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Learn the Benefits of Having a Custom Logo to Represent Your Dental Practice

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Why Does Your Dental Clinic Need a Logo?

Are you thinking about starting your own dental practice or does your current one need a little freshening up? Having a logo is a great way to build patient trust and to be recognized as a business. We have many options to build it, so you just have to worry about handling cavities and we’ll handle your logo! Check out some examples in the slider below and then make your own dental logo!

How to Make a Dental Logo with Placeit

With Placeit’s Dental Logo Maker, having a professional dental logo for your clinic is super easy. With a few clicks, you’ll have a logo you love in no time. Follow the instructions below or watch the video to learn how you can have a stunning logo in no time:

  1. Write in your dental practice’s name, you can change the font style and color to suit your style.
  2. Choose the orientation of the logo, there are four options, play around with them and see which one you like best.
  3. Pick an icon that goes with the style your clinic will have. There are many icons and characters to choose from.
  4. Select a background color, you may choose a texture as well.
  5. Download it and start using it everywhere!

Dental Clinic Logo Colors & Styles

When creating your dental logo, colors and styles are really important to show what type of dental clinic you are, as well as what types of services you provide. A quick way of showcasing this is to choose carefully the icon that will represent your practice. On Placeit’s Dental Logo Maker we have a lot of icons for dental practices such as for children, families, or orthodontics, whichever you need!

Color Palettes For Your Dental Practice

When choosing what color palette you’d want to use for your dental logo there are a few things you should keep in mind, below we listed some colors and their meaning when applied to logos and offices:

  • Blue: Using a darker shade of blue can signal authority and trust and light blue signals peace and serenity. Using these colors for your logo can help you establish your practice as a trustworthy place with capable doctors. Painting the insides of your clinic light blue can always help put your patients at ease, which is something we all want from our dentists.
  • Green: A good color for your logo because it reminds people of growth, nature, and good luck. It’s a color that goes well with blue, so keep it in mind when creating your logo.
  • Yellow: Is usually related to happiness, optimism, and warmth. Using toned-down shades of yellow can help you achieve these feelings while using stronger shades of yellow might signal caution.
  • Orange: This color represents energy and good health, which are great attributes for a medical office. Bonus: It’s really attractive to children so if your dental practice centers around them, it’s a good color to consider having around.

Branding For Your Dental Practice

An important part of building a trustworthy business is having a brand people recognize. Make the most out of your brand new dental logo by applying it to several types of promotional material like t-shirts, face masks, wallpapers for your office computers, or even appointment cards to give out to patients so they don’t forget their next session:

Having a professional dental logo for your clinic will allow you to earn the trust of your patients and create that atmosphere of confidence in your practice that is so important as a medical professional. You don’t have to stop at your logo either, consider making more marketing assets like a business flyer. Personalize your logo today in no time, without having to use complicated design tools and without having to download anything more than your awesome logo when it’s ready!

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“I made a pro logo in no time with Placeit’s logo maker, I love it!”
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