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Make a Christmas Card & Spread the Joy!

Christmas Card Envelope

Is your brand ready for the holidays? Are you getting ahead of your promotions calendar? Are your scheduled posts ready? Get ahead of the mad rush of the final days of the year and get your Christmas cards ready!

Getting your strategies straight before this season is very important because:

A) It’s the best time of the year to make sales!

B) It’s also the busiest time of the year! 

Son plan ahead you Christmas wishes for you best customers and get your designs ready to send away!

Christmas Lights

Send Your Best Wishes with
Placeit’s Christmas Card Maker

Sending your thoughts and best wishes to your loved ones on Christmas is a simple gesture that they will surely appreciate! It doesn’t take much time or money if you use the right tools.

With Placeit you can create beautiful Christmas card designs for the holidays with our Christmas Card Maker tool. You can make festive designs to send, post, and print for all your friends, family, and even to send some love to your most loyal customers! These will too appreciate it! And here is why you should take time to do this: 

Sending holiday cards to your customers is a great marketing strategy to make your brand more warm and human. The biggest brands in the world are doing it! Why aren’t you?

Make a Smart Move
for Your Brand

Most companies will focus these holidays on making big sales. Our personal recommendation is that you give a little love to your followers, send a special message! This can help you build a close relationship with your customers. It’s a perfect opportunity! These relations between a brand and its customers is key for brand loyalty. 

Sending good wishes can also improve your customer’s perception of your personal touch, your customer service. Make them feel appreciated, keep your brand in their minds.

You can even add your Christmas cards and notes on your packaging for the season! It’s a sweet small detail that your customers will surely love. 

Customize Your
Christmas Card Designs

We promise you will just love this Christmas Card Maker App. You can customize every template to make a very unique Christmas card. Find from cute drunken elves to angry cats Christmas themes.

Plus! Making your cards is super easy! You can change colors, fonts, and graphics. Add your custom message on the text boxes to say whatever you want. All you have to do is think about something amazing to type into your card and voilà!

Also, great thing about a Christmas card maker, as soon as you are done designing you can immediately download your own high-quality image and post it right or send it right away! These images also have the perfect quality for printing in common card sizes.

The easiest way to send your best wishes to all your loved ones!

How Do the Christmas Card
Templates Work?

Choose a Template

Go to Christmas design templates! Filter the designs with the left column by choosing a specific tag for it’s use or style. For example “Twitter cards”, or “cartoonish”.

Write Your Best Wishes

First, write something awesome! Customize your template, change fonts, change colors, graphics, move around your elements to create your own unique design. 

Print It or Post It

When you are completely done customizing, simply click on the “download” button and you will get your Christmas card in no time! Can you believe how easy it is?

What Else Is There?

All Kinds of Designs for Your Brand

There are tons of other cute images you can design on your own with Placeit’s Design Templates. Whatever the occasion or the holiday you can find all your branding tools at the same place. Christmas or not, you can make awesome posts for all your social media, ad banners, flyers, poster, covers anything to dress your brand for the occasion or promote something new. 

Promote Easily Using Mockups

Placeit has thousands of mockups to make your life easier selling online. Find all kinds of product mockups to showcase your newest collection. From hoodies, t-shirts, socks, bags to phone cases and more! Also, you can choose between a wide range of models of all ages, body types, styles and in different scenarios. 

Make Christmas Ad Banners

Just as easy, you can find and create infinite combinations to make your online ad banners, including Christmas banners, coupons and many other Christmasy designs for your businesses! These are great to promote a flash sale, a giveaway, promo code, anything to get the word out on your Christmas moves! 

Videos are Awesome Too!

Last but not least, you can put your Christmas wishes in motion with an animated video you can create on your own! This tool is super easy to use and the results are just amazing. 

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“I made beautiful Christmas cards with Placeit’s Christmas card maker.”
Rahul Ashley 5/5

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