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Best Free iPad Mockup Templates for Your Business App!

Free Ipad Mockup Blog Header
Free Ipad Mockup Blog Header

It’s no secret that, as a worldwide leading company, Apple’s constant push for innovation presents audiences with cutting-edge technology, tools, and gadgets. In 2023, iPad sales produced over 28 billion USD in revenue, proving to be a powerful and versatile device that adds to the incredible Apple lineup. Now, for everyone making an app catered to enterprises or small businesses, you can use this to your advantage! Why not try Placeit’s free iPad mockup templates to showcase your project with professionally-made visual assets set to stand out? Don’t miss out on these freebies! 😉✨

📍 Heads Up: At Placeit by Envato, we constantly update our Free Templates gallery with the best designs, templates, and mockups for your brand. Just remember, our freebies change periodically. So, if you see something you like, snatch it before it’s gone! 😌

Free iPad Mockup Templates: Take Your Pick! 📱

1. iPad Mockups Placed in Portrait Position Next to Each Other

Say hello to this dynamic duo! These free iPad mockups, perfectly placed side by side, are the ultimate canvas for showcasing your app designs and making a double impact. Use this template to highlight the key features and user interface in a side-by-side comparison. For instance, how about demonstrating your app’s dashboard next to its sleek reporting feature? 

With these iPad mockups, you’re guaranteed to make your project’s pitch as smooth as ever! Ready to give it a try? Just click on the freebie below and start customizing it right away! 😌

2. iPad Pro Mockup Floating Over Three Cardboard Sheets

Elevate your app’s presentation with this stylish free iPad mockup! With customizable background color options, this setup is perfect for highlighting the innovation and creativity behind your project. Opt for a beautiful palette with vibrant hues, soft pastels, or sleek neutrals to create a stunning visual asset that conveys both elegance and professionalism. 

Not sure what’s the best match for your mockup? No worries! Dive into Colors by Placeit and splash into a world of stunning hues and beautiful color palettes crafted by our expert team. Get inspired by our stunning combinations and customize your free mockup right away! 🎨🌈

3. iPad Mockup Featuring a Minimalist Desk Set-up

One of the great things about using free iPad mockup templates is showcasing how your project would look in a real-life setting. Whether in a meeting with stakeholders or promoting your brand-new app, this option integrates your idea into a workspace that emphasizes clarity and productivity—exactly what your clients are looking for.

With this iPad tablet mockup, you’re not just selling an app. You’re offering a solution that fits perfectly into a streamlined, clutter-free work environment. 😌

4. iPad Pro Mockup Surrounded by Colorful Pasteboard Cards

Onto our next free iPad mockup! This vibrant setup is perfect for showcasing your app’s versatility and dynamism. Whether you’re creating an all-in-one business management tool or an innovative customer engagement app, this template highlights the lively and interactive elements of your design. Add a pop of color or opt for sleek shades to give it a modern, elegant appeal that matches your project’s innovative streak. 😀

Ready to customize it? Go ahead and make your way to the top with this free iPad mockup! And, if you really want to step up your game, don’t miss out on 7 Tips for Promoting Your App without Money to ace your strategy. 🚀

5. iPad Mockup in a Salmon Pink Studio Set

Adorned with delicate petals, this free iPad mockup adds a touch of sophistication and charm to your app’s presentation. Its beautiful backdrop creates a captivating and dreamy setting that highlights the attention and detail that goes into your project’s design, capturing the attention of your audience with its delicacy. 🌸

Let your app blossom and customize this iPad mockup for free! 😌✨

6. iPad Tablet Mockup on a White Cardboard With Flowers

We couldn’t let the beauty of flower-inspired setups end! This free iPad mockup bursts with freshness, creating a bright, inviting scene that draws attention to your app’s standout features. Plus, you can customize this beautiful backdrop by including graphics from our library or a captivating text description. There are more than 15,000 fonts to choose from to make font-tastic combinations! 🌼💛

Let this free iPad mockup help you tell a story of innovation and vibrancy, making your app irresistible to enterprise clients and small business owners alike.

✏️ P.S. Talking about fonts, don’t miss out on Font Pairing Made Easy: A Guide for Non-designers to become a font guru and make all your templates and designs stand out!

7. Free iPad Mockup Featuring a Woman Listening to a Podcast

Are you about to launch a podcast and want to start promoting it? This iPad mockup is the perfect way to demonstrate the immersive experience listeners will embark on. As you can see, using mockups is more than just, it’s about connecting with your audience on a personal level by providing high-quality, engaging visuals they can connect with. 

Whether on social media or your website, this free iPad mockup is set to take center stage! ✨

8. iPad Mockup on a Table in Daylight

Daylight brings out the best in everything, and this free iPad mockup is no exception. Use this setup to convey just how easily your app integrates into everyday life. As we’ve mentioned before, these visual assets demonstrate your project’s real-world applicability and aesthetic appeal, ensuring that potential customers, stakeholders, and investors can envision its value.

Picture your app presented in this beautiful setting. No need to wait, start customizing this freebie right away!

9. iPad Tablet Mockup Over a Watercolor Background

Unleash your creativity with this free iPad mockup! Its stunning watercolor background is the perfect setting for showcasing your app while adding a touch of artistic flair. So, if you’re developing a creative project, this is an ideal option for you as its beautiful brushstrokes will instantly capture the attention of viewers. 🎨

Make a bold statement and start personalizing this free iPad mockup!

🪄 Need to remove the background from one of your mockups? Check out our free Background Remover tool and watch how it seamlessly eliminates the backdrop from any image with a single click.

10. iPad Mockup Lying on a Wooden Table

We’re just about to wrap up this selection of free iPad mockups! This template provides a warm and inviting scene, making it easier for potential clients to envision your app as an integral part of their daily endeavors. It’s an excellent way to demonstrate the practical and user-friendly aspects of your app while evoking a sense of familiarity. 

By this point, you probably have all your favorite iPad mockups picked out, so why not add this one to the collection? 🤩

🌟 Bonus: iPhone and iPad Mini Mockups With Customizable Background!

We’ve got another surprise lined up for you! These iPad and iPhone mockups featuring a fully customizable background are the perfect option for showcasing your app. Just click on the “Add+” button at the bottom left of the Editor and select “Add Background Image”. You can browse through tons of setups going from sleek, modern backdrops to vibrant gradient designs. 

Make this mockup truly yours with its customization options! As a tip, you can type in keywords in the gallery’s search bar to find a specific theme or style. For example: “minimalist”, “retro”, or “gradient”. Just take a peek at some of these designs! 😃

Customize This Background!

How to Make the Most Out of Your Free Mockups

1. Customize Them Right Away! 😀

Remember, our exclusive freebies are available for a limited time before we switch them up with fresh new options. When you find one that catches your eye, start personalizing it and download it instantly to make it yours!

2. Choose an Eye-Catching Design ✨

Pair up your mockup with a stunning design that captures your audience’s attention. Browse through our ever-growing Design Library and find professionally-made visual assets for social media, podcasts, gaming, and more! 

3. Promote It on Social Media 🚀

Once you’ve done customizing your template, hit the “Download” button to receive your iPad mockup in PNG format. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to share it on social media to start igniting excitement among users. These are the best platforms for you to promote your business!

Explore Placeit’s Best Free Mockups Selection! 🤩

And that’s a wrap! These are some of our favorite iPad mockups that we made just for you. They are fresh, they give your app the perfect professional look, and best of all, they’re free! But here’s where it gets better, you can unlock all our freebies to elevate your brand with Placeit by Envato!

🌟 What other freebies would you like to see in future releases? Let us know in the comments! 

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