Welcome to Thinkies. A Thinky is a GIF of thoughtful quotes, slowed down so you read the whole thing. Today, we feature Ryan Singer‘s “Designing with Forces: How to Apply Christopher Alexander in Everyday Work ” conference.


Ryan is an expert in UI design and product management. He is currently working for Basecamp and gives conferences around the world. In this particular conference, he talks about his admiration for Christopher Alexander‘s work. Ryan notes how Christopher’s work solved problems much more efficiently than other people’s.

Throughout his conference, Ryan explains the whole design process under his theories based on Christopher’s. In his talk, Ryan gets in the mind of the user in one the most effective and detailed ways we’ve ever seen, using real world examples of his work to elaborate on his theories. If you’re interested in UX design, you should definitely dig deeper into Ryan Singer’s work.

You can watch the conference below:

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