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Create a Standout Medical Logo for Your Practice

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Design a Medical Logo to Take Your Practice to the Next Level

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Whether you’re a young professional planning to start a private practice or an experienced M.D. looking to branch out and open your own private clinic, chances are you could use a little bit of help with the visual aspects of your practice. After years of medical school, there’s no doubt you have the experience to offer superb medical services, but how will you convince people to trust your skills? Developing a professional medical logo and marketing assets to go along with it are a great place to start!

We know that your years in medical school probably didn’t cover graphic design skills, but there’s no need to worry. Placeit has all the tools you need to design a medical logo that represents your clinic perfectly!

What’s in a Medical Logo?

There’s no doubt you’ve seen plenty of medical logos all around, from medical insurance company logos to your own general doctor’s. When you think of these medical logos, what jumps out at you or what makes them easily identifiable? Is it the color of the logo’s elements, the icon in the logo, or is it the name of the company and their signature typography? Usually, the perfect combination of all three of these elements will result in a memorable logo that the public can identify quickly.

So, the next question is, how do you use these elements to create a professional logo for your medical practice? Before even starting to design your logo you will have to decide what you want your logo to communicate. Think about your practice’s values, your mission, how you want your patients to feel, and, of course, your medical field or specialty. Once these ideas are clear, designing a logo will be much easier. Use the following three elements to design a medical logo that makes sense for your practice:

Icon: Choosing your logo icon is quite easy because your icon should clearly show that you work in the medical field. You can stick to using icons that are traditionally used in the medical field or icons that reflect your specialty. Using the right icon will help patients identify what you do a lot more easily.

Color– Typically, medical logos include the colors red, blue, or green. Blue is a popular color in the medical field because it reflects trust, knowledge, professionalism, and cleanliness. Green reflects growth and balance, two things that make people feel at ease. Finally, red is used to reflect passion and strength. The colors you choose will depend on your brand, your target, and your specialty.

Typography– It’s super important that any text included in your logo is legible so that it is easy to read and identify. Choose a simple font that gives your logo a unique yet professional finish.

How to Design a Medical Logo Yourself

If you’re getting stressed thinking about how you are going to create a professional logo, there’s really no need to worry. Placeit has the perfect logo maker tool that makes creating a logo a breeze. You can skip the complicated process of hiring a designer and instead do it yourself right in your browser. If your medical brand already has a logo, but it doesn’t quite reflect what your business is about, rebranding your business is always an option.

To make your own logo using Placeit, simply follow these steps:

  1. Choose a medical logo template that fits your practice.
  2. Type in your practice’s name and choose your fonts.
  3. Select an icon and layout for your logo.
  4. Choose colors for the background, icons, and fonts.
  5. Hit the blue download button!

You can see just how easy it is to create your medical in this instructional video:

Logo Design for Different Medical Specialties

As you may have noticed, not all medical logos look the same. This is mainly due to the fact that the medical field is quite large and includes a wide variety of specialties. While a pediatric clinic may use a child-friendly logo that puts a smile on your face, a general doctor might use a more serious logo to appeal to a larger patient base. Placeit’s logo maker offers variety for this very reason. Whether you’re looking to design an optometrist logo or a pediatric logo, you’ll find the elements you need at Placeit. Check out some examples of the logos you can make below:

Create a Kid-Friendly Pediatric Logo

When designing a logo for a pediatric clinic stick to friendly colors and youthful graphics. These will be perfect for the young patients you’re welcoming into your clinic.

Make a Pediatric Logo

Design an Optometrist Logo

An optometrist logo should include graphics that reflect the field you work in. Stick to graphics like eyes, glasses, and eye charts. It also doesn’t hurt to include your specialty so that prospective patients know what field you specialize in.

Design an Optometrist Logo

Create a Chiropractic Logo

Your chiropractic logo should include soothing colors that will make your patients feel at ease. There are different icon types you can choose from, including images of backs and more abstract icons.

Create a Chiropractic Logo

Therapist and Psychologist Logo Maker

A popular trend with psychologist logos or therapist logos is to include a head graphic that illustrates that your work focuses on the mind. You can also opt to use more abstract graphics that represent growth and stability.

Design a Psychologist Logo for Your Practice

Logo Maker for Alternative Medicine Practices

If you practice alternative medicine your logo will look a bit different than those used by general practitioners and surgeons because your work is geared towards natural and holistic practices. Using natural hues like greens and earth tones will make more sense for the patients you’re targeting.

Design an Alternative Medicine Logo

Make a Logo for Your Medical Center

Your medical center will benefit from a well-designed logo that is professional and clear. Your color palette will depend on the services offered at your clinic or medical center. For example, a hospital logo should include more corporate colors like blues and reds.

Create Your Own Medical Center Logo

Design a Friendly Dental Logo

Going to the dentist can cause stress for anyone, no matter how young or old they are. This is why your dental logo should include friendly graphics and calming colors while maintaining a professional appearance.

Create a Custom Dental Logo

Leave a Lasting Impression on Your Patients By Developing a Strong Medical Brand

Once your medical logo is perfect, don’t stop there! You can use Placeit to create professional business essentials for your practice. You can use your logo to guide you as you design a business a card, flyers, and other materials since you want all of your branding materials to follow the same theme. This will give your practice a cohesive image that will make it look more professional and will help your patients identify you clearly. Placeit has tons of medical business card makers, healthcare flyer templates, and even online banner makers to advertise your services online and through social media. Even though you’ll be seeing your patients in your clinic, having a strong online presence is essential. Most people research doctors and clinics online before deciding to schedule an appointment, so give this area plenty of your attention.

Get Your Practice up and Running with a Little Help from Placeit

We know that you’re a doctor and not a designer, but even so, with a little bit of help, you can design a professional medical logo for your brand. Thanks to Placeit, designing your logo has never been easier. In fact, you can design your logo, business cards, flyers, face masks for your office, and more right in your browser with no need to go back and forth with a designer. With Placeit’s unlimited plan, all of the tools you need to get your practice off to a running start will be at your fingertips! Go ahead and give it a try so you can see how easy it really is to design your medical logo in minutes.

“Designing a logo for my medical practice took no time with Placeit’s logo maker!”
Marco Jensen 5/5
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