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Chinese New Year Designs Compilation to Spark Your Feed!

The Lunar New Year is almost here! 🥳 As we embrace a new chapter with the utmost excitement, we’re also getting ready to skyrocket your business with top-tier Chinese New Year designs. Create the ultimate campaign for this festivity and celebrate the Chinese New Year by crafting amazing products and promoting them all over social media. Eager to get started?  Let’s get right into it and see the endless possibilities you can create using Placeit’s design templates. ✨

Social Media Magic: Dive Into Your Next Design! 🪄

Make Stunning Chinese New Year Designs With These Templates 🌟

It’s no secret that taking over social media is one of the best ways to successfully position your business, reach new customers, and increase brand awareness. Moreover, it’s a window of opportunity to captivate your audience with striking visual assets that make your account stand out. Do we need to say more? 😉

So, as Chinese New Year approaches, you can boost your feed with stunning designs while embracing a holiday full of vibrant colors and history. Don’t know where to start? Not a problem! Here’s our go-to selection of Chinese New Year designs to personalize and rock your social media with Placeit by Envato. Keep scrolling to level up your content game! 🤩

Picture-Perfect: Chinese New Year Designs for Social Media ✨

💫 Chinese New Year Instagram Post Templates

Instagram is a platform that thrives on strong visuals such as photos, images, and illustrations. On one hand, this allows brands to showcase holiday-themed products or services through captivating design templates. AKA, scroll-stopping content for the win! 😌

On top of that, this social media emphasis on aesthetics aligns well with the festive nature of a Chinese New Year campaign. So, how do you curate the perfect Instagram aesthetic for your feed? Here are a few tips to get you started:

🎨 1. Select a color palette. Choosing a consistent color scheme creates a visually appealing and cohesive feed. Now, when it comes to Chinese New Year designs and their festive theme, red is one of the best go-to choices as it symbolizes good luck, fortune, and happiness.

🏮 2. Add thematic elements. Use Chinese New Year images that embrace the spirit of this holiday. For example, traditional symbols such as lanterns, red envelopes, and zodiac animals aren’t only visually appealing assets; they have a special significance in this festivity.

✏️ 3. Include engaging captions. Dive deeper into the meaning of this holiday. On one hand, this will allow you to create content that celebrates its richness while being respectful of its value. This will allow you to share special insights with your audience while encouraging user engagement with on-theme CTAs. 

Ready to take over Instagram?😌 Here’s the good news: you don’t have to start from scratch! Share some positive, traditional quotes using these Chinese New Year designs:

👉🏻 You can fully customize your graphics, colors, backgrounds, fonts, and more to create Chinese New Year images that align with your brand. You’ll have your post ready to go in less than two minutes! 😀

⭐️ Chinese New Year Instagram Story Templates

Hold on! We’re not done with Instagram yet. With polls, quizzes, custom stickers, hashtags, and mentions, stories provide endless possibilities for creating branded assets. Additionally, its 24-hour format is perfect for more relatable and “informal” content rather than your highly curated feed. 🌟

This makes IG stories a great option for driving user engagement and boosting your social media presence and interactions! So, how can you use your awesome Chinese New Year images to connect with your followers? Try out these content ideas to showcase your brand’s festive spirit:

⏳️ Countdowns & teasers

📹 Behind-the-scenes preparations

⏰️ Limited-time offer announcements 

🛍 Swipe-up shopping links

🤩 Quotes & well wishes

👉🏻 Ready to put these ideas into action? With Placeit, you can make quick posts using professional Instagram Story templates. In just a few clicks, you can have your Chinese New Year designs ready and perfectly sized to upload them right away! 🤳🏻

For example, why not try these designs for Chinese New Year greetings to share with your audience?😀 Find all kinds of stunning traditional graphics with these templates:

Motion Magic: Chinese New Year Video Templates 🎥

🏮 Chinese New Year Instagram Post Video Maker

Want to level up your content game? Besides top-tier Chinese New Year designs, videos are perfect for joining the celebrations by providing a rich visual experience for your viewers. From upcoming product launches to educational content, this format allows you to explore different music, sound effects, colors, and animations to showcase your brand’s creative side. 😃

For instance, you can post super fun content on your IG feed using this amazing Chinese zodiac year video. Use it to promote a sale, send good wishes, or add any text you’d like to get those likes, comments, and shares going! 🚀

Instagram Post Video For Chinese New Year

Don’t forget to check out our gorgeous zodiac designs!

