the person that had the responsibility of coming up with a football logo for the team didn’t have the skills to do so or ended up paying big money for it. We also knew that the logo tools out there are not meant for sports but for businesses instead. Based on this valuable information, we created an easy-to-use tool that delivers professional logos.

✓ It is efficient.

Straight from your internet browser of choice, you are able to create the logo you are looking for. Even if your computer and internet connection is on the slower end, you will discover that Placeit’s sports logo maker works at a blazing fast speed. What’s even best, there’s no need to install any plugins to your browser or download any installation files at all. The only file you will end up downloading will be your finished image logo file. Talk about efficiency.

There’s a free option.

Check out Placeit’s free logo maker to play around with our free options!

✓ It is easy to customize.

With the many available fonts, colors, and graphics, you won’t have to spend days waiting for a designer to create the logo you are looking for because now you can create a football team logo without anybody’s help. We have pre-selected the tools and assets that you need to create the sports logo that your team will give a double thumbs up to. 👍

✓ It is original.

All our designs are modern and unique and have been created by our designers with your team’s victories in mind.

✓ It is cost-effective.

You can create a logo and download it for only $59, $39.95 USD, or you can get a Placeit subscription that allows you to download your logo and any other assets you may need for one low price. Once you download your logo, it will be stored on our servers in case you need to download it again in the future.

✓ We have the friendliest customer support.

In the very strange case that you get stuck somewhere in the logo creation endeavors, you can always contact our customer support and get quick and effective advice. We would also love to get your feedback so don’t hesitate to send us an email describing what you loved or expected about Placeit’s football logo maker so we can keep improving.


How to Create a Football Team Logo with Placeit’s Sports Logo Maker


Step 1 – Head to Placeit to Choose a Sports Logo Template

Head to Placeit, and on the top navigation bar, hover over Logos and hover over the Sports Logo Maker option. You will now see the available sports logo maker categories, including football, soccer, and other sports. Click on the sport that interests you to see all the sports logos for that category.

For this post, I went ahead and used the aggressive animal’s logo maker since I wanted that tough-looking graphic to represent the team. But you can choose any of these templates and customize them!

There’s even a specific football logo template packed with amazing graphics; check out some examples of the types of logos you’ll be able to create with the football logo maker.


We’ve designed many different graphics that should give you good ideas for a team name or match your team’s name. You can either choose to make a logo featuring an animal, make a logo featuring non-animal graphics, or make a logo with a badge design. Eagles, wolves, panthers, trojans, Apaches, pirates, medusas, sirens, you name it, we have them all!

All of these high-quality logo graphics have been professionally created by our team of designers. We are sure you are going to love them and that you will have a hard time finding graphics as detailed as these ones in another place or even a harder time creating one of these cool graphics yourself.

Step 3 – Type in Your Team’s Name and Choose a Font

Simply replace the text on the two text boxes on the left side of your screen with your team’s name. You can also tick and untick the text boxes in case you need one or two lines of text. In the “badge logos,” there’s an extra text field you will have to fill with one capital letter.

We have pre-selected the fonts that will make your logo stand out from the rest so that you don’t waste time and money purchasing expensive fonts online. Simply click on the drop-down menu beneath each text line to choose your favorite font.

Step 4 – Now Select Your Logo’s Colors

Based on your previous selections, go ahead and add some color to your designs. You can change the font colors and the color of the graphics. You are encouraged to try different hues, tints, tones, and shades until you get the exact color you are looking for. And, thanks to the color palette on the right side, you will be able to have your logo design look exactly as you want it to. Simply click on the “more” button and type in the HEX color that you want to use.

🔥 You can add a background color to your football team logo in case you want to have your logo printed on a poster, for example. If you instead need more versatility for your logo, you should choose the transparent option, which will make your logo easily placeable on top of any design you like. Take a look at this tutorial.

By now, you may have noticed that every change that you make to your design gets immediately applied. It works like magic, doesn’t it? Check out the final results!


A huge 4000 x 4000 pixels (72 DPI) PNG image file without a watermark!


You can use your logo for many different and cool purposes. From the obvious one, making football jerseys, to other creative ideas like making football t-shirts, hoodies, raglans, caps, posters, etc. You can also make the generated logo into a custom enamel pin, football medal, keychain, sticker, etc., on online platforms like, a top enamel pin maker in the United States.

Placeit by Envato equips you with the tool you need to create mockups to promote whatever item you decide to manufacture with your brand-new team logo. Let’s show you how.

Create Football Jersey Mockups With Your Logo

Make Women Tank Top Mockups With Your Logo

Create Men Football T-shirt Mockups With Your Logo

Design Women’s T-Shirt Mockups With Your Logo

Create Sweatshirt Mockup Videos With Your Logo

Generate Hoodie Mockups With Your Logo

Create Raglan Mockups With Your Logo

Make Snapback Mockups With Your Logo

Create Mug Mockups With Your Team Logo

Push It over the Goal Line with Placeit’s Logo Maker

Without a logo, a team is not a real team. Get your hands on the one and only football logo maker and let your opponents know who owns the field. Don’t waste time and money hiring a designer and waiting days for a logo design that won’t exceed your expectations.

Carry the ball and use Placeit’s Football Logo Maker to get your team on track. Once you have your logo, get custom football jerseys mockups from Placeit too!

🔥 With a subscription from Placeit, you get access to every sports design template and sports jersey mockup on the platform! Make as many sports assets and mockups as you like with no limits!

Placeit also has all kinds of sports logos for your team, no matter what game you play. Try our volleyball logo designs or football soccer logo designs to make winning logos you will want to wear proudly on your uniforms. You can also create running club logos, hockey team logos, biking logoswrestling logos, golf logos, and so much more.

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