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How to Sell More T-Shirts This Summer

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Learning how to sell more t-shirts online can be challenging as you have to rely on your website or shop to do the job for you and get those sales coming, but no worries! Placeit by Envato is here to make your journey as a t-shirt seller a breeze with our tools, templates, and assets designed to help you succeed. 

In this post, we’ll share some insights and ideas on how to level up your t-shirt sales during the summer months. So, let’s dive in together! 😉👕☀️

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6 Golden Tips to Sell More T-Shirts This Hot Season

Ready to sell more t-shirts for this summer? Here are our top tips.

🚀 1. Plan for Success!

Set clear sales objectives and decide on the designs, styles, and colors you want to offer. Research the best print-on-demand sites, ensure the quality of the t-shirts, and promote your products well in advance. A solid planning process can make all the difference between just selling whatever comes along and exceeding your sales goals!

🌞 2. Design a Seasonal Line!

Dive into the season’s warmth by creating an exclusive seasonal collection inspired by sunny days and outdoor adventures. 

What sets you apart? Offer customization options to sell more t-shirts! Tailor each tee to your customer’s unique taste and preferences, making it truly theirs. With an unlimited Placeit subscription, you can effortlessly customize any design template to meet your customers’ needs.

✨ 3. Spread the Word About on Digital Channels

Promote your summer collection effectively by creating ads or implementing organic marketing efforts. Send emails with sneak peeks of what’s coming and offer early bird access to those who register in advance. Utilize social media to showcase different looks with your summer shirts, create polls, and share promotional videos. Get creative and engage with your audience! 

😎☀️🥵 Looking for more ideas, insights, and sales tips about summer? Then keep reading our summer sales guide.

✏️ 4. Provide the Correct Information on Your Selling Platform!

Ensure your ecommerce platform is up-to-date with various photos, angles, and close-ups of your products. Show how the shirts look on different models and include a size chart to help customers choose the right fit. Write concise titles and descriptions with relevant keywords to improve your visibility, especially on platforms like Etsy. Make it easy for customers to find and purchase your shirts! 

👀 5. Take a Peek at Your Competitors 

It’s a great way to spot opportunities and learn from their successes. Study what they’re doing well to secure top positions, and think about how you can leverage those insights to your advantage. Also, you can take note if there are uncovered potential gaps in the market that you can fill. Remember, while learning from others is essential, always put your unique spin on things and bring your ideas to life! ✨🚀

😉 6. Stay on Top of Trends and Be Ready to Act Fast!

In today’s fast-paced world, trends come and go quickly, so watching what’s currently popular is key. By staying informed, you can position yourself at the forefront of the market. For instance, if a TV show, movie, or famous character is making a comeback, be ready to offer unique and custom designs to meet the demand. Luckily, Placeit is always keeping a close watch on trends, so you can count on us to keep you informed and prepared!


What Kind of T-Shirt Designs Should You Sell During Summer?

Ready to sell more t-shirts this summer? Then pay attention to design, as it will play a huge role in it!

For this season, it’s likely that customers are looking for summer-themed designs. Such as cute summer quotes, playful beach-themed designs, retro illustrations, minimalist doodles, or funny characters.

Good news, we’ve got all that and more! 🌞👕 With Placeit’s awesome t-shirt design templates, creating killer tees that your customers will adore has never been easier! 😎💪 

Check out some of our favorite designs for the season: 

Looking for more? You’ve got it! At Placeit, we’re proud to have more than just t-shirt designs. In fact, we boast a large collection of summer templates, including social media posts, logos, videos, and mockups to promote your summer collection in style! So make a splash on our gallery to find everything you need to make your summer campaign a total success. ✨

How to Make Summer Shirt Mockups?

Updating your shop or website with trendy summer items like these is super simple; you only need to upload your designs to apparel mockups that will make them steal the spotlight. Thanks to Placeit, you can create eye-catching mockups in just a few minutes. Just follow these steps.

  1. Choose a mockup you like from Placeit’s Summer Mockups page. To narrow down the results, you can filter mockups using the filters (such as template type, gender, age, and ethnicity) or the tags on the left side of your screen. 
  2. Once you find a mockup you like, on the editing screen, upload your design to the template. You can select a design from your device, if your design is made with Placeit, choose “Import from Downloads”, then pick your main summer graphic.
  3. Then, choose a garment color that matches your design and hit download. Yes, that’s it. Your image is ready to be shared, uploaded, or printed, as all our templates are valid for commercial use. 

✏️ Here’s a quick video on how to make mockups, so you can see how to create gorgeous images to promote your latest summer collection with style.

What Products Sell More During Summer?

The weather is hot, and that can only mean one thing… It’s time to go outdoors! There are tons of pool parties, BBQs, and road trips ahead; make the most of your t-shirt business by designing rad shirts for these occasions.

Some of the top seller products during the summer months are:

  • T-Shirts – Well, it’s a no-brainer, especially since this blog is all about selling summer t-shirts! 
  • Tank Tops – who doesn’t want the perfect tank to pair with denim shorts for the beach or a maxi skirt for a late-night pool party?
  • Crop Tops are a summer item making a comeback this year; you can read more in this other post we made for you on how to style crop tops.
  • Hats—one of the best accessories for summer is hats! There are many possibilities, from dad hats and snapbacks to trucker hats!
  • Tote Bags – a must for carrying out your phone, bikini, and sunscreen in style.
  • Beach Towels – personalized beach towels, anyone? Yes, please.
  • Swimsuits – especially those one-piece swimsuits with super high cut legs that scream “Made in the Nineties!

🥥🌴🌺 Want to know more about the best summer products to sell this season? Keep reading Best Print-On-Demand Summer Items to Heat Up Your Sales to find over 15 profitable goodies to add to your store. 


What Print-on-Demand Sites Offer These Apparel Products?

There are lots of print-on-demand sites that allow you to sell your designs online to a larger audience; all you need to do is choose the right marketplace; here are some factors that you should consider when searching for the perfect print-on-demand site:

  • Shipping locations – whether your audience is based in America or Europe, you will be able to reach further if you offer your products through an international marketplace.
  • Available products—not all POD sites offer the same products; make sure you check that the ones you want to provide your audience are available.
  • There is no need to keep an inventory—this is probably one of the top reasons to sell t-shirts online; you can offer your audience a wide variety of sizes, models, and styles without the cost and effort of keeping such inventory.

To help you find the perfect website for your t-shirt business, we’ve created various blogs that cover all the basic and advanced aspects of some of the most popular print-on-demand in 2024. 

🤓💡 Take a look:


Making It An All-Year Business?

Turning your t-shirt business into a year-round success is 100% a great idea! People just can’t get enough tees, so they’re always best-selling. 

Our best tip? Keep your store fresh and trendy with new designs for every season and special occasion! Whether it’s summer vibes, Mother’s Day, 4th of July, or Halloween, there are endless opportunities to shine. With Placeit by Envato on your side, you’ll get access to the coolest and most professional designs for every season and even all the latest trends on TikTok and beyond. So, no more excuses—designing a t-shirt collection is a breeze with Placeit! 

🔥 Look for all-year-round apparel ideas for your brand on this calendar!


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