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Top 13 Summer T-Shirt Design Trends

Summer is undoubtedly one of the favorite seasons for many, and it’s also a hit for POD sellers who want to boost their sales. Therefore, we couldn’t fail to update this list, which includes 10 summer t-shirt design trends that will surely be a sensation this season. Let’s dive in! 

But Before, Here’s What You’ll Find:

Did you know that cool graphic tees have been around since the 1950s? So it’s safe to say that this particular garment is pretty much immortal, not just a seasonal trend. We also know that t-shirts are one of the most popular print-on-demand products, and even though there’s a lot of competition, designing and selling t-shirts is a thriving business.

Another great thing about T-shirts? They’re perfect for summer. Their confection is ideal for covering up while you stay cool outdoors. They’re versatile for you to wear all through fall when you can layer them and pair them up with a blazer.

Now let’s get to the most popular trends you’ll be looking at for summer.

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10 Summer Design Trends That Will Rock this Season

1. 90s T-Shirts

We can honestly say now that 90s fashion is all about nostalgia and great memories. Use 90s style, graphics, and even use some awesome references to design your t-shirts. Remember Goosebumps? or the Power Rangers? You can find all kinds of 90s-inspired designs on Placeit.

2. Esoteric Shirts

It’s all about the good vibes, right? After a few harsh years, everybody craves welfare, health, and good vibes. Sometimes this includes talking about adding some magic to your life.  Create some charming t-shirt designs for this summer. Opt to include elements like glitter, crystals, moons, positions, letters, fantastic animals, and more! 

Design T-Shirts full of love, inspiration, light, and mental health.

3. Scream Loud How Proud You Are

June is the official pride month, but you can wear your pride all year long!

You’re part of a community with a strong sense of belonging, so wear it proudly. Wear your colors with pride and let everybody know that equality matters and, in the end, love wins. Also, know that there’s beauty in diversity, so when offering LGBT t-shirts, include a range of designs for non-binary, gay, bisexual, transgender, and everyone that identifies as part of this diverse community.

🌈 We recommend you to read this mini-guide that talks about the do’s and don’ts for your pride marketing campaign.

4. Text Is All You Need

This summer, we have a design trend consisting of lettering and nothing else. So we could talk about a minimalist design. However, don’t let that stop you from printing motivational and powerful messages. Also, to stand out, choose some quotes with all the energy of summer.

Lastly, if you find this trend a bit simple -since it doesn’t carry images or any graphics-try giving it a fun touch with experimental, expressive, and even bubble typographies, since they’re a design trend

5. Welcome Back, Punk T-Shirts

That’s right! Rebellion is back with punk-styled t-shirts!

6. Artsy Shirts

Get creative! This is the time to wear something that is super expressive and full of meaning! When thinking about artsy shirts, there are many styles you can try out. Check out these templates to start choosing your own designs.

7. Spice It Up with Cool Graphics

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like T-shirts with cool and fun graphics? Unlike the first summer t-shirt trend, this second one is ideal for an incredible message with a graphic that everyone will want to wear. 

Have fun adding beach graphics, palm trees, waves, sun, cold drinks, sunglasses, sea animals, and surfboards.

8. Choose What Makes You Bloom

To continue with this summer vibe, the third t-shirt trend arrives, consisting of wearing flowers and more flowers! Here, you can use your creativity to design some floral shirts or just a few touches to give you a fresh, delicate, and happy look. Combine this design with soft colors.


9. The Future of Money

The world of cryptocurrencies is still on fire! -and the temperature too- so, what better than to showcase a t-shirt that represents this topic that becomes more popular as the months go by. At Placeit, we have hundreds of them to inspire tech geeks.

10. Relax, It’s All About Vintage Vibes

It seems that many trends from the past are making a comeback, such as the vintage vibe, which is ideal for showing off retro elements! Start by giving your t-shirts a new look. 

We recommend using pastel or pale colors to contrast with the dark color of borders and lettering.

11. Just Follow the Rainbow to Find a Treasure

To add a little more color to warm days, try a 100% rainbow trend! This summer t-shirt trend pairs perfectly with pride month and different dreamy or happy elements. Although it also relates to the world of unicorns and luck!

So, as Maya Angelou said, “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” and customize your t-shirts to attract more enthusiasts!

12. Let the World Hear You Roar

This summer is perfect for making various dinosaur t-shirts. Maybe this trend is since the new Jurassic World movie will be released. So, all fans will surely want to wear colorful and fresh t-shirts with a special item that has been around for millions of years. Get your POD merchandise ready to make your buyers look adora-saurable! 🦖

13. Add a Little Bit of Spice, with Pun Intended

Try the pun-intended style to add some fun and humorous touches to this season. So, get to work and get ready to bring out your best inventions to print them soon! We’re sure you’re going to make up some good ones.

Some T-Shirt Styles to Complement Your Designs

To prove that you are aware of the fashion world, we recommend you print your designs on these types of T-shirts, which have arrived to conquer this summer.

  • Cropped t-shirt. This style is perfect for hot days, whether you’re at home, out for a walk, or going to the beach. Ideally, it should be a material such as cotton because it helps absorb moisture and sweat. Also, you can opt for a very similar style, the “baby t-shirts” that are short and allow more freedom of movement and look spectacular. 
  • Baggy t-shirts. This style has been a favorite since 2020, and no wonder why! Maybe it’s because it allows us to walk in total comfort, soft and loose. In addition, they look great in shorts. 
  • Tank top t-shirts. These are ideal for days when the temperature rises, but don’t forget to recommend the use of sunscreen! But back to the point, we love this style because they’re very versatile and give a very relaxed vibe. 
  • Long sleeve t-shirts. Of course! Summer also has its gray and cold days, and for those moments, it’s better to have a design that protects our skin. Best of all, it can be reused for the following seasons, so make sure it has a design that goes with any season of the year. 

Best of all is that Placeit has it all to showcase your designs in a beautiful way, and without worrying about models or sets, just pick the right setting, and your designs will come to life.

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Bonus Guide: How to Style Graphic Tees

Once you’re ready to promote your summer designs, make sure to style them properly. Seriously, who doesn’t have at least ten T-shirts in their closet? You can pull off tons of looks that can go from comfy to stylish when done correctly. Here’s a list of tricks to style them and sell the garment as part of a whole look for summer:

  • Graphic tees go great with flowy, colorful skirts.
  • Novelty jeans can really upgrade a tee when paired up with heels.
  • Shorts and sneakers are perfect for graphic tees, especially for coastal cities during the summer.
  • Tees and kimonos are also a super modern trend that looks great and feels comfortable.
  • Colorful accessories can lift a look when they contrast enough with your t-shirt color.
  • White skirts, jeans, or shorts are a never-ending trend for summer, and they’re the perfect complement to drive attention to the t-shirt.
  • Ripped denim and a t-shirt with a knot are the ideal way to state that it’s summer and you’re fully invested in relaxing.

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All Set for Summer!

There are tons of fabulous trends and dates coming up to make cool t-shirts this year. So the best advice we can give you is to keep your calendar handy so as not to miss any special dates. Go now to check out the updated t-shirt calendar and find out what’s coming in the following months!

But for now, it’s time to prepare your cool summer t-shirts. Share if you found this post helpful or if you want to let your customers know what’s hot for the season. See ya soon, and let us know your favorite trend for this summer! 

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