🎥 Too Alert! Want to use your video on another platform but need to change its dimensions? 🤔 Then, our Online Video Cropper is just what you need! You’ll simply need to upload the video you want to resize and choose from our ready-to-go presets or fully customize it with specific dimensions. Best part? It’s completely free! ⭐️

✨ Chinese New Year Instagram Story Video Maker

We can’t stress this enough: videos provide an excellent opportunity for demonstrating products in action. So, whether you’re sharing a flash sale or seasonal promos, this format brings your brand’s goodies to life, thus creating a dynamic experience for your audience. On top of that, with the right CTA, they can redirect your audience to your online store or shopping link. 😃

The most important thing to remember when you’re about to post an IG story is that its short format calls for an immediate hook. In other words, your video needs to captivate your audience within the first few seconds, or they’ll swipe on to the next one. Good thing is that you can get professional and dazzling video templates with Placeit! 😌

👉🏻 Why not share animated Instagram stories with a vibrant Chinese New Year video? Type any message you want and change the featured image by browsing through our gallery or uploading any picture of your own. Done? Then, you are ready to upload it to your account right away!

Chinese New Year Instagram Story Video Maker With Animated Chinese Decorations

🎇 Intro Maker for a Chinese New Year Celebration

Want to add more spark to your videos? Make them a little more festive using this amazing Chinese New Year’s intro. Its beautiful red color palette featuring a traditional Chinese landscape perfectly captures the spirit of this holiday. Just add a wholesome and festive message to share with your viewers, and you’re good to go! 🤩

Intro Maker For A Chinese New Year Celebration

Ready to head over for social media? Great! Keep in mind the following pointers for the perfect video using Placeit’s Chinese New Year designs

🕐 1. Keep it short and impactful. You know the drill: everyone is scrolling through social media as fast as they can. So, aim for visually appealing content that captures attention within the first few seconds, ensuring viewers stay engaged.

🌟 2. Use an eye-catching thumbnail. If you post a video on your IG feed, select a frame that perfectly captures what it is all about. This could be a visually striking image, a key moment from the video, or an element that sparks curiosity.

💬 3. Add a caption and CTA. After all, you want your viewers to engage with your content! So, whether it’s making a purchase, participating in giveaways, or sharing your content, a well-placed CTA boosts the effectiveness of your video strategy.

👉🏻 Using Placeit’s video maker is a piece of cake since you can personalize each template to match your brand’s aesthetic. Play around with the colors, fonts, text, and music until you’re happy with the results. Need a longer video? Not a problem! Add more slides to create the perfect message for social media. 💬

✨🚀 Looking for the perfect tool to upscale your small images? Say hello to our brand-new Image Upscaler tool – the effortless way to upscale your visuals with no loss in details! 

Festive Fling: Chinese New Year Flyer Maker 🧧

By this point, we’ve browsed through a dazzling array of Chinese New Year designs and images that’ll get your social media into the festive spirit. But that’s not the end of it! Of course, there’s still more promoting you can do outside the digital realm.

For example, flyers can be a great option to boost your business’s presence by reaching out to local customers. So, how about promoting your awesome sales using this Chinese New Year flyer? Or maybe you can use it as an invitation to celebrate! There are thousands of events you can share with this template. After all, it’s time to get your festive mood on and embrace the year ahead! ✨

Need some inspo on what to add to your videos or Chinese New Year images? No worries! We have your back. Here’s our selection of thoughtful quotes to share during this festivity. Sprinkle some magic on your templates with these options:

✨ Let the Lunar New Year inspire you to embrace a fresh start. 

🧧 Happy Chinese New Year! May all your wishes come true.

🎇 May the magic of the Lunar New Year be with you always.

🏵 When spring comes, blessings will follow.

🏮 May prosperity and peace never abandon your home and heart this new year.

Wrapping up Our Chinese New Year Journey! 🐉

As we wrap up our Chinese New Year designs compilation, we hope you’re as excited as we are about embracing this festivity and creating an amazing social media campaign. So, it’s time to head over to IG, Facebook, or TikTok and get those likes, shares, and comments going! 🚀

As you can see, you have tons of options using Placeit to create cool products, posts, and videos you can share with your audience. After all, using these Chinese New Year designs is the perfect opportunity to boost your brand’s presence through festivity that symbolizes happiness, good luck, and prosperity. 🏮✨

Of course, we want to hear from you! Are you planning a unique giveaway or promotion for Chinese New Year? Feel free to leave a comment below! 😃

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