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How To Design Breast Cancer Shirts

Breast Cancer Awareness Flyer Template

Save Both Time & Money by Making Your Own Breast Cancer Shirts

Breast Cancer Awareness Themed T Shirt Design Template

Showing our love and support for breast cancer victims, survivors and fighters is a great way to raise awareness towards this disease. We may not all be able to come up with a cure for cancer or to participate in the latest research, but if we can do our part to help spread awareness by wearing and promoting breast cancer shirts, that sounds like a feasible contribution.

Making your own breast cancer shirt is a great way to show your respect for a relative or close friend who is undergoing a battle with this nasty disease; it’s also a powerful way to raise awareness and help collect funds for treatments and other medical expenses. To make your own breast cancer awareness shirts you don’t need to hire a designer or buy any kind of fancy software, in this post I will show you how to make a breast cancer awareness t-shirt for free and in a matter of minutes. Ok, if you reaaally need to hire a designer, please read this guide on how to hire from Fiverr first, we don’t want you to get scammed.

Step #1 – Choose a T-Shirt Template

Placeit’s brand new t-shirt templates let you turn into an artist or graphic designer in seconds! All you need to do is choose a t-shirt design template and customize it. Though there are lots of t-shirt templates you can personalize for your use case, I recommend you go for the breast cancer awareness templates.

Step #2 – Add Some Text to Your Shirt Design

If you are supporting a relative or friend’s battle against breast cancer and are planning an event to raise funds, then making customized t-shirts for the occasion is the way to go, but don’t just make a generic tee. Make your breast cancer shirts personal by adding text to honor the person you are making the fundraiser for. The great news is, with design templates you can do that super easily.

How? On the left side of the template, you will see the text fields, type your text, choose a font, a color, and voilá!

Your text will automatically adjust when you add it to maintain its shape and center, you don’t have to worry about a thing, have a look:

Step #3 Choose a Graphic or Icon to Go with Your Text

Now you’ve got your text ready, it’s time for us to add an image that will go with it. Graphics can be powerful assets as these help the message go throw in a quicker and more effective manner. This breast cancer awareness t-shirt template comes with lots of preset graphics that go along perfectly with the theme, which means all you need to do is select the one you like the most and click on it to add it to your design.

It really is that simple. For example, our design reads “Fighting for Vanessa”, it has the preset ribbon graphic and it already looks great! But we can go ahead and test other options, check them out:

Step #4 Add a Background, Pattern, or Photo to Support Your Design

Design templates come with lots of backgrounds and patterns you can add to your design to complement it for different use cases, check out some of these amazing options and how they look with the design we made:

These backgrounds really help you give your design some personality if you are thinking of other ways to use it aside from shirts – I will go over this in the next step.

If you are just planning on making t-shirts, I recommend you avoid adding a background, photo, or pattern and simply download the image with a transparent background, this way your design will look its best printed on t-shirts of several colors. To do this, just select the checkered icon, which will give your design a transparent background.



Step #5 Explore Different Use Cases

Your breast cancer shirt design is ready, but that’s not the end! You can still make use of your design in case you want to explore other possibilities aside from printing t-shirts. Let’s say after making your shirts you want to use the breast cancer awareness design you made for printing a poster or to share on social media – it would make a great visual for your Facebook event!

You can download your design in different sizes and proportions depending on your use case, here are your options:

And that’s it! See? Making your very own breast cancer awareness shirt design wasn’t as hard as it seemed, was it? Looking for some inspiration? Check out these designs made with the same Breast Cancer Awareness Template we’ve been using all along.

And here’s a tutorial on the full process:

Hope you find this guide helpful when designing your breast cancer shirts and remember, this t-shirt design maker is 100% free with any Placeit subscription! We have other t-shirt templates too, for instance, check the Valentine’s Day T-shirt template!

Visit Placeit Apparel to find more marketing materials for your breast cancer shirt design! 

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