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Engaging Insta Story Templates for Your Brand

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Get Ready Instagrammers! Boost Your Business with Insta Stories

Whether you are a small business launching on social media or you want to become a well-known blogger, using Instagram with the right tools will get you miles ahead of your competition. Let’s discuss one of Instagram’s wonders: the Insta Story. An Insta Story allows you to connect with your audience in a temporary way. You can display specific content that will only last 24 hours. Insta Story Templates are a must-have for every modern-day brand.

Insta Story Image

Instagram allows its users to get creative with a toolbar at the bottom of the screen where you can create boomerangs, live videos, masks, and more! A simple way to create branded stories for your business is by using templates for your content, this way you can design as many stories as you need without spending hours on them. Stories are great for all the temporary information you want to deliver to your customers in order to keep them updated.

Even though they are temporary, Insta Stories are in fact very important for a business brand since nowadays customers tend to look more at stories than at your actual posts.

80% of accounts follow a business on Instagram & over 400 million accounts use Instagram Stories every day!


Insta Stories is the best modern-day visual storytelling platform for any brand. There are up to 250 million users on Instagram every day, so we believe choosing the right tool for your small business is crucial! If you want more insights into your Instagram business account you can always take a closer look at how to create your business profile on Instagram. For you business growth, you must also look into these tools. Also, a great way to take advantage of your link in bio is linking back to your website, why not create one for free with Milkshake appYou’ll love it.  It’s also important that you have a good grasp on the different Instagram video length limits for each type of video you can upload to this social network. For your marketing strategy it is crucial to have your instagram content automatically published with a scheduling tool for your instagram stories.

Create Gorgeous Insta Stories with Placeit

Stories are a growing trend! Insta story templates are pre-made designs you can fully customize by changing graphics, fonts, colors, picture, in other words everything! By using templates you can create a cohesive image for your brand.

Insta Story templates are great for posting:

“Stop people from swiping past your post!”

How Does It Work?

All you have to do is take a peek at the hundreds of Instagram Story templates on Placeit and choose the one that you like the most. After choosing your template, customize it with your own brand’s image, style, and text.

Tips & Tricks

What’s your goal? Before even looking for templates and thinking about designing, be honest with yourself and decide what your ultimate goal is for that Instagram account. 





A brand has more visibility in its Insta Stories than in its actual posts. People don’t usually go to your home view unless they are looking for something specific, and they might just miss your post in their feed. With Insta Stories you can actually see what percentage of your audience saw your story and because users see stories without stopping on each account, your will almost definitely be seen!  

To get more out of your stories, invest not only in making beautiful designs but also take the time to tag other users or brands. Use Instagram’s tools to create stories with intent! 

This or That Stories

With this or that stories, you can engage your audience by causing controversy with a question or a difficult pick! You can always use this tool to see which one of your products is more popular among your followers, or what their preferences are. This can be super useful if you’re thinking of developing a new product but aren’t sure how your customers will feel about it. 

Instagram Story Polls, Challenges, Tags

Polls are a great tool, as are challenges that you can design with your images. You can also ask your followers questions or directly request answers. This can completely change the way you think about giveaways, promotions, clues for contests, and much more! 

Placeit's Subscription

Can you smell the fun yet? You can create amazing content for your Instagram account, and you can also download business card designs, flyers, social media covers, and mockup images. What else will you ever need?

The great thing about DIY design tools is that all the designs are completely yours! You can customize them as much as you want to get your branded images without the headaches caused by complicated software. Don’t forget to also check out this list of essential social media tools to make your efforts even more of a success.

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