For this month creating a funny mother’s day shirt to celebrate moms all over would be a great idea, but it’s not the only holiday in the month. Celebrate those who have fought for freedom by making a memorial day shirt.

Check Design Templates out by clicking on the images. 

Newspaper Calendar Icon

Press Freedom Day

May 3

No Pants Day

May 4
Lightsaber Calendar Icon

Star Wars Day

May 4

Free Comic Book Day

First Saturday of May
Nurse Hat Calendar Icon

Nurses Day

May 12

Museum Day

May 18

World Day for Cultural Diversity

May 21
Mom Calendar Icon

Mother's Day

Second Sunday of May
Lightsaber Calendar Icon

Talk Like Yoda Day

May 21
Molecule Calendar Icon

International Day for Biological Diversity

May 22
Turtle Calendar Icon

World Turtle Day

May 23
Treasure Map Calendar Icon

National Scavenger Hunt Day

May 24

Memorial Day

Last Monday of May
Towel Calendar Icon

Towel Day

May 25
Paper Plane Calendar Icon

National Paper Airplane Day

May 26
